The Boston Globe Covers The Boston 9/11 Truth Tea Party

A big thanks to Carol Brouillet for making me aware of this.


Funny.... I tried to view this from work and it banned me for this reason.... "Cult / Occult"

Is 9/11 Truth a cult?

Because if it is.... I'm gunna have to ask my Mom if I can join..... LOL =)


lol lol

But joking aside, have you received your black robe and ritual sacrifice gear yet? I talked to the distributor and he said he had some on back order.


But I do have a Pentagram painted on my floor and a full supply of candles.... awaiting direction

Reverse the Joke and it is Veridical

Actually, this joke works in the other direction, as the ruling elite who staged the 9/11 attacks are the ones who are deep into dark occultism: black robes, altars, upside-down pentagrams, and far, far more horrific things: the whole works.

The ruling elite make Jeffrey Dahmer look like a little schoolgirl by comparison.

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," June 1, 2006

say wha???

Well dang.... I'm on the wrong side then...or am I?

confused.... I hope they accept returns on goats.

What's on TV?.... where are my meds?.... hump day.... calls for a double dose

Signing off

I joined for the free haircut

and cuz there's a girl i want to meet.

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...the night time is the right time...

Insurance co. 'waiting for ill 9/11 worker to die'


...and thus history is made. I LOVE IT!

233rd anniversary. Great dual numerological symbolism contained within the triad: "233". Number 23 is surprisingly powerful. Of course the legend surrounding the number 33 speaks entirely for itself.

Of course I'm just having some fun with my "occult brethren" listed above... but if you really pay attention, the symbology is almost spooky.

JJJames, I would not advise clicking on the links from work. Don't want you to get in trouble. >;-)


332.... Skull and Bones!




33.... Larry Bird... lots of freemasons in Indiana

23.... Michael Jordan.... I thought it was the shoes?

what was the source of their power?

"Larry Legend"

It's all coming together..... dude you are blowing my mind =)


and he played for Boston.... am I on the right track?

don't u mean 322....

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'...and thus history is made. I LOVE IT!'

This picture is one for the history books.. is has that aura over it.

Tipping Point

Little by little, with images like these, we are reaching the tipping point. As Schoppenhauer said, "All truth passes in three stages: first it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and last it is accepted as self-evident."

Actors and film makers are coming out little by little. Primetime shows (like O'Reilly tonight) are seeing the ratings potential with the issue, and print media like the Boston Globe are giving it a name without framing it as "conspiracy" or "nutcase."

The tipping point is approaching quickly. Once the weathervane shifts in our favor, you'll see more politicians claiming they believed this all along.

Wait. Be patient. Keep up the blogs and comments. Mention it casually at the watercooler. Leave pamphlets and DVDs in random places. Know that the truth always prevails.

Maybe Bush and co. might move to Paraguay before the proverbial poop hits the fan.

I was thinking about that

I was thinking about that land in Paraguay

how much is land going for down there? guessing it's no less that $50 per acre...

100,000 acres would be at least $5,000,000.00.... that's one hell of a purchase.

People don't normally get loans for property purchases of this magnitude.... does he have this kinda cash?

does anyone have a link to

does anyone have a link to that article......

I remember reading about the land they bought in paraguay, it happened to be on one of the worlds largest freshwater reserves me thinks. great place to spend the apocalypse...up in the mountains etc....

the google map photos of the area bought up in question looks like a highly good place to hide, there were barracks and one of the larest runways in the world....

correct me if m wrong..


Maybe they are going to move from the import of drugs to the production side.

I agree, Rob

The Truth movement has reached critical mass. It's now OK to talk about it openly, without fear of being instantly labeled a nut-bar (I never cared about that, myself). People are more apt to listen because it's become a topic of conversation. Keep talking!

and it's just right for the holidays...

With the extra holiday cheer, think about 9/11 truth.

I was at a recent family gathering and I was laughed at as "debbie downer" but some of my relatives were apt to agree that there is at least a cover-up. I feel I have planted seeds, but I don't wish to overwater them.

Likewise, we can't expect a meteoric rise in this cause, lest we become just a "trend." So it is imperative upon us to make these issues known in a manner that will be digested by the sheeple in a healthy timeframe.

Give them time. You can't force-feed sheep. Give them time, and when they see the rest of the herd flocking to the fields, then we will be able to sit back and relax.

Peace and thanks for the reply.

Jon, Where is the original


Where is the original link to this on the site? Or was it not on there? It would be better to have the original link rather than just a scan, or if there is no link, list the page and column where it appeared.


It says City and Region

It says City and Region section, Page B2 at the bottom of the scan.

Impeachment Paradise

Here's the link for W's hideaway:

If it worked for the Germans after WWII, why wouldn't it work for the descendent of Prescott Bush?

The court of public opinion is looking better and better each day.

This is also good news. It

This is also good news. It means Bush isn't planning on remaining President beyond January 20, 2009.

And again I say "WOW!" I

And again I say "WOW!"

I suppose the things at the top are loosening up. But I'd be curious to know EXACTLY why senior editors are no longer afraid to cover 911Truth activism. Perhaps someone up high KNOWS the regime's days are numbered?

Get a Job!

You stupid kids either need to go college, get a job or find a girlfriend! Stop it already with this 9/11 conspiracy nonsense!