Steele issues PR on 9/11 Seminar - 11/11/2006

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OSS CEO Shares Information About 9/11 Truth Seminar at George Mason University (Arlington Campus) 10-5 Saturday 11 November 2006

WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Robert David Steele (Vivas), CEO of
OSS.Net, Inc., is sharing information about a 9/11 Truth Seminar taking
place at the Arlington Campus of George Mason University from 10-5 on
Saturday 11 November 2006.

"This Nation can neither win wars, nor govern itself ably, if our
politicians lie to us and to one another. It is in this context that I have
agreed to introduce Webster Tarpley, author of '9/11: Synthetic Terror Made
in the USA,' and that I strongly recommend this local 'truth seminar' to
one and all, but especially to young intelligence analysts who have not yet
been corrupted by the politicization and bureaucratization of intelligence.
Over 350 people can be accommodated this Saturday.

"The 9/11 Commission was a white-wash. In my view, there is ample
evidence with which to indict George Bush and Dick Cheney for high crimes
and misdemeanors not yet properly investigated.

"America has forgotten how to find, discuss, and share the truth about
anything. We have become a cheating culture, one that tolerates corruption
at all levels. All of our institutions have failed us including Congress
and the media.

"The 9/11 Truth Seminars, and the bloggers for truth, represent an
opportunity to re-engage with reality. There are no absolute truths, but in
the absence of sustained efforts to perceive the truth, there can be
absolute lies -- for example, that we live in an informed democracy that
nurtures moral capitalism.

"George Soros has it right when he suggests that Wall Street and the
central banks must made massive compromises with the people or lose it all.
The people are now armed with the Internet, with cell phones, with a
digital memory, and with the ability to follow the money around the globe.

"The 9/11 Truth Movement is not a threat, it is an overture."

Robert Steele is a career intelligence professional, and the author of
four books on intelligence reform including 'THE SMART NATION ACT: Public
Intelligence in the Public Interest,' with a Foreword by Congressman Rob
Simmons (R-CT-02).

For information about the Saturday seminar, view and Press Release 10.16.pdf.

For additional information about reality visit; for
a coalition option to save our dying democracy, visit


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Wow, no Rumsfeld talk?

Rumsfelds let go, and no discussion?

Alex Jones and company now believe the 9/11 truth movement is dying:

I believe if it whithers away it will because of a wild lack of focus, the inability to mobilize and capture the interest of the left, fracturing and alienating the 2001-2004 truth seekers (Sterling commission, FBI whistleblowers, etc) with a circus like atmosphere, massive in fighting, and an over obsession with focusing on "melting points" and "pentagon holes" while completely avoiding the real questions: following the money trail/following Pakistani intelligence and Saudi involvement, insider trading, Saudi embassys, FBI obstruction, etc.

But yes, by all means continue to argue about melting points, where the "hijackers are", and how big the Pentagon hole was. If any element of the US government had any sort of complicity, they couldnt have asked for a better scenario.

I'm still trying to figure

I'm still trying to figure out what Rumsfeld's retirement means...I would imagine he's just going to be just as involved from behind the scenes, they just needed a little political capital after losing the House and Senate. Whatever it was, I just don't think it affects his actual role.

As for the Truth Movement dying, I am confident that the Democrats, now with subpoena power, will be holding lots of investigations. Not immediately, but within the year. They won't be starting with "was 9/11 was an inside job?," but I think they will be holding hearings about the Downing Street Minutes, Condi's July '01 briefing, Bush's August "ok, now you've covered your ass" warning, the NY EPA "air is safe to breathe" travesty, and many other things that I think could open the door to the kinds of investigations we want.

Short of a major whistle-blower with undenyable evidence coming forward, we'll probably just have to keep doing what we're doing...I think the only reason it might seem like the movement has lost steam over the last few weeks is because the elections have been such a distraction.

"we'll probably just have to keep doing what we're doing."

I agree, but would add we need to do more. The pressure on all the issues you mention needs to be turned up without appology. You have a good instinct for what I call the gateway issues, that is issues all reasonable people can get behind:

Ignoring printed warnings
Memos stating you're going to war no matter what
Lying to people about health risks
Pretending you can't read(gratuitous reperence to Condi's staged cluelessness about the PDB-Bin Laden determined to Attack)

I would add delaying a murder investigation for 441 days and refusing to testify under oath during said murder investigation, but the above is a solid start.

