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I am an adult and wish to live my life without government interference. To be Self regulating and follow the golden rule. Don't do unto others what you wouldn't wish done to you. To be tolerant of others and ask that they let me live my way. We need to demand PEACE!!
I have choosen to get as many perspectives as I can achieve, to be able to make the best decisions. What I saw on 9/11/01 doesn't match the official story. I have been researching 9/11 since that date and have been watching congress in CNN for many years before this. I listen very carefully to the actual words the people in charge are saying, then spend time thinking just how they ment what they said. I don't take the assumption that the newscaster trys to get you to believe. I guess I have never trust anyone in power. I verify as much as I can. But, I like to hear all perspectives, better decisions will be made. We learn much more also.