French troops had bin Laden in sights: documentary

French troops had bin Laden in sights: documentary

By Francois Murphy Tue Dec 19, 1:55 PM ET

PARIS (Reuters) - A documentary says French special forces had Osama bin Laden in their sights twice about three years ago but their U.S. superiors never ordered them to fire.

The French military, however, said that the incidents never happened and the report was "erroneous information."

The documentary, due to air next year and seen by Reuters on Tuesday, says the troops could have killed the al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan but the order to shoot never came, possibly because it took too long to request it.

"In 2003 and 2004 we had bin Laden in our sights. The sniper said 'I have bin Laden'," an anonymous French soldier is quoted as saying.

The documentary 'Bin Laden, the failings of a manhunt' is by journalists Emmanuel Razavi and Eric de Lavarene, who have worked for several major French media outlets in Afghanistan. A cable television channel plans to air the documentary in March....

Afghans questioned in the documentary said they believed the United States was not interested in finding bin Laden, despite the $25 million price Washington has placed on his head....


This looks good. The "hunt" for Osama is turning into one of our best points.

The CIA let OBL get away

Yes, I don't know how many pieces of evidence people need to see before they accept that Bush had no intention of capturing Bin Laden (and, one might surmise, Bin Laden had little or nothing to do with 9/11). Check out the sequence in 9/11: Press for Truth, which documents Tora Bora and other incidents where the US military cornered OBL but let him go.

A CIA commander says the US let OBL get away.

Check out and the 9/11 Timeline for more details. (I'd link to it here, but for some reason I can't connect to it right now.)