How about a march/rally, you

How about a march/rally, you know, like a real anti-war rally?

Go choke your chicken,

Go choke your chicken, "Colonel"

Well, that's interesting. I

Well, that's interesting. I was just going over these OLD posts to catch up--and for the odd laugh--and lookee, lookee what i see: your post, days after the thread has gone cold.

That's an odd thing for a troll like you to do; post a comment few will read? It's like you're on the clock, with the job of hunting down that " bitch Sparks".

Hope they pay you enough--must be tedious 'work'.

Be seeing you...

All it takes is one fucking

All it takes is one fucking person from spilling the beans. Just one person high up could bring out 9/11 truth.

There must be someone high up who is human.

Show "Yeah with all those thousands of conspirators..." by CHF (not verified)

Many are silent due to gag orders, also fear & intimidation

Holes in the dam are popping up, though. It's just a matter of time until it bursts.

Show "but if there's all this fear and intimidation..." by CHF (not verified)

There are several

Engineers and Demo experts saying 9/11 was an inside job.
Your denial of such is merely a testiment to your bias & or cognitive Dissonance.


Not Judy Wood the tree lady. I want someone with experience in building engineering.

As for demolition experts, show me a detailed report written by one that backs up the "truth", not some 2 minute YouTube clip.

I disagree

There has not been any plausible explanation for the collapse. The essence of the NIST report's answer to why the buildings fell so quick? Because the building underneath did not offer enough resistance. Can you see the tautology in that?

The plane melting into the building is also highly unlikely. The studies I've seen make no sense.

No, I'm not an engineer, nor am I good at math. But I can see what assumptions are being used to reach the conclusions, and both defy common sense.

In fact, I wonder if the authors of the papers I've seen on the plane impacts are secretly screaming "no way it happened this way!" Probably not, but that's how they read to me.

Sure, I want to see an engineer say the obvious, if that's what it takes to convince people, but I'm not waiting for one.

Show "Newsflash" by CHF (not verified)


100% impossible for those buildings to have collapsed in 10 seconds without use of explosives.

plain common sense.

No steel structured high rise buildings have EVER collapsed due to fire, and im talking taking hours to slowly collapse, not plop like a house of cards even.

its not "improbable" it's "Impossible".

"When hundreds of thousands

"When hundreds of thousands of tons of weight come crashing down, the floors are not going to offer much in the way of resistance."

What you are describing is simultaneous structural failure; basically you believe that the struts, beams, supports and everything that held the building up and together FAILED all at EXACTLY the SAME time.

Please point us to the part of the official report that explains simultaneous structural failure throughout the building(s).

For extra credit, point us to the part of trhe repoprt that explains simultaneous structural failure in WTC 7.

Being charged with mass murder & high treason probably

discourages perpetrators from coming forward.

Way too pesimistic of you, pockyrot

Lots of gatekeepers & disinfo artists out there deliberately holding back the truth (Chomsky, Goodman are typical examples).

The physics evidence is overwhelming & very solid, so don't knock it--science doesn't lie. It should be used along with the documentary & testimonial evidence that you mention.

you must be relatively new

you must be relatively new here. pockybot posts the same thing literally every time he swings by here. "liberals are to blame for everything, the ISI/Pakistan stuff is the holy grail of 9/11 truth, and anyone that talks about the pentagon or CD is an asshole". thats basically what he posts every single time he comes here. same shit different day. hes just an angry conservative who hates physical evidence and liberals, haha.

That's sad about pockybot.

That's sad about pockybot. I just assumed they were having a down moment like I was.

Must releuctantly agree about the ISI/Pakistan stuff, tho--those are key trail of evidence issues documented in MSM. That is, they can not be dismissed out right as "conspiracy theories".

But no, it's not the Holy Grail--but perhaps it's a Holy Hand-grenade.

thats fine if you think the

thats fine if you think the ISI stuff is the most important evidence, but pocky comes here and bashes anyone that doesnt see it that way. he does these little drive-bys and says the same exact thing every time. he shits on anyone that talks about the pentagon or CD, and he regularly blames "liberals" as he sees them for most of the worlds, and the 9/11 truth movements problems. i try to explain to him the media is largely owned by his side, the corporate conservatives and that "liberals", real ones anyway, have virtually no power in the media. he doesnt wanna hear it though, everything is "the damn liberals" fault in his eyes. i WISH liberals had enough power to screw shit up, but they just dont. Bill Maher(or any other milktoast liberal) could come out tomorrow and call 9/11 an inside job and nothing would change except for maybe his career. the same way the media either ignores or spins Chavez 9/11 comments is exactly how a "liberals" words would be twisted or ignored. we dont have power pocky, stop crying about us.

This (the above link) must be Alex having a bad day...

.....look, we wouldn't have a prayer of a chance if the Republicans had held Congress, now we have at least that prayer and will have to hold the Democrats to the highest standards...if they fail us, we have to expose it immediately and vociferously....Democrats emerging victorious was necessary (inspite of Pelosi and Dean folding like $3 umbrellas).

....He wouldn't like this (and I say this as fan), but Alex almost sounds like Ruppert at his most bitter in this least the content is not as dour as the headline; there are remedies and prescriptions included in the body of the essay....who knows, the Democrats might surprise least there is a possibility now for exposure of the crimes of the last 5 years....if we are viligent and active in our oversight as American citiizens....

C'mon folks, hold the Democrats up to the ideals they profess.....

Why do you hate our science?

"But yes, by all means continue to argue about melting points, where the "hijackers are", and how big the Pentagon hole was."

Jet fuel & office furniture fires cannot make steel go molten hot.
Hijackers still alive cannot have crashed into buildings.
A Boeing 757 cannot fit into a hole 15 feet high.

No, Pockybot mis-paraphrased Alex Jones's article, that's all


this release is NOT from dc911truth

To clarify, this release was paid for by Steele, NOT by the conference organizers DC911truth group, which does not want to be associated with George Soros!

This release may be a straw man set up for the attack articles that will soon be coming from the right-wing neocon Beltway press, who will no doubt be well-represented in the audience.

Howard Dean Says No Impeachment Of Bush

Lapdog Democrats to waste two years on minimum wage and mass illegal amnesty, no to Iraq inquiry, no to police state rollback, no to bringing troops home

You know there is something very, very wrong when the winners of an
election (Pelosi, Dean & the Democrats) are the ones making the promises & concessions!!!

I agree--Don't hold your breath for the democrats

It's naive to think that the democrats will investigate 9/11 or the police state or anything that threatens stucture of power.
It's the good cop/bad cop scenerio. Now we have the "good" cop. Don't be fooled! It's the same corporate/bank interests at the helm.
Having said that, we still need to push for 9/11 truth, now more than ever. Let's suck it up people!
Remember, this election didn't change power structure--the people still need to take back their country!

Startling findings in probe of Tillman's death

(11-08) 14:22 PST -- This Associated Press story was scheduled for publication on Sunday but the embargo was broken by several newspaper websites earlier today.

What do they mean by an "embargo"? Do 9/11 stories face some sort of "embargo" too?

"Cease fire, friendlies, I'm Pat-Fucking-Tillman, dammit!"

His last words.

Three bullets to the forehead. He joined to hunt Osama Bin Laden. That may have been a mistake but he REPEATEDLY spoke out about the illegality of invading Iraq. While he was in uniform. And he's dead.

I've said they don't want heros; they want slaves. But I was wrong. They want heros--as long as they're dead.

Three bullets to the forehead; that's no accident.

Anyone has a friend or relative tempted to join the military for ANY reason--just tell them what happened to Pat Tillman.


He was also

A member of the most hated minority in the USA.

He was an Atheist and proud of it.
May have cost him his life.

The most hated minority,

The most hated minority, huh? I've never heard that. Thought gays had that wrapped up.

Not even close

Gays may have held that distinction many years ago like 20-30+ years ago. Today Gays are fully empowered and out of the closet in record numbers and more power to them.
But Atheist are by far the most hated minority.

Even though Christianity has lost a large percentage of their "flock" since 1990 when it was at its peak of approx. 86% claiming to be Christian.
Today that percentage is approx. 71-73% of self proclaimed Christians.

The ones sticking to the lunacy are far more rabid, the more fundamentalist side.
The fundys are becoming more and more vocal, more hateful, more INSANE.

Well, learn something new

Well, learn something new every day.

I will object, however, as painting ALL remaining Christians as rabid. In my personal experience most progressives/liberals are some species of Christian. Granted that's probably a slim majority, say 55-60%.

But I agree the most vocal intolerant Christians are bat-shit crazy fundies.

