Nafeez Ahmed - International Terrorism: The Secret History Since 1945

Nafeez Ahmed gave an excellent talk last month in London that takes a "big picture" look at international terrorism and 9/11's place in that spectrum.

Reposting from Nafeez's blog:

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Well, it's good to be back online again. And lots has happened since my last post. A few weeks ago I did a talk in Maida Vale, which has been received with some interest in certain circles. Here's a brief description of the talk as advertised by the venue, Islamic Centre England:

"Nafeez will give an introduction into the covert intelligence operations, economic intrigues and rampant political corruption that have dominated Western 'national security' policies since the end of the Second World War. Using newly declassified secret government files and other reliable documentation, Nafeez will reveal the official deceit that justified Anglo-American imperial expansion during the Cold War, post-Cold War and post-9/11 periods. He will lay bare the dynamics behind historical and current US and British militarism, its overarching goals, and the escalating political, economic and ecological crises generated by the current global imperial system."

The talk was recorded in full, including the Q & A session, by the London Sound Posse, and is available online here.

(Streaming here.)

Paul Stott from the parapolitical journal, Notes from the Borderland, who attended the talk has put up a short summary and review, which i paste below for your ease:


November 12, 2006

I went to see Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed speak in Maida Vale this evening, discussing war, terrorism and international relations. Ahmed is best known for three books he has published in very short succesion about the "war on terror' and more recently for his book on the 7 July bombings.

The Good Old Days?

Ahmed started from the position that the war on terror is a continuation of an Anglo-American imperialism that has been going on for some time, with Britain accepting the role of "junior partner" at the start of the Cold War. To Ahmed the Bush/Blair partnership is not unique, but historically consistent. Secondly the Cold War saw the "Communist threat" justifying American expansion into all corners of the globe - Ahmed argues this threat was not only greatly overstated, but that internal government documents indicate that by and large both the British and the Americans were far more concerned about "ultra-nationalist" movements. As for terrorism, the Gladio (stay behind) networks in Europe after World War II indicate the clear involvement of the US in terrorism, often in the name of left-wing organisations.

Friend or Foe?

With the Cold War ending, the US was faced with both new opportunities, and new challenges. Ahmed argues that America still sees its rival in several significant oil-producing areas as Russia, whilst in the long term China is its principal fear. Given this he feels it essential to look at areas where American interests overlap with those of Islamist groups such as Al-Qaeda. Ahmed sees clear evidence of this in different parts of the world - the Caucases, the Balkans, North Africa and Chechnya were cited. Indeed Dutch intelligence reports from Bosnia (where Dutch troops are accused of failing to prevent a major massacre by the Serbs) indicate the Americans severly de-stabilised the area by bringing ex-Mujahideen fighters into the region.

Although there is not a lot of good published material in English on developments in Algeria, Ahmed cited Robert Fisk on the dirty tricks in the war between Western intelligence agencies, the Algerian state and Islamists. This has included bombings on the French Metro which appear to have been conducted by groups after they had been thoroughly penetrated by the French intelligence services.

Summing Up

In conclusion Ahmed sees two major roles for Al-Qaeda - they justify the militarisation of western societies, and they justify Western intervention in parts of the world that are rich in natural resources. As these resources become increasingly under threat, such struggles will become more important, not less. Pessimistically he sees the world approaching the end of a particular epoch, the American epoch, and one that will get very unpleasant. Ahmed called for the development of new values, and new thinking that rejects capitalism and respects the environment. As a Muslim, he believes this should have a spiritual dimension.

From The Floor

At talks like this making an intervention is a rather inexact science. However the size of the audience required brevity, and one of the three activists from the 9/11 Truth Movement rather struggled with this concept. Ahmed was critical of the general conduct of the Britan and Ireland 9/11 Truth Movement, who appear less relevant and more closed in their thinking than similar groups in the States. The central point is perhaps this - 9/11 showed the world as it is, rather than being some sort of Year Zero for a new world order. Another intervention came from Shane Collins of Lambeth Green Party who talked of the need to introduce "carbon quotas" which could be bought and sold by individuals. As that appears to suggest that the very wealthy such as Roman Abramovich are going to be able to do a lot more than me in this future green world - count me out!

Personally I was deeply impressed by Ahmed's grasp of history and his use of sources. If I have a criticism of his talk it is that he actually repeated a mistake I have seen from the 9/11 Truth campaigners - he talked of America and Britain, but not of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, all "players" with dishonourable intentions of their own. Indeed Iran has looked to greatly increase its influence in the Muslim world in the past decade - from Sudan, to the Lebanon and most recently to Iraq. Imperialism can come in all colours, and in small packages as well as large.

