disgusted with BuzzFlash.net

I was just over at BuzzFlash.net (the site where readers leave comments and "buzz" various articles from around the world) to see if there might be any 9/11 truth articles. I found one from Scholars for 9/11 Truth -- I believe it's the article by Stephen Jones (my Acrobat just crashed, so can't check right now) but the point is that whoever controls BuzzFlash.net put a "Warning! This story may be inaccurate. Be careful before you buzz" right above it. WTF? Two of us have left comments taking issue with that -- we need more 9/11 Bloggers to come in and buzz the story and leave comments.


It's preposterous to put a warning on a Steven Jones article

yet not put warnings on the total b.s. coming out of the mouths of the Bush regime.

it seems

that the warning has been removed

No, not the warning is removed...

No, not the warning is removed -- I can't see the story in one of the queues/lists any more (above direct links still works).

To see an example for the warning (it is only visible in the "shakeit" list, which is for new, incoming stories), look here:

http://buzzflash.net/shakeit.php (scroll down to bottom)

(The warning does also appear if a certain number of people have "voted down" a specific story.)

another story

debunking 9/11 conspiracies

Two articles with this topic had the same warnings, so I guess it's an even fight

My comment from Buzzflash.net

I predicted this very thing on the "9/11 Lynchpin" story which is still the Top "most buzzed" Story on Buzzflash.net. The warning label is a form of censorship. Buzzflash never intended for this to become another 9/11 Truth dissemination site, but that is exactly what is happening. People are thirsty for the truth of what really happened on 9/11. Buzzflash can't handle it!