Didn't mean to imply "all"

Its just that Christians are facing a choice more & more each day.
Continue to believe what has not a single shred of evidence to support it, has considerable evidence against it ,and about the only way the mind can make that jump is to become more Fundamentalist and deny all the facts in favor of faith.

Id say only about 30-40% of Christians are bat-shit crazy fundies.
But that is about 20-25% of the overall population of this country are quite literally insane, delusional psychotics.
The rest of the Christians however are enablers of such lunacy.

It is not a good thing when approx. 1/4 of the entire population of the country are as crazy as Charlie Manson ever dared be.
These people live in a world of their own making, they believe in demons, angels, talking snakes, mythical gods, and that the Earth is only 6000 years old and created by the wave of a magic wand.

Technically they need psychiatric help and heavy medication but because they are protected by that moniker of religion they walk the streets freely.

I appreciate your

I appreciate your clarification.

However believing things many think are impossible is not a sign by itself one is crazy--it's needing OTHERS to believe your subjective reality as objective reality that drives one over into mental imbalance.

Buddists, neo-pagans, and various other shamanistic earth based religons also hold the strange and wonderful dear--they just don't try to legislate it. The test of mental imbalance is not how odd your beliefs are, but a)how much you NEED others to believe like you do to feel comfortable with your beliefs, and b) that you can actualy regognize the differnce between your subjective reality and the objective reality you share with everyone.

The craziest thing I hear these fundies claim is that there IS no difference.

Evangelicals seek to

Evangelicals seek to "spread" their message, its one of their fundamental principals.

And what a coincidence that is BushCo's base.   

One way to gauge the hate

Boy Scouts: hate gays, won't let them in.
Boy Scouts: hate atheists, won't let them in.

I agree -- I think atheists are pulling ahead in the "hated" race. Admitting that you don't believe in God (in my case, because I'm a non-theist rather than an atheist) can fuh-reeek people out like little else. Instant animosity.

non-theist rather than an atheist

Hmm. I thought that was 'agnostic'.

Oh well, what's a label, eh?

As a neo-pagan I almost feel the need to point out we are STILL called devil worshipers by the uninformed--but then we're barely on the radar.

Now I think of it the times I do hear atheists being discussed, the response I've observed is a kind of disbelief--as if knowing what the fundies do, you have rejected God and are willing to go straight to hell. I mean, you have to be some kind of pervert to do that, don't you?

No safety even in "none of the above".

You devil-worshiper, you.

I'm a Buddhist, and Buddhism is basically non-theistic. Various Buddhist traditions have "god-like" iconography, but there's no question that it's a completely different thang compared to the Man in the Sky beloved by the Judaic-Christian-Islamic triumvirate. There's no all-powerful Other to have a relationship with. When people ask me if I believe in God, I have to say no. When people ask me if I'd like all sentient beings to be freed from their particular suffering, I'd have to say yes. :)

Neo-pagans and Wiccans get a raw deal even in progressive quarters. Al Franken was going on the other day about the Republicans' use of an inverted pentacle in some logo of theirs and getting all bent out of shape because it means they worship the great goat lord! And the Bohemian Grove stuff is always mixed up, too -- it sounds like some boys may be playing with occult imagery there, but I guarantee that is not the source of their evil.

That's right, burn me at the

That's right, burn me at the stake. Just remember to bring marshmallows!

I'm optimistic

Alex Jones is in a funk because his prediction of a second terrorist strike in October didnt happen. That's the danger of being in the prediction business. Sorry Alex. Time to snap out of the funk and air out the ego some. This movement is about truth, not about predictions.

One of the reasons the Republicans got beat so badly in the election is because of the 9/11 truth movement. We are making a huge impact, and don't you forget it. Many independents and conservatives changed their votes and turned against Bush because they know how dangerous his administration is. They know it's dangerous because we've been speaking the truth. People are listening to us. Maybe not going public yet, but that's starting to change, as in the statement by Steele.

As for the Democrats, they would love to impeach Bush and Cheney, because then Nancy becomes president. And it would be paybacks for the Republican's treatment of Clinton.

The appointment of Gates is clearly a damage-control measure on the part of Bush (41). Gates is a CIA insider and close confidente of the Bush family. They are circling their wagons, a defensive posture.

Now's not the time for truthers to lose heart. We need to rally. Let's take this country back from the corporate war mongers.

