Who haven't YOU told?

Every Truther's "Sphere of Influence"

Each day I am astonished to meet people that have never heard of the 9.11 Truth Movement, and never heard that there are any doubts about the government's version of events. But on the other hand I am proud that I am meeting them.

Why you ask? Because I speak the "truth" frequently. I find it amazing that we truthers will go so far as to hand a flyer or DVD to a total stranger, but we don't consider all the people we hold in our "sphere of influence". We've probably all told our good friends, and most of our family. Bravo. But have you told your insurance man, mortgage broker, banker, dentist or postal worker?

I'm serious. I made a decision to contact everyone I dealt with in my day. I sent them all a simple letter or email that asks them to be willing to look at the evidence. Face it, your cable guy or realtor isn't going to fire you for having a view point. My point is, each of us know many people we can spread the word to and haven't yet. We are at a critical mass of awareness nationwide, it's time to kick it up a notch, people.

Here's a chunk of my letter you can start with, add your own bits to make it yours and hit the send button tonight: