The Irony of

I find it amazingly ironic that has a feature video on Project Censored's recent Media Accountability Conference, where the keynote speaker was Stephen E. Jones, co-founder of 911 Scholars for Truth.

Here's truthout SELECTIVELY airing a segment by Jason Leopold, which while important, is dwarfed by the biggest story of the century: 9/11 which truthout continues to ignore and effectively CENSOR from its coverage.

This has been an ongoing beef of mine about the alternative and progressive media organizations, blogs, and publications like truthout, BuzzFlash, Common Dreams, DailyKos, AmericaBlog, The Nation, Salon, Alternet, and on and on. I know Barrie Zwicker has written extensively about this phenomena in his latest book "Towers of Deception."

When will these presumably intelligent progressives wake up and smell the thermate?

when? when its "safe" for

when? when its "safe" for them. whatever that means to each of the cowards that continue to play it "safe". even so called "alternative" media outlets see the benefits of staying silent on the most important issues of all. they are not immune. as far as The Nation goes, not to throw around that tired accusation again, but they have been "connected" forever. i love how they trotted out an ex-CIA agent(Baer) to review Griffins first book. they didnt even bother hiding the connections on that one, hahaha.

Left gatekeepers truly are

Left gatekeepers truly are corrupt for at least the right wingers are outright with their position, while the lefties are the true decievers - save for Daily Kos which has had some 911 coverage.

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I share your beef. The so-called "progressive media" are nothing more than accessories after the fact. And you named the primary perps. Especially my arch-nemesis: "BUZZFLASH.COM"

How cool is it then that the #1 "buzzed" story so far is "Pulling the 9/11 Lynchpin"? The people are fiending for 9/11 Truth. The longer we are denied, the more voracious our appetite will become.

One thing is certain... we will NOT be denied. The TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH and nothing but THE GODDAMNED TRUTH!"

~Chris Rose

thanks Chris and Chris

And, my name's Chris too, so WTF's up wit dat?! hehe

Chris Rose, we seem to share the same contempt for these so-called "truth" outlets. I suppose it's particularly frustrating since I tend to agree with their political leanings but for the life of me can't understand why they're such sheeple when they have access to so much information.

But, the tide is definitely turning and before too long, these purveyors of so-called truth are going to be left behind, and not in the biblical sense. :-O

I just see this hypocrisy and want to continue to point it out and hold these people accountable. In my book, they are ENABLERS just like most of the Democrats and are therefore PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Thanks for reading and commenting. Glad you like the blog, as intermittent as it is. Oh, and BTW, I'm one of the people who buzzed that article to the top over at Isn't it interesting how we 9/11 truthers are in the majority at a site which isn't even interested in dealing with the subject? I will say that at least has 911: Press for Truth as one of their items for sale. Truthout won't even report on that, as far as I know. I don't read that site often any more, but keep an eye on it hoping for a 9/11 breakthru -- probably a waste of time, especially after seeing Marc Ash's "September 11, Our Report" on 9/11/06 where he's states "We will proceed on the premise that persons of Islamic faith and militant resistance to American and Western influence in Islamic countries did carry out the attacks of September 11th, 2001."

I feel so lost without the blogs

Let's find Peace

I always looked for anything regarding 9/11. I am looking for debates between the evidence and official naratives.

I am still waiting for Colin Powell to show the evidence for us going into Iraq that he promised the UN.

I have written my congressman and stated that I want a truly independent CRIMINAL investigation of 9/11.

I see the governing regeme of the US as the big bully in the playground trying to steal a kids milk money. How can so many support this bully?