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I would like to propose the ‘9/11 MediaWatch Wiki’ which would be a collaborative directory of media outlets, journalists, politicians, governments and other relevant organizations shaping the public debate on the 9/11 Truth movement and their viewpoints towards the movement.

The primary focus of the Wiki would be to collate past and present trends in opinions towards 9/11 Truth activism, observing any shifts in MSM viewpoints over time at the individual, as well as the organizational granularity. The format of the repository would be similar to SourceWatch.org and would prohibit slander.

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For example, an entry for Counterpunch co-editor Alexander Cockburn would feature a short resume of Alexander, links to articles he has written mentioning 9/11 Truth, the stance towards 9/11 Truth taken in each article, rebuttals to each article, YouTube video interviews, and links to organizations Alexander is involved in (in this case Counterpunch).

Counterpunch would also feature an entry comprising of the list links to any of its writers who have mentioned 9/11 Truth, a list of all 9/11 Truth articles and sum-up of Counterpunch’s general view on 9/11 Truth.

Each individual or organization would receive an overall rating (a bit like the Tomatometer) where 0% would mean antipathetic to 911 Truth and 100% would be highly supportive.

Such a resource would be invaluable for activists and the public at large, to keep track on the opinion trends towards 9/11 Truth as well as which media outlets and organizations require more PR work to be favorable to the 9/11 Truth movement.

I applied for a free Wiki at Wikia but they have yet to get back to me. So would anyone be willing to host such a Wiki with a decent Wiki software (say using MediaWiki) and located at a catchy web address such as www.911MediaWatch.org?

Sounds good.

Sounds good.