Matt Taibbi attacking 9/11 Truth again

Much of the faulty logic and circumstancial evidence that justifies the 9/11 conspiracies are repeats of the theories that abounded in Timothy McVeigh's Oklahoma City bombing.

he even seems to have had an altercation with the pariah

I'm still picking food particles out of my scarf after an incident in which the movement's house lunatic, a wild-eyed German blogger named Nico Haupt, tried to goad me into slugging him in a West Side diner.

they're on the same team

in my opinion

Uh, that's your team John.



is there anyone in this movement that you do NOT call a spy?

it is my opinion that the no-planes, criminal conspiracy magazine, star wars beam, Keebler elves, mini-nukes theories are injurious to this movement - and as such may even be intentionally designed as such.

your posts here calling for me to banned have been consistently removed from blogger by DZ. so, i suppose 911blogger is run by spies as well, attempting to censor the terrible truth about star wars beams and Keebler elves in the towers?

it is time for you to stop attacking me for expressing my opinions here. i know you in the outside world and have never treated you with anything less than personal respect. in fact - i even liked you.

i do NOT understand why you continue to dog my ass on this board.

my opinions regarding Nico Haupt's position and purpose in the movement is not your business.

In what way do you suppose Albanese & Haupt are spies?


Who else but you?

I never called for you to be banned. So quit making shit up.
( Yea, DZ removed it so fast it didn't even exist.)


you never called for me to be banned - yet DZ removed it.

interesting logic.

well - you still fail to explain why you are dogging me on these boards so much. i thought we were friends in the outside world.

because i do not believe the no-planes theory?

is that all you have?

I guess my attempt at sarcasm failed

I think you mischaracterize me again - I don't remember dogging you here.

I had good feelings about you the one time we met. But that does not quite equal friendship.

Yea, I think you are unreasonable here on the board. And accuse others of exactly the things you are up to yourself. And actually disrupt when, and while, you accuse others of doing that.

In fact this whole thread, started by you, is a waste of time.

on the contrary

you accompanied Nico Haupt on this interview. It is my opinion that this interview has done irreprable damage to the movement - and is extremely embarassing for the movement. Nico Haupt is an embarassment to this movement - and your continued support of Haupt is equally embarassing.

That is my opinion - and i do not believe it is a waste of time voicing it.

are you having embarrassing movements?

Are Rolling Stone readers stupid?

I think so, because I trust the judgement of Matt Taibbi.

He believes that he can get away with rubbish like this:

"Conspiracy theories are always full of this kind of "it's just common sense" rhetoric, i.e. you can't throw an ice cube through the side door of a Buick, so clearly the Titanic was not sunk by an iceberg... Similar appeals can be found throughout 9/11 literature. One of my favorites comes from David Ray Griffin, who in his book The New Pearl Harbor posited that if the falling top-section of the second tower had paused just a half-section each time it collapsed a floor beneath it, it would have taken 40 to 47 seconds to fall, and not the "near-freefall" 11 seconds or so that it actually took.

Which is true. It's also true that if the top-section had paused for three seconds on each floor, it would have taken, not 11 seconds, but three minutes to fall! And if it had paused five minutes on each floor, you could have watched the whole first half of Ghost Dad on the fifteenth floor before you died! And so on. Griffin never explains why he thinks the building should have paused a half-second on each floor, but that's why he teaches theology, not engineering."

He is probably right...


It's funny, because I've been thinking of making a resolution NOT to discuss the physical evidence for a period of time, because it really needs to be de-emphasized.

However, this just irks me to no end. No one is talking about a "pause" of any kind -- the discussion is about how long it takes the "falling" part of the building to pass through space that is occupied by other, even non-damaged floors. Does Taibbi think that would be instantaneous? Does he agree that it would take some unit of time? What estimated unit would he like to use if not a half-second?

The point is pagan, and you know it, that...

The towers came down at very near free fall speed because there was little or no resistance to slow them down, as would certainly have been expected.

Top-down incendiaries & explosives cleared the way for the buildings to collapse in a spectacular display of "shock & awe", but the perpetrators didn't account for the glaring absence of mechanical resistance!


And journalists like Taibbi are doing all they can to skirt around that fact, including droning on and on about all these other theories that are easier to poke holes in.

To my mind, this is the single, most compelling evidence for 911 truth. And we need to beat this drum, IMHO:

THREE large steel-framed buildings in close vicinity to one another all came down at free-fall speed within the span of a few hours (and 1 of them wasn't even hit). It's never happened before. COINCIDENCE, TAIBBI, ROTHSCHILD, COCKBURN????


Which part of the NWO does

Which part of the NWO does he own....I'm guessing it's worldwide plunger sales because this guys rhetoric does not flush..... what a joke.

What he is saying is that immediate first hand accounts should be dismissed.... and witnesses should have time to sit down with eachother and their special CIA handlers and have a heart to heart about what they really experienced before their testimony can be trusted. As many others have also stated. Because in times of emergency you can not trust your eyes or ears or brain to process anything.

Should we even give these appologists the time of day?... they eat a bag of grapes but they only taste the bad one in the bag.... do we have everything absolute and correct in our reasoning?


But we have more than enough good grapes to start stomping.

It's time to make wine.

what are you dissing my name for jackass?

I don't agree with taibbi I just posted it so the bloggers would be aware of it.

911Blogger should publish

911Blogger should publish his home address and email on the front page so people can contact him. I want to send him some of the facts with my fist!!

disinfo shill advocating violence above - CAUTION

Taibbi has been hammered in the comments section where a band of truthers countered every (all 2) shills there lying through their asses about everything. One, for example, referenced Bazant and Zhou's discredited paper where they say the temperature of the steel reached 1450 degrees fahrenheit (i.e. would have been red hot).

Finally they started saying that Taibbi should hire bodyguards (because of course 9/11 truthers are working with "the terrorists")

Now this shill shows up here saying crap like this. What's next, a Morton Downey Jr. type stunt where Taibbi pretends he's attacked by truthers?

Can you say desperation? Goooood!


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