Every Truther's "Sphere of Influence"

Each day I am astonished to meet people that have never heard of the 9.11 Truth Movement, and never heard that there are any doubts about the government's version of events. But on the other hand I am proud that I am meeting them.

Why you ask? Because I speak the "truth" frequently. I find it amazing that we truthers will go so far as to hand a flyer or DVD to a total stranger, but we don't consider all the people we hold in our "sphere of influence". We've probably all told our good friends, and most of our family. Bravo. But have you told your insurance man, mortgage broker, banker, dentist or postal worker?

I'm serious. I made a decision to contact everyone I dealt with in my day. I sent them all a simple letter or email that asks them to be willing to look at the evidence. Face it, your cable guy or realtor isn't going to fire you for having a view point. My point is, each of us know many people we can spread the word to and haven't yet. We are at a critical mass of awareness nationwide, it's time to kick it up a notch, people.

Here's a chunk of my letter you can start with, add your own bits to make it yours and hit the send button tonight:


Dear Friend or Family Member: 

I have been researching the events of Sept. 11 2001 since they happened. The entire event has never felt right to me. There are hundreds of inconsistencies in the official story, which our government refuses to clarify or even acknowledge. The tragic events of that day are not to be belittled in any way.

However tragic that day was, the laws of physics, which all matter and beings are subject to, do not ever change. And on that basis, the official version of the events of this day are scientifically and logically impossible for countless reasons. I am left with the unavoidable conclusion that these attacks, however tragic, were a self-inflicted wound. Some of the most esteemed scientists in this country are sticking their collective necks out, right now, making these very same statements. I believe we should all listen.  

Sorry this wasn’t a happier letter, but it had to be written. This was the crime of the century, and the Americans I remember would do something about it. At least look at this information in honor of the people that died. Most of their families share the same viewpoint I do, for what it’s worth.   



Humans are social animals

Humans are social animals and as such we perceive reality through the interactions with others. If people SEE others freely discussing 9/11 Truth, they will be more likely to discuss this topic within their personal circle of trust...

It becomes less taboo, and then we win...

Oh and as an addition to the Blog, USE BCC people... This will lessen the group think response to 9/11 Truth that the MSM (establishment) has a 100% lock on. The One-on-One arena is ours, and will never be theirs. They simply don't have the numbers!  Time for this to go viral...

USE BCC field of your emails when sending out lists.

Couldn't have said it better, img.

As Ghandi said about the spread of a revolutionary truth:

 "First, they ridicule you. Then there is violent opposition to what you are saying. Then . . .you win"

The more I talk to people about this, the easier it gets. You don't have to win them all over to make a huge difference.

Time for this to go viral indeed!

"For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know it - now" - Patrick Henry

Excellent idea! I think

Excellent idea!

I think people dont' bring this up in their sphere of influence because that also tends to be their place of security and comfort--and who doesn't need a place of respite in these times?

That said the sample letter is a perfect way to softly break the ice on this issue. Thank you, craniac--a good idea.

Now, did you vote?


Just say NO to Trolls for the Holidays!

It's an adventure!

I hate getting my hair cut, because I hate having to make small talk with a hair stylist for half an hour. And I especially hate the small talk that goes along with seeing a hair stylist regularly and having a pseudo relationship. So I go to the local hipster version of the no appointment, unisex barbershop. Last time, when the guy cutting my hair said "Well, what do you do besides going to school?" I thought well, I can spend the next 20 minutes prattling on about whatever or I can....

My three minute "introduction" to 9/11 Truth was met by a kind of "Duh... of course they did it!" response and instead of the kind of chitchat that makes me feel uncomfortable, we spent the rest of my cut having an interesting discussion. On my way out, he actually thanked me for being a Truther.