Show "Off topic, if Saddam is" by Anonymous (not verified)

Giuliani Partners LLC

Mr. D'Amuro is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Giuliani Security & Safety LLC, a division of Giuliani Partners LLC dedicated to security consulting. Before joining Giuliani Security & Safety, Mr. D'Amuro served as the Assistant Director in Charge of the New York FBI Office, where he had begun his FBI career in 1979. Mr. D'Amuro has worked on a wide array of criminal investigations, including white collar crimes, major property crimes, violent crime, and organized crime. In addition, much of Mr. D'Amuro's twenty-six-year career was devoted to counterterrorism, in which he is an internationally recognized expert.

After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Mr. D'Amuro was appointed Inspector in Charge of the FBI's investigation of those attacks. Subsequently, Mr. D'Amuro served as Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division at FBI Headquarters and, later, Executive Assistant Director for Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence. In these capacities, he was instrumental in the creation and management of the FBI's Terrorism Threat Integration Center and Terrorism Watch List.

During his distinguished career at the FBI, Mr. D'Amuro contributed to or led several high-profile investigations, including the investigations of the 1998 bombings of the American Embassies in East Africa and the 2000 attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, as well as the latter stages of the investigations of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the Manila Air plot, and the crash of TWA Flight 800. Mr. D'Amuro has provided advice and briefings to the President of the United States, the U.S. Attorney General, the Director of the FBI, and the National Security Council, among others.

Mr. D'Amuro graduated in 1978 from Niagara University with a bachelor's degree in business administration. In 1983, Mr. D'Amuro attended the FBI National Academy, Quantico, Virginia. Mr. D'Amuro was the 2004 recipient of the Presidential Rank Award of "Distinguished Executive" for the FBI.

reply to the typical idiot

If Sadam get hang for what he do, you get what's behind box number two. Caroll Merill, show him what he's won! You sir, GET AN EDUCATION! You will travel to exotic web pages and learn the use of grammatically correct sentences and puncuation. The estimated value of your prize...worthless, because it's all been wasted on a brainwashed waste of life.

reply to myself. my

reply to myself. my punctuation sucks and I am an arrogant asshole.

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OT: How did 911blogger overlook this article?

This was a front-page article in the Los Angeles Times on Christmas Day. "Able Danger? Nothing to see here.",1,4949...

Surprised that it wasn't highlighted here; not surprised it was ignored everywhere else.

Happy Holidays.

it was actually. it was on

it was actually. it was on the front page as well.

Submitted by Al Czervik

I posted it...

ahh back to back blog posts

ahh back to back blog posts with the same title...  So It looks like it was covered twice...!! 

And I posted it way back here

This story came up during Christmas and didn't get much notice. Smells badly like a coverup considering Pat Roberts was involved.

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what does it say about your

what does it say about your intelligence(or lack of) that you fall for some of the most obvious disinformation(the space beam/CGI theory) ever created? do you honestly believe that the majority of people who have questions about 9/11 believe in space beams? are you really that stupid? or is it that it fits your dishonest agenda to pretend that?

Now ask annoy-mice if he's

Now ask annoy-mice if he's helped a first responder lately...

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Show "What's your point? " by Mr. X
Show "Impeachment? Really?" by Concrete man (not verified)

Before you blast him out of

Before you blast him out of the water Jenny, I do want to back Concrete man up on Zionist influences within our governmental system. I'm reading a book now called They Dare to Speak Out and I'm learning more and more about Zionism. Is this the reason 9/11 happened? Absolutely not. Did it play some role in the carrying out of 9/11? Yes. Concrete man appears to be an extreme variant of the Hufschmid/Smith group. I continue to receive great information from and believe Christopher Bollyn to be our generation's Bob Woodward. I do not believe that the Zionist theory is the whole story as does Daryl Bradford Smith. I do however believe it is one important thread.

I think his ideas on the Holocaust are pointless and unproductive. But the Zionist influences within our government are indisputable. These are very, very complex issues and do require research. Please see "peace, propaganda" on google video.

Thank you Blaster man

Granted, some of my rhetoric is meant to be polemical and humorous (tongue in cheek), I am sorry if people don't get the joke. But please do not attribute ideas to me that I do not hold and since you do not provide examples, I don't know what you mean by "extreme variant".

I am glad you are reading Paul Findley, a very honorable and important author. Read James Petras The Power of Israel in the United States, the most important book of 2006.

As for the Hoaxafraud, it is extremely relevant, the entire Jewish power structure rests on the threat that "we Jews have suffered throughout history and therefore you goyim cattle have to do what we say." The big lie is that the Nazis murdered 6 million Jews in a premeditated plan. WWII is much more complex than that, and at any rate, homocidal gas chambers are an absurdity beyond the pale. Please see the brilliant works by Germar Rudolf: Dissecting the Holocaust and Lectures on the Holocaust before casting judgment.

Thank you, and God Bless America.

Here is a brilliant essay by the way, a great compliment to D.B. Smith, Israel Shamir on the Tyranny of Liberalism:

By extreme "variant" I meant

By extreme "variant" I meant someone who is on the far right, if you will, of the Hufschmid/Smith group. Someone who denies the Holocaust.

I looked into the claims of Holocaust revisionists. I saw some interesting stuff. But for me it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter to me whether 6 million Jews died or 100,000 Jews died. As Norman Finkelstein said, that is a historical concern and not a moral concern. The Jews were persecuted, period. Some Jews, feeling unbelievable and justifiable anger, may have gone before the Nuremberg trial and said Germans were making soap out of Jews or German women wanted mattresses stuffed with the hair of Jews. Those were embellishments. There may not even have been gas chambers where mass executions were taking place. It doesn't matter one dam bit. Innocent Jews were herded like cattle into concentration camps. Many starved, were tortured, got sick and received no treatment, and beaten. Do you f#@king deny this?! These are not things we do to other human beings. There may not have been a plan to kill every Jew in the concentration camps. Lies may have been told at Nuremberg. This changes NOTHING!

Yes, the Jewish community treats the Holocaust as hallow ground because it dam well is. Innocent Jews have throughout history been persecuted. Does this mean all Jews are innocent and can do no wrong? Absolutely not. No more than all white people, black people, and Asians are innocent and can do no wrong. Is there a concerted effort by the Jewish community to keep the memory of the Holocaust in our faces? There dam well is. I swear to God that will never happen again.

The most despicable thing you are doing is labelling the Jews as a group that does not have any diversity of opinion. There are Jews who hate Israel, there are Jews who shrug their shoulders at Israel, there are Jews who love Israel, and there are Jews who will die for Israel. You better stop thinking in such stupid simplifications because that is precisely how the Holocaust occurred. Now, if you can get beyond this stupid Holocaust denial shit and deal with the real issues of Zionist influence in American politics and the wrongs being done to Palestinians by the Israeli government, you will be a lot more effective in educating people.

Good post,

Good post, rollo!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

"It doesnt' matter"

Rollo, You write that you looked into the Holocaust and there was "interesting stuff' but that it "doesn't matter". Pure illogic. If it is interesting, why doesn't it matter? Of course it matters because the truth matters. Instead you go on to write the incomprehesible gobble dee gook (approved by Col. Jenny, thank you Jenny) that you follow it up with atttributing me all sorts of nonsensical contradictory opinions that I do not hold. Best, Concrete man

See, what I mean, rollo?

See, what I mean, rollo? Long posts clogging the thread that make 911 Truth look like a hangout for the Holocaust obsessed? Sure, he's not a disrupter...

And he's one of some who keep posting that revolting "French connection" link...

Fortunately, contrary to what his annoy-mice friend said, I don't BLAST Concerte Man--I just vote him down, as do you see it, now you don't!

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Show "rollo was his 'annoy-mice friend'." by Big_D

Way to miss the point.

Way to miss the point.

Yes there are anomalies--eg.--to impress higher up, commandants would inflate "kill" figures. Yes, Imperial Zionists use it as a get out of jail free card when confronted with Palestinian oppression. Amoung other things. Yes, I'm very well read, BTW, thank you very much.

Point: this site is NOt the place--there are PLENTY of other sites if this is your passion.
Point: the bastards like to use ANY indication of Holocaust denial to smear 911Truth.
Point: If Concrete realy cared about 911 Truth he'd save this for OTHER sites with less at stake.

"Or is truth now a no-no on 9/11 blogger?"

Please. See points above- it's an issue of strategy, not "truth".

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

911 Truth is the tip of the iceberg.

No, I didn't miss the point & was joking with you. I believe you start with informing people we've been lied to about just about everything for a very, very long time & 911 truth just falls into place.

Yes, 911 is the straw, hopefully, that broke the camels back. But you cannot ignore the fact that we are lied to at every turn, I dislike that. Sorry if I offended, just a fan of reality & truth in general. I hate to see the day when you get jailed for 911 denial. Something to think about.

"was joking with you"

Sorry, I missed that. There is A LOT of genuine naivete around here about strategy...


Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Show "The 911 movement is controlled by idiots" by Concrete man (not verified)

Again, I take very seriously

Again, I take very seriously the JFK assassination, the Lavon Affair, and the USS Liberty. These events are deeply disturbing. But simply because "radical Zionists" hide behind the Holocaust and use anti-semitism as a tool to turn off criticism of Israel, does NOT mean the Holocaust was not a real and horrifying event. People need to know that there are radical Muslims, there are radical Christians, and there are radical Jews! There are also Muslims, Christians, and Jews of great compassion and good-will. You, Concrete man, are making the inexcusable mistake of judging a person based upon their race (which is what Americans are doing more and more towards Arabs). If you think the Jews who live down your street are engaging in a Zionist conspiracy, without having met them, you are quite frankly disturbed. That doesn't mean, however, that there isn't a Zionist network! I do believe there is a disturbing Zionist influence within our government. There is a vast Jewish network which supports Israel. But it is a spectrum!! Like I said before, there are Jews who hate, don't care about, love, or will die for Israel. Please stop engaging in racist stereotypes and recognize the complexity of the issue. Yes, Wolf Blitzer and others are shills for Israel. This doesn't mean all Jews are shills for Israel. Don't you get that?

It is precisely because people like you don't use nuanced thinking that Zionists are so successful at using anti-semitism to carry out their cause. People like you ENABLE Zionists because you come off as (and are) racist bigots. People like you make it easier for Abe Foxman to use anti-semitism to turn off criticism of Israel. People like you are part of the problem.

Show "Not a very serious thinker, Rollo-mop" by Concrete man (not verified)

"and, I have stopped beating

"and, I have stopped beating my wife" -- i get your point

I am assuming you agree that Jews were herded inhumanely into German concentration camps, that some were mistreated, and some died. One question: do you think this was a bad thing? Because when you spew your opinions regarding the holocaust, it sounds like you think that herding, detaining, and mistreating an entire race is not as bad as it sounds. Do you understand why some people are sensitive when you say the holocaust was not so bad?

When I say the abuse of Jews by Germans in the 30s and 40s was despicable, you immediately talk about how the Jewish community has exaggerated it and used it to their advantage. It seems to me that you think the exaggerations of the holocaust are actually worse than the mistreatment of Jews by the Germans.

You don't have to educate me on the exaggerations of the holocaust to make the point that Israel has done bad things, that radical Zionism is a racist ideology, and that a very small minority have used the holocaust and anti-semitism as tools.

I need a concession from you. Please show me in some way that you have sympathy for those who were put on trains, placed in concentration camps, and were mistreated and abused by Germans.

Show "Col. Jenny is an ENEMY OF FREE SPEECH" by Concrete man (not verified)




To quote casseia:

"Do you guys get dental?"

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

"Do you guys get dental?"

Remember, I didn't come up with it, though -- I think it was YT (if I'm misremembering and it was someone else, please let me know.) Credit where credit is due is especially important in this case, because I believe this is the funniest thing I've ever read on 911blogger. Or at least in the top 5.

Credit where it's due

I believe that was imgstacke's query originally but I'd really like to know too. :)

Thanks YT

I hope imgstacke will confirm -- I'm thinking of getting t-shirts made for the Arizona conference. :)

no problem

Great to hear you're going to be in Arizona - looking forward to meeting you.

It was me... CB was in the

It was me... CB was in the middle of posting like 20 messages attacking Steven Jones... and I slipped that one in...


Show "If it walks like a duck...." by Anonymous (not verified)

bunky Chris? seriously, get

bunky Chris? seriously, get a new writer you jackass. its not working.

Show "Yes, bunky, you." by Anonymous (not verified)

so empty. your life that is.

so empty. your life that is. it must be so fulfilling to "own" me and Jon Gold in your own mind. jesus man, dont you see how pathetic this is? and how did you "own" him? by bothering him with nonsensical insults like "bunky"? i guess im doing something right huh? whenever the shills start to attack thats usually what it means. im honored jackass. now please, find a hobby and get some psychiatric help, your constant presence on a website you despise is a sign of insanity.

"Bunky Chris"

Oooh Chris, I think someone wants to be your special buddy! Special as in Brokeback Mountain special. Let him down easy, okay? His heart has already been broken by Jon Gold.

yeah, im all for full gay

yeah, im all for full gay rights but he doesnt seem to get that i dont swing that way personally,hahaha. and do you know what he means by bunky? because that ones new to me.


Actually, I'm just going by association, like "bunkmate."

Keep in mind that this dude has a history of going after straight guys. So sad. I know you're sensitive enough to reject him without completely destroying his self-esteem, Chris.

You date yourself

Not knowing what bunky means dates you, child.

But then believing the nonsense that 9/11 was an inside job and praise the fraud, Jon Gold, already demonstrated that you never bothered to learn to think rationally.

I genuinely feel sorry for you, casseia.

Show "A little material science history pulverizes 9/11 Truthies" by Anonymous (not verified)

How close

Tell us, oh Wise One, how close can people stand to these fires? Can you stand anywhere near them?
Please let me know.


And why were the fires not hot enough to blow out the windows?

