Carol Brouillet: 9-11 Truth Candidate Statement

Carol Brouillet:

I must admit that I've done more 9-11 Truth Activism than campaigning for Congress, but I did get a chance to do a 3 minute Candidate Statement on a couple of television statements and I just posted one of them on the web at:

My opponent has been pushing for the expansion of the Intelligence Agencies, a new Counter-Terrorism Cyberspace Czar and following the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. When I'm mentioned in the press- it is as a 9-11 Truth Activist or as a candidate- but never both in the same breath- so the public needs to know that I am a 9-11 Truth Candidate. It's only found on my website and in cyberspace. Any help to spread the word would be appreciated.

This is the text of the 3 minute speech:

I am Carol Brouillet, Green Party Candidate for California's 14th Congressional District. Love for my family and the world drives me to work for political change, to redirect the nation's resources from a war economy--from killing and controlling--towards a peace economy. War is the biggest, most lucrative business on the planet, but it enriches the few, and threatens all of us.

On September 11th, what frightened me more than the horrific images from New York was the way the media and the government began beating the drums for war.

In 2002, I organized a march on our legislators to demand a congressional investigation of 9-11. Bush and Cheney asked Daschle to limit the investigations.

Congress has shirked its duty to defend the Constitution and the American people from the executive branch. They passed the PATRIOT Act which gutted the Bill of Rights. They granted "War Making Powers" to the executive branch which abused those powers, lied to the people, launched immoral, illegal wars of aggression, and institutionalized torture. The most outrageous conspiracy theory about 9-11 is the one Cheney and Bush used to sell the war on Iraq by trying to link Saddam Hussein to 9-11.

The White House stonewalled on creating a 9/11 Commission, and only consented to it when they could control its parameters, through Philip Zelikow, its director, a member of the Bush National Security transition team, and author of the Pre-Emptive War Doctrine. The official report was used to sell "Homeland Security" and expand the "National Security State."

Why were those most responsible for the "failures of the military and the intelligence agencies on 9/11," rewarded with promotions and increased budgets?

The Project for a New American Century, which includes many in the current administration, called for the U.S. to extend its power, through a "Revolution in Military Affairs," including the domination of space, cyberspace, military technologies, and information systems. Their documents say: "The process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a New Pearl Harbor."

Who had the ability to carry out 9/11, to destroy the evidence, to cover it up, and who benefited? Rice described 9/11 as an "opportunity" to fundamentally change American doctrine, and the shape of the world.

Cheney and Bush must be asked to testify "What were the orders that they issued that morning?" and "Who was overseeing the multiple war games that were being conducted?"

We need a real investigation of 9/11. We need to impeach those who have committed the highest crimes against our country. We need to recognize that the "War on Terror" is the biggest fraud ever and is a "War of Terror" against the American people and the world.

"Real security" doesn't depend upon weapons, spies, deceptions. Security cannot come from terrorizing entire nations in order to maintain the wealth and power of a few over the many. Security comes from healthy relationships, a healthy environment, a government which can be held accountable for its actions.

I am for Truth, Impeachment, Peace, Justice, Ecological Wisdom and the Repeal of the PATRIOT Act. Our future is in our hands. We have great power, and voices, and we must exercise them now.

Carol Brouillet

She's Asking

That's a powerful statement that should be injected into the discussion threads of progressive blogs everywhere.

Who is running against Carol?

Who is running against Carol?

Pity this country

is so utterly phucked up politically to where a 3rd party candidate which is FAR superior to their Rethug/Dem opponent has virtually zero chance of winning.

ALL of the Green party candidates are leaps and bounds better than anyone else.

I dont think I can honestly vote for a Democrat anymore.

Carol Brouillet is a very

Carol Brouillet is a very brave and honorable person.
I wish her God's speed and all success.

That was a great

That was a great speech/video.

I believe I'm going to start my own party for the next set of elections and call it the "Larry Silverstein's WTC Complex Insurance Policy Party".

Actually, that would be a much better band name - Larry Silverstein's Insurance Policy And The Super-Heated Kerosines .

That would be a great thread on these forums; 9/11 related band names.
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