America Rebuilds 2

Larry Silverstein goes back on PBS to explain why building 7 was pulled. Big thanks to for sending this in.

Can someone offer a brief summary of what Silverstein said?

I just can't bear seeing or listening to that shyster speak any more.

"I just can't bear seeing or

"I just can't bear seeing or listening to that shyster speak any more."


Where's the explanation/admition for the pulling of wtc 7 ???

To Anonymous: You're absolutely right, watching this orgy of kidnapping of the emotions of relatives and viewers by the big-money-wtc-rebuilder's for their own purpos is absolutely sickening.


The only remotely interesting (ie: slightly surprising) thing here is that they apparently feel the necessity to (just) mentioning that there are some "vicious propaganda" (my words) going on by a - one understands - small and deluted minority of aktivists on the site.




Oh, no! Not the Trusses! Evacuate all steel frame builds NOW! Those trusses all need to be tested, and until then they must remain unoccupied! What if a building started burning AND WAS HIT BY AN EARTHQUAKE? Or several busses? Or a blimp? AND THE TRUSSES ALL GAVE WAY? Steelframe office blocks laid waste across the land all by poor truss performance. Corporate america would be DOOMED!

Now there's a silver lining. But seriously, isn't it odd, with the acceptance of the OT, that arcitects and engineers aren't worried about the basic principles of building design that went into WTC1,2 &7? I'd expect SOMEONE to say something like "well, we won't be using THIS feature anymore--ever" or "we really need to improve THIS".

And shouldn't the insurance industry be concerned? Have premiums for steel framed buildings gone up?

The lies have no end in sight...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

I agree...pulling the heart strings is sick.

I don't recall anyone saying that he would explain the pulling of building 7 (he did that in the first America Rebuilds)...I believe the comment was "Larry explains why".

The reason why building 7 was given up as a sacrificial lamb was because everyone in the neighbourhood hated the fact that Larry built it over the street and blocked the route downtown. If it was rebuilt, it would open the street back up for increased commerce and transportation.

"On reflecting about the trade centre and how it could get rebuilt, I looked at 7, I looked at it with David Childs because we had selected him to redesign the became obvious that we couldn't build 7 as it had originally been designed" (the last word was sputtered out in a raised tone mannor not unlike every liar I have encountered.)

Larry needed 1 and 2 gone because of asbestos, he needed 7 gone because of profits and public outcry and the pnac boys needed a pretext. Considering we have the science and the motive, I don't see why this isn't in court. Aren't there any lawyers in this movement?

I also wonder: where are the lawyers in this movement?

Honestly, it seems to me so obvious that lawyers could most definately subpoena Larry Silverstein on charges of insurance fraud, treason, mass murder.
Maybe someone has to do a citizens' arrest of Silverstein first?
Where is the action on this? Surely someone out there can organize this!
He is the most obvious culprit. First he needs to be dealt with and hopefully that will lead to the others who helped to make WTC implode and those who let it happen.

Murderous Psychopath

The symptoms of psychopathy include: lack of a conscience or sense of guilt, lack of empathy, egocentricity, pathological lying, repeated violations of social norms, disregard for the law, shallow emotions, and a history of victimizing others.

God help us break through this reign of criminals

Larry “Lucky Larry” Silverstein

who made this propaganda piece?

was it the same group that made the first America Rebuilds?

Obviously we are having an impact and making poor Larry nervous if they feel the need to put the dessicated little crook on the tube again.

Personally I'm waiting for the documentary titled America Rethinks: The Crimes and Trial of Larry Silverstein, Traitor of the New American Century

That would certainly get the financial support of viewers like me. F---ing PBS - Propaganda Broadcasting Shills...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


America Rethinks

haha america rethinks I like that

LOL @ dessicated little crook


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Bye, bye,'Ernie' the

Bye, bye,'Ernie' the Troll...your post won't be viewed long. Why don't you scurry back to your journal?

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Nothing funny about 9/11, idiot!

Liar Silverstein said he & the Fire Dept pulled-it & watched it collapse. He couldn't say the real perpetraitors of 9/11 pulled-it, now could he, so he made up this bullshit to explain why WTC-7 fell at free-fall speed in a controlled demolition.

YOU guys are so funny

Actually shills are "so funny"...

...the way they create a "straw man"?

I seriously dout that anyone here at this blog believes that Silverstein "conspired with the NYFD to demolish a building."

Fire departments in NYC don't do demolitions!!!

"Fire departments in NYC

"Fire departments in NYC don't do demolitions!!!"

The trolls, they do not listen, they do not comprehend.

Don't give yourself an anyeurism, mate; this is "ernie" and he's only here to cause trouble.


Go find another circus for entertainment. Why do you come to this forum if it's so lame in your eyes- is your browser stuck?

Why are you here?

Either you are a no-life looser who has nothing more to do than indulge in your negativity, or you are a shrill. Who do you think you are kidding? Disagree with what we say here? Then go somewhere else. Or at least try to form some kind of constructive arguement. You're not wasting our time, you're wasting yours.

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Anonymous shill said "I am

Anonymous shill said

"I am here exposing the KNOWN lie you perpetrate about Larry Silverstein and the NECESSARY corollary that your lie about Silverstein is an INDICTMENT of the NYFD as COMPLICIT with Silverstein."

why is a corollary indictment of the NYFD necessary?

most of us here think that Larry Silverstein

"made that decision to pull" , after talking to SOMEONE ELSE besides the "ummm...errr... fire department commander"

everyone knows that fire trucks do not have ACME building demo kits in their inventory of firefighting equipment.

You remind me of

A little kid that's losing a game and decides to start calling names instead of losing. It's very becoming; I assure you. Have you yet considered constructing a logical argument based on verified research that could be taken seriously? I'd love to see someone who disbelieves the Truthers rationally and civilly argue relevant points with verified mainstream materials. Such an exchange would prove productive for both sides and perhaps shed light on some of the mysteries that even the mainstream admits. For example, you could simply state that you don't believe that Larry Silverstein had anything to do with the demolition of 7WTC and then back it up with logical arguments to support your case. You could even use references and explain alternative explanations to the generally held belief that Silverstein admitted to being part of the decision to destroy 7WTC when he spoke of making the decision to evacuate and then 'pull' building 7. That is, if you're up to it!

Ha ha ha!!!

Nice one!

lol 9/11 and functional reactions

Boy these business guys are slick I hope when I grow up I can spend my life applauding bullshit and being a prick.
Fuck these assholes guys. They don't have a fucking clue.


This documentary is a total propaganda misinfo piece. Silverstein says they used big steal beams in the new 7WTC?
Ha!!! What a joke! The new 7WTC is a cheap, skinny, shell of it's former self!
I've seen various stages of the new 7WTC's construction and I couldn't believe just how skinny it's support beams are!
Oh man, all 9/11 truthers should really get on the ball with the fact that two men were killed in 7WTC on 9/11, because Silverstein and the Gov't keep on insisting that no one died there, which is complete bullshit.
Also, the reason why they only have a few tenants so far for the new 7WTC is because anyone who's not an idiot in New York knows that murdering son of a bitch 'pulled' it to begin with!

"Also, the reason why they

"Also, the reason why they only have a few tenants so far for the new 7WTC is because anyone who's not an idiot in New York knows that murdering son of a bitch 'pulled' it to begin with!"

Having owned a business, I guess that would give me pause.