Rodriguez fire truck

I finished making a transcript of William Rodriguez's testimony at the American Scholars symposium.

I was wondering if anyone had a link to that photo he mentions in his presentation where he was saved from under a fire truck? I'd like to link to it in my transcript.

Thanks if anyone can help me out.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Rodriguez info

Can I ask you what are you using Rodriguez's Transcript for?
Have you contacted him directly?

He is easily reacheable through his website. I wrote to him directly and received answers. Not as fast as I wanted, since he is always working on issues related to the victims, or Conferences, but he does answers. He is a regular on spanish television and could be seen there almost weekly ( Univision, Telemundo, Telefutura or Televisa) speaking on all issues related to 9/11, tragedies etc.

You can call telemundo 47 at 201-985-4747, Univision at 201-287-4141 ( ask for the news department) if you need archives tapes of him. Hope this helps.

The Heroism of William Rodriguez

I made the transcript for 9/11 blogger.  I intended to include the photo so that you could see it while reading the transcript.

read it here:

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

No Evidence


I don't hear any explosions...why, do you hear explosions? Hahahahahahah! We have been so royally screwed. When did America become this incredibly stupid? No wonder it was so easy for them to orchestrate mass murder. "Listen to me little children...the grass is blue and the sky is green. I am your government so you must believe me....Oh, and those cell phone calls from 35,000 feet in the air...we let that happen. We're special that way".

Why do you keep getting the facts wrong?

You keep denying the fact that the evidence of what happened on 9/11 never came from the government.


Why do you memebers of 9/11 Truth Movement sit here and make asses of yourselves with that stupid canard?


"stupid canard"

Of course the "official facts" come from the government.

Who investigated 9/11? Government agencies
FBI, FEMA, etc.

Who wrote the 9/11 report?
Hint: it wasn't the family members--they asked to have a family member on the commission. It wasn't allowed.

Who wrote the official WTC report?
First FEMA, then NIST—government agencies.

Who signs the pay check for members of these agencies?
The government

You know what happened when the CIA told Cheney that there were not weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

He fired the messenger. Twice.

Until he got what he wanted.

Guess who's living in fantasy land? You, Dick Cheney and the entire create our own reality brigade.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Unpopular Mechanics

Here's what the unpopular mechanics have to say about 911.

I'm an unpopular mechanic and I think George Bush deserves to be shoved up Andre the Giant's ass while his father watches the Giant eat Broccoli and ...oh God not that...Brussel Sprouts.

a side order of refried beans pleez.

my apologies

my apologies to Andre the Giant's ass.

Show "you see" by snooze alarm

different Bush & co. viewpoint

I would characterize Bush and his supporters (mostly the 'elite' GOP) differently: They are those that believe the greatest acts are done by merely "leading" other people to do accomplish things, such as liberating oppressed countries, intervening militarily to stop Iran's nuclear weapons, and generally just throwing money at what they see as problems.

What these folks never understood and never will is what true leadership is all about: it's about the leader himself doing work that others couldn't, about the leader actually helping those that he 'leads' by doing work/making wiser decisions that they couldn't have made, and by covering their backs/defending them.
True leadership is not sitting back and ordering wish after wish from one's subordinate 'servants', in order to get oneself recognized for more and more 'achievements'.
(e.g. the GOP's holy grail 'War On Terror', to be paid for by the taxpayers to the last dime and penny)

True leaders did exist in American history, but GWB was not and will never be one of them.

Downloading now...

Thanks Reprehensor for keeping track of what Nafeez is doing.

"We've been offered a unique opportunity and we must not let this moment pass."

— George W. Bush - State Of The Union Address - January 29th, 2002

Interesting to see that

Interesting to see that ahmed was critical of the 9/11 movement. But he's right, all government in the world are run by assholes. I do wonder how many of them, especially lebanon and pakistan, are under tight control or intertwined with the CIA/M15.

I notice the lebanon government uses the same "either you're with us, or you're against us" tactics on their own people as the bush adminstration does. In the recent protest of 100,000 lebaneses against their government, the protesters were dubbed as "hezbollah supporters" by the media.

Show "Let Us Not Reject the Only Moral Political System Possible" by James Redford

Economics, Religion, and Truth

Glad to see another libertarian on 911Blogger!
Thanks for the recommendations and links!

But I should point out that although the mythical
Jesus may have been an Anarcho-Capitalist,
the historical Jesus most probably never existed:

“As long as people believe in absurdities,
they will continue to commit atrocities”.
-- Voltaire

International terrorism and false flags

Was 911 also a false flag operation? Who has a pattern of such activity besides the CIA (Cocaine Import Agency)? Don't try to figure it out on your own, watch this short video!

Is Jon Stewart really anti war?