Alex's "prediction" of a 2nd terrorist strike could well have

prevented such a strike. (Rove promised an October surprise, and it never came.)

"As for the Democrats, they would love to impeach Bush and Cheney, because then Nancy becomes president. And it would be paybacks for the Republican's treatment of Clinton."

So then why are the Dems promising NOT to impeach the Smirking Chimp?

impeachment tactics

Believe me, impeachment IS on the table, you just can't put the cart before the horse. It takes a 2/3 vote of the Senate to convict the president of High Crimes and Misdemeanors. So, they could probably get the votes to impeach him in the house, but the case would fall flat in the Senate at this point (just like it did with Clinton's impeachment). Plus, it would be a very negative way to start the Dem congress, and to pull this off they have to maintain and even increase the public's confidence and support.

After getting some stuff done in "the first 100 hours" or whatever, then they will start holding investigations. Believe me, Reps Dingle and Conyers are itching to move forward on some of these issues. You know as well as I do that these investigations are going to expose some horrific stuff. (see the points me and Col. Jenny Sparks made at the top of this thread)

The results of these investigations are going to make the public flip out (those that aren't already furious, that is). At that point the public pressure and support will be there to force even Republicans in the Senate to vote to oust Bush and Cheney. To announce a push for impeachment, or to even say it's on the table at this point would create huge resistance among republicans and even some independents.

In short, rest assured that the investigations will set up Impeachment. However, talking impeachment now could very well compromise the effectiveness of investigations. The cards are in our hands now, we just have to be patient a little longer in order to play them most effectively.

One more thing. Have you ever noticed that whenever Bush has to answer even the most mildly uncomfortable question from the WH Press Corps he squirms like a little bitch? Can you imagine how he will crumble when forced to testify under oath in front of Congress? It's going to be a great show.

if these numbers are real........

Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment? * 313183 responses

Yes, between the secret spying, the deceptions leading to war and more, there is plenty to justify putting him on trial.

No, like any president, he has made a few missteps, but nothing approaching "high crimes and misdemeanors."

No, the man has done absolutely nothing wrong. Impeachment would just be a political lynching.

I don't know.

maybe, but

maybe, but there's not the kind of outcry of support yet that will cause Republican voters to call their Republican Senators to demand impeachment. We need that kind of support to see that he gets convicted in the Senate. I don't want to just Impeach for show and then not be able to follow through with the Senate conviction. Plus, if the Dems burst out of the gate with a failed push for impeachment, that would pretty much neuter them for the next two years.

Dont matter

Dont need Rethuglican support at all.

If 100+ Million Democrats DEMAND Impeachment and say so FORCEFULLY.
Send in Millions of Emails. snail mails, petitions, cities and states calling for Impeachment etc.

Then give them ONE chance to respond correctly and if they dont then tell them.

THE reason "We the People" elected your ass to take Congress was to IMPEACH this treasonous war criminal and you WILL do it.
If you do not then WE WILL and that will be BY FORCE.

So take your pick, Do your damn job and get this done peacefully and by the law. OR if we do it blood will spill, and much of that blood will be YOURS.

You know Conyers has actually come out and said not only is impeachment not going to happen but that actually NO INVESTIGATIONS are even going to happen.
That means total complicity in the crimes as far as im concerned.

Be patient?

I strongly disagree with the idea of cowing down to the Dem's idea of 'patience.'

This ain't no ordinary 'blow-job.' Pelosi's absurd comment was possibly scripted to find out just how strong this 83% opposition group is. They did that to see how *much* flack it would receive. She has not yet got the job of decider.

We need to be screaming: "No trial, Oust them all!"

Show "Yeah I'm sure the gov listens to everything Alex Jones says" by CHF (not verified)

I'm optimistic too

but it will take some time before the wimpo Democrats are willing to touch the Truth issue. We must keep the pressure on, relentlessly. The challenge is just a bit different from when the warmongers themselves were the sole power.

As for Alex Jones, don't forget he essentially predicted 9/11 itself. (See his video of his July '01 show if you haven't seen this - it's stunning.) He was not at all foolish in predicting (along with Webster Tarpley) that a terrorist attack was coming a couple months ago. There were enough indications. I'm still amazed nothing happened.

Like i said....

Keep writing letters, send twice as many as before, don't let up. I'm writing 10 a


That's got to be the bumper-sticker of the decade!