Funny G.W. Bush Bloopers

Here is a 12 minute blooper video of GWB that could be distributed to people that can't be bothered to watch a "conspiracy" video, but would watch a video of Bush making a fool of himself.  Various Truth related sites are listed in the credits at the end of the video.  Check it out:

This feeds right into Bush's cover-up.

The first principle in the art of war is to make your enemies think you are incompetent.


Nah.....Like Ron White says....You can't fix stupid. You don't have to be smart to be evil.Thanks for the laughs Somebigguy
Only proves our leaders are puppets on a string.

yea, s ok to laugh

about him every once in a while.
the scene at 3:00 is just mindblowing.
"the usa is engaged in a war .. with a .. erh.. aehh. erh an extremist group of folks"

amazing. it looks like out of a bad movie, with bad actors.

You are right "Lauging"

We need to get to the puppets before we can get to the people pulling the puppets strings...