Here's a neat video that investigates that question, watch it and enjoy!

Why Has My Post Been Modded Down?

Why has my previous post in this thread been modded down, such that one has to now click on a "show/hide comment" link to display it?

Was anything that I said in my above post incorrect? If so, then please tell me where my error lies, rather than modding it down

I have been a valuable long-time contributer to this website's forum, so I find this present treatment of me to be opprobrious behavior.

Of course, I'm not ignorant of the reasons why my above post was modded down. Unfortunately, many in the 9/11 Truth movement are wedded to socialist nostrums, and on that point have strong feelings on the matter, even though they are fallacious. And hence they become greatly agitated at seeing someone, as myself, explaining the rightness of genuine capitalism (as opposed to the *mercantilism* that we presently suffer under which they label by the misnomer capitalism).

I must also point out that I posted my above comments on Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed's blog on December 30, 2006 (at ), yet it still has not been approved. Needless to say, this is exceedingly unscholarly and dishonest behavior. I found Ahmed's book The War on Freedom to be informative, even though I consider that he didn't go nearly far enough. So I had no antagonism against Ahmed, who I was at least thankful for that he spoke out about more than most are willing to do.

But what about my above post is he so afraid of? Is he so intellectually insecure in his fallacious political position that he cannot stand an honest criticism of it? Apparently so. That is sad and unfortunate.


Regarding Anonymous's comments on the actual existence on Earth of the person known as Jesus Christ, the historicity of Jesus Christ has never been much in doubt by scholars (including non-Christians) other than with recent atheists with a skewed philosophical bone to pick and who don't hesitate to make fools out of themselves in the process. This modern charge of the non-historicity of Jesus is grounded on an a priori philosophical assumption--i.e., that an actual personage such as Jesus is impossible, therefore any historical evidence which confirms His place in actual history is *by definition* untrue.

But these same people are quite reluctant to actually flesh-out the necessary implications of this position (since doing so would reveal the absurdity of this position). Namely, that a massive conspiracy was instituted by (presumably) a break-away sect of Jews in an apparent effort to get themselves tortured and murdered by their fellow Jews and by the Roman government, willingly martyring themselves for a personage whom they knew to be a fictional creation of their own invention.

After all, it would be a number of centuries before people claiming the mantle of Christianity would actually come into power; the originators of this conspiracy had only to look forward to a life of suffering and being marginalized as (1) a heretical sect by the Jews (punishable by death, such as by stoning), and (2) a popular scapegoat by the Roman government (with such niceties awaiting as being fed to lions, burned alive as living torches, crucifixion, etc.). And moreover, that this conspiracy could somehow overtake the Western world without leaving the slightest historical trace of its mechinations in inventing a fictional character which it represented as a historical person--that this somehow all managed to occur without the early Christian-conspirators' many violently hostile enemies ever bothering to make note of the Christian-conspirators' invented fiction.

The following are some first century non-Christian sources which corroborate the historicity of Jesus Christ: Josephus, the Talmud, Thallus, Mara Bar-Serapion, etc.

Jesus lived His public life in the land of Palestine under the Roman rule of Tiberius (A.D. 14-37). There are *three possible* Roman historical sources for Tiberius's reign written prior to A.D. 200: Tacitus (A.D. 55-117), Suetonius (A.D. 70-160), and Velleius Paterculus (a contemporary). There are two Jewish historical resources that describe events of this period: Josephus (A.D. 37-c. 100), writing in Greek, and the Rabbinical writings (compilation of the Talmud started c. A.D. 70 from the oral form prior to that time).

Of these writings, we would *not* expect Velleius to have a reference to Jesus (i.e., the events were happening outside of Velleius's home area during his life; Velleius [c. 19 B.C.-c. A.D. 31] was a contemporary of Jesus who likely died before Jesus's crucifixion). Of the remaining Roman historians--Tacitus and Suetonius--we have references to Jesus. Thus, we have an amazing fact: *all* the relevant non-Jewish historical sources mention Jesus! (Notice that this is the *opposite* situation than is commonly assumed: "If Jesus was so important, why didn't more historians write about Him?" In this case, *they all did!*)

Of the Jewish resources--Josephus and the Rabbinical writings (i.e., the Talmud, and the Midrash)--both make clear references to the existence of Jesus. So *all* the Jewish historical sources refer to Jesus Christ.

The above three paragraphs only concern the standard Roman histories of Tiberius's reign and the standard Jewish historical sources written prior to A.D. 200. Other non-Christian historical sources writing prior to A.D. 200 which independently confirm the Gospels include Pliny the Younger (Roman governor of Bithynia), Lucian of Samosata, the Greek historian Phlegon, the historian Thallus, the Greek writer Celsus, Mara Bar-Serapion, etc. Most of these sources were actively hostile to Christianity.

