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Please join us for this weeks Skypecast, be sure to use our Chat page for asking questions, requesting mic time etc... Tonight we have Killtown as a guest. Killtown would like to focus on Flight 93 and has done some great research on the matter,

Looks like

you've got a pretty crappy lineup.


Hey thanks for the kind

Hey thanks for the kind words, boy Im feelin the love.

no problem

It's no secret that I don't have much love for your guest on this show or the guests from your last show or many of the upcoming guests that you plan to host. To me it looks like you're specializing in providing a platform for promoters of sketchy info and really, who needs it? You have a right to do it and I have a right to tell you that I think it sucks.


Hey Attack Dog YT?

What "sketchy info" did I talk about on last nights show?


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.


Hey Disinfo Poodle Killtown!

You tell me - I certainly didn't listen your shit.


How do you know it's sh*t if you didn't listen to it?

YT = 9/11 truth movement divider


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

The Great Divide

between the genuine movement and the botched infiltration scam.

This is where we part ways. :)



if you're not actually a paid participant in the scheme with Fetzer but merely an easily led conspiracy hobbyist out to make a name for himself with wacky sounding theories, it doesn't really matter. It's been explained to you in some detail exactly how you function as an agent of disinformation - regardless of your intent. Perhaps someone will be kind enough to provide a link if you intend to play dumb - which you do pretty well, I'll give you credit there.

Why the 911blogger admins

do not rid their site from attackers like YT that break website rules on a daily basis, I don't know.


Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.

Why don't you ask Peggy Carter

She seems to have the inside scoop on this site.

Well, if you have been

Well, if you have been paying attention in previous posts you would have observed that I extended an open invitation to anyone here or that they can hook me up with, of which only Killtown responded, I even asked a heavy poster that has contributed alot to posts here but he declined. So again, if anyone wants to be a guest or has suggestions, you can contact me via the contact tool here.

And if i were in it to "make a name" for myself, wouldn't I use my real name? Or if I was in it for the money, wouldn't my site be asking for money or sell stuff?

You might also have seen, that my agenda is to promote this interactive format, not the content of such, so I suggest you do the same, or let us know what you have done that is constructive other then divisional nasty comments.

I simply announce the shows for those that would be interested in participating.

I suggest you also read the about section of this site:

And the Rules section:

So as to not violate the rules above, this will be my last comment

I did pay attention

That's how I know who's on your upcoming schedule.

Well, for all of our sakes I hope some better guests take up your offer. The lineup you posted the other day looks pretty fucking grim.

See you next week!

If you're not shilling for Jones, the trolls don't like you.

Steven Jones sabotaged the development of free energy

It appears that history does indeed repeat; just the names have changed. You may find the following of interest. The 2nd and 3rd are the same video from 1989, but with different formats.

2. (Better picture quality, but no scroll bar.)
Click on "Heavy Watergate - The War Against Cold Fusion" when you get to that page.

3. (Scroll bar, but reduced picture quality.)
I noticed that someone has posted a miniature google video of the second one here:

* For the Jones segments, move the progress bar to 11:00 -

My guess? The 9/11 Cover Up is linked to quite a few others

Dr Eugene Mallove, who was trying to encourage and fund CF and "Infinite Energy" research was murdered on 17th May 2004 - apparently in a burglarly incident.

Michael Zebuhr was murdered was murdered on 18th March 2006 - apparently in a mugging incident.

Both of these people were, strangely, doing research in a field similar to that in which Steve Jones was doing research.

But of course, these things are just coincidences ... aren't they?

Another perspective... If you're going to speculate

I understand that Michael Zebuhr was at the same University as Judy Wood (Clemson)...

Did he hear or see something he shouldn't have ???

or was it what was reported... a mugging incident...

Who knows ?

RIP Michael Zebuhr

Michael Zebuhr's murder

A serious inquiry into the highly suspicious and unsolved murder of Michael Zebuhr should be included in the forthcoming investigation of the organized disinformation campaign being waged against the truth movement. How strange that the only known murder of a truth activist happened to someone who had the misfortune of being affiliated with the author of that campaign's centerpiece.

Michael Zebuhr was murdered for doing

9/11 research with Judy Wood specifically to prove that Steven Jones' analysis was wrong.

The perps wanted their Jones plant to distract the Truth Movement, and discredit certain "theories" (specifically Directed Energy Weapons and TV-Fakery), just like he did with Cold Fusion:



Because of deceitful work, I no longer support Professor Steven Jones.
Jones is deceiving us in 9/11 just like he did in cold fusion:

Jones Alters Colors of Ground Zero Photograph to Deceive People

Youtube Video: Steven Jones Sabotaged The Development Of Free Energy (Segment from Heavy Watergate film below)

Google Video: "Phenomenon Archives: Heavy Watergate, the War Against Cold Fusion" (Fast forward to 11:00 for segment on Jones.)

Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Disintegrate? A peer-review of Steven E. Jones' 9/11 Research

Infinite Energy Magazine: Breaking Through Editorial: Ethics in the Cold Fusion Controversy

The Dark Side Of Professor Steven E. Jones

Professor Steven Jones Trashes The Demolition Evidence

Scholars For 9/11 Plagiarism And Disinformation

Cold Fusion's CIA Mole (Analysis MP3 of Jones' work)


It sounds like you know more about this murder than most people - perhaps you'll prove useful to the investigation.

I know very little about it.

if you're like to learn some, look here.



You said he was murdered for doing research

with the author of the spacebeam paper.

No, I did not.

It is not a "spacebeam" paper. It is a Star Wars Beam Weapon / Directed Energy Weapon paper.


The reason he was murdered is exactly as I explained. Look into it, and put all the information into context

You said he was murdered for doing research

with the author of the Star Wars Beam paper.

How did you learn he was murdered for that reason? 

by looking at all the info and putting everything in context

see here too, Also here

Could you summarize?

You made that assertion with such seeming certainty - could you just summarize a bit?

I don't want to give Wood any hits.


you are an idiot

Ah so you're saying

that basically, whatever information supposedly resides on Wood's site regarding this matter is at heart an ad hominem - an attack on someone? Professor Jones, perhaps? Did I understand your summary correctly? That would be consistent with Wood's other papers where she calls other researchers "retarded" etc. Thanks.

Are you CB's replacement?

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Focus on the botched crash scene at Shanksville.