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Five minute video comparing WTC 7 fire to other skyscraper fires, and also to controlled demolition. The video is set to The Blue Danube. A vivid example for just about anyone out of the blue who might be questioning 911. It's brief, easy to listen to, and for the coming holidays and the year ahead, it's a great way to send $20 bucks to everyone you know and love.


911 Press for Truth

That is funny, entertaining,

That is funny, entertaining, and disturbing. Gotta get that out to a lot of people!

i don't get the $20 reference, but great vid

And a nice well rounded selection of websites at the end.

Very nice!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


it's not tthere

it's not tthere anymore?...

i guess $20 is better than loose change


Great video! I don't like the flashing images of evil leaders, though. I would prefer it slower.

quick flashing of images is

quick flashing of images is invasive... I stopped watching as soon as that visual bombardment started...

Anyway if your going that route deliberately, it does ilicit a response, but you may want to go full bore and intersperse LARGE TEXT with the images...  

Don't take this personally, greenback, but...

to me the video you posted comes off as being a little dishonest by not showing the footage of smoke pouring out the south side of Building 7. This is the sort of of thing that debunkers love to criticize us for. Whether or not this omission was intentional, I don't know (it is possible that the person who created the video wasn't aware of the existence of video footage showing smoke pouring out the south side of Building 7). There's no reason NOT to show the southside smoke footage, because there's still no way that fire would have caused that building to fall down the way it did.

Forward to 4:33 of this video to see the south side smoke footage:

Tanks 4 the advice

There plenty of stuff I could have included, such as more smoke pouring out of the area, and plenty of other things. I wanted it to be short. It was not my intent to create a scientific paper on the WTC 7 fire. Others have already accomplished that. I chose to do a welcoming and lyrical look at the horrible and obvious truth, WTC 7 was not brought down by fire. There's nothing more to it.

Thanks for clarifying

I like the video except for the part I mentioned earlier. The only other thing I would've liked to have seen in your video would've been a few statements from people who witnessed Building 7 fall down. Some of those statements can be found here if you need 'em for any future projects:


Overall, though, I think you did a good job with your video presentation.