"Terrorism is the health of the State."--James Redford, author of "Jesus Is an Anarchist," June 1, 2006

I recommend everyone to

I recommend everyone to listen to the talk from Nafeez Ahmed.  He puts 9/11 into the over arching problems that all free men and women face.

WWII changed the world, and the victors of that war have been reaping the spoils of war ever since.

1945-present is the Age of Deceit... The US won the war and adopted the methods of our enemies of that brutal war.


Quite right "imgstacke": The Tyranny of Liberalism

[One of our most talented authors in the world today, ladies and germs, may I present Israel Shamir]

The Tyranny of Liberalism
By Israel Shamir

A Talk given at the conference on Religion in the International Relations: Liberalism and Tradition, International Relations Faculty, St Petersburg State University,
24 November 2006

"American Liberalism is a militant ideology less prone to compromise than Soviet Communism"

· Human rights OR denial of Collective Rights.
· Minority Rights OR denial of Majority Rights.
· Non-governmental ownership of media OR exclusive right of Capital to form public opinion.
· Women rights and protection OR dissolution of family.
· Homosexual unions OR denial of the sanctity of marriage
· Antiracism OR denial of “the need for roots” in Weil’s terms.
· Economic self-reliance, OR ban on social mutual help (in theological terms agape and charity)
· Separation of Church and State OR freedom for anti-Christian propaganda and a ban on Christian mission in the public sphere.
· Public elections of government («democracy»), limited by voters’ conformity to the liberal paradigm, OR denial of authentic self-determination.

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I just finished watching

I just finished watching this video and I am absolutely spell-bound. I have read Ruppert and Tarpley and listened to Alex Jones and Hufschmid/Smith -- all of the different groups that have a certain theory or viewpoint. This young man integrates them all! -- which is absolutely key. We have these division wars: oh it was Bush, it was the Israelis, it was Cheney, the CIA, NATO..... It is all of them working in concert! This young man is integrating, people. He integrates the CFR, CIA, Wall Street, Iran, China, Russia, Israel, Bush, Cheney, the Rothschilds, petrodollars, pipelines, the US military, the neocons, electronic voting, illegal immigration, the lies of Giuliani McCain and Hillary, the war in Iraq, the invasion hype of Iran. All of these issues are important, all of them are important individually -- but what is more important than the pieces is the WHOLE. They all fit together in this puzzle Nafeez has come closer to solving than any one of us. And 9/11 is the key, the clinch, the pin that unites and reveals how everything is operating and coming together. I am absolutely amazed. I always knew that Ruppert was on to something, Tarpley was on to something, Alex Jones was on to something, Hufschmid/Smith were on to something. All of them had latched on to some piece of the puzzle.... When we bring all of those pieces together like Nafeez has done, we see what is REALLY going on. We no longer have to see Bush, Cheney, Kissinger, et al as evil minions who worship Satan. We can now view them in this all-encompassing paradigm which does not reduce all of the key players to satanic motives. There IS a global war brewing.... Diplomatic and economic warfare are the primary modes through which tensions are being let out, but guns missiles and nukes will come out if those options fail. We live in a global community here on Earth which has become more integrated than ever ever before. In the 1940s you could have a world war raging, but live in Africa or Mexico and not be affected. This is no longer the case! Our globe is connected economically and militarily as never before.

I am rambling because I'm so energized.... I am just astounded.

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whoops, sorry -- didn't mean to post under this blog entry -- it was meant for "FalseFlagNews radio host DL Abrahamson's speech at DC911Truth conference" and it now appears there

That was a great post!

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"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

New "Five Dancing Israelis" article on What Really Happened

Very comprehensive article about those Israelis arrested on 9/11!

Garcia springs legs

Now that Manuel Garcia Jr. has debunked the 911 demolition theories (sic), he has decided he should become a political critic. Actually, he writes a good column here, but funny thing is how he has moved on from trying to defend his critics, as if they didn't exist.

Bush Silences a Dangerous Witness

Like a blue-blood version of a Mob family with global reach, the Bushes have eliminated one more key witness to the important historical events that led the U.S. military into a bloody stalemate in Iraq and pushed the Middle East to the brink of calamity....

What I Learned from 9-11 Conspiracy Theories.

What I Learned from 9-11 Conspiracy Theories.

# The U.S. is actually quite popular worldwide; so much so, in fact, that its government must create artificial terrorist organizations to attack it. Left to their own devices, everybody else pretty much respects Americans and leaves them alone.
# It takes the complacency or cooperation of the world\\\'s largest superpower to hijack a defenseless civilian aircraft.
# If you believe what your government tells you about 9-11, you are part of the conspiracy or, at least, part of \\\"the problem.\\\" But if you accuse people at all levels of the government, including the U.S. military, of planning and carrying out the largest terrorist attack on U.S. soil, killing thousands of civilians, then you are a patriot.
# The large fireballs seen at the WTC impacts look like napalm explosions, so it was probably a napalm bomb that actually caused the damage. Of course, napalm being jellied fuel, and jet aircraft being full of fuel, you can see the vast difference there.
# The WTC towers fell in what was obviously a controlled demolition. The largest, messiest, deadliest, most witnessed, most mismanaged, most ill-timed, most poorly executed, and most uncontrolled controlled demolition in history.
# Even though our civilian airliner pilots had been trained to cooperate with hijackers and not try to physically resist, and even though short knives and box cutters were allowed in carry-on luggage, we shouldn\\\'t believe the absurd claim that four or five strong and very determined men armed with knives and a fanatic eagerness to die killing Americans could take over an unlocked cockpit.
# Several of the hijackers are still alive, and apparently are living well.
# The government planted explosives at the exact aircraft impact sites of the Pentagon and both WTC towers, the explosives and activity surrounding their placement went completely unnoticed, the rigging of the explosives was unharmed by the aircraft impacts, and they went off exactly when planned.
# Somehow orchestrating the hijacking of multiple airliners to have them crash at explosive-rigged sites was more effective than just setting off the explosives by themselves in the first place.
# Those plane crashes were like so totally fake cuz they were so totally unlike all the real fiery passenger jet crashes into buildings I\\\'ve seen in real life.
# When you refer to the planes, say \\\"alleged aircraft.\\\" When referring to the terrorists, say \\\"alleged terrorists.\\\" Because not only can we not be sure they even existed, but also, \\\"alleged\\\" has such a nice, objective ring to it.
# The plane-shaped holes in the WTC towers were an absurdity, like a cat-shaped hole in a fence in a Tom and Jerry cartoon, because the planes would have either smashed to pieces against the building and fallen straight down to the street below, or flown right through the building (making a cartoon-like hole) and emerged out the other side relatively intact.
# Cries of \\\"Death to America!\\\" and \\\"America is the Great Satan!\\\" by Islamic extremists are all part of our government\\\'s plan for world domination. Left to themselves, the so-called \\\"extremists\\\" are actually quite pleasant, simple folk (but very good actors).
# The rigged explosives in the upper floors of WTC2 were powerful enough to collapse a skyscraper, but not powerful enough to instantly kill Kevin Cosgrove, on floor 105, who was talking on the phone with a fire dispatcher and managed to blurt out three words between the time of the \\\"explosion\\\" and the collapse that killed him.
# The meandering directions of the hijacked aircrafts\\\' flight paths were all part of well-planned routes, and not due to the terrorist pilots flying and navigating a large, real, multi-engine passenger jet for the first time.
# Our service men and women chose not to shoot down the planes or protect the Pentagon and WTC because they were part of the conspiracy, and they\\\'re not speaking out because they\\\'ve been bought off. Better still, NORAD actually sent the remote-controlled aircraft into their targets.
# A black helicopter was hovering over the WTC South Tower before, during, and after the crashes, and the floor that was on fire the most must have had barrels and barrels of a crude oil-diesel mixture that was remotely ignited to ensure a hiding place for the helicopter which is the only thing that could explain black sooty smoke coming from an office building filled with office supplies, and the people working on that floor didn\\\'t notice the barrels and barrels of oil and went about their daily routine, and nobody working security or janitorial in the building noticed black-suited men rolling barrels of crude oil on the elevators, all to hide the black helicopter because we all know what black helicopters do. Seriously!
# If a large, thin-skinned aircraft impacts the side of a thick concrete building at 400mph, and only small pieces of the aircraft are found outside on the lawn, then it\\\'s obvious the pieces were planted there, and a plane didn\\\'t crash at all.
# The shape of the Pentagon and the approach path of the aircraft are Illuminati symbols. \\\'Nuff said.
# Although the 1993 WTC bombing was obviously the work of terrorists, the idea that the 2001 attacks were perpetrated by terrorists is ludicrous.
# Because the shape of the impact holes in the WTC towers and the Pentagon don\\\'t match what I think the shape of the planes should be, then it must have been some other type of craft that did the damage, in spite of all of the eyewitness reports and physical evidence to the contrary. Which means that, since the alleged hijacked aircraft are, indeed, missing, and the passengers on said aircraft are, indeed, missing, then the government must have landed those passenger jets in secret somewhere, removed the people, killed them, dismembered them, sprinkled their remains around the crash sites somehow, and destroyed/hid the aircraft somewhere else. Masterful. Much more convincing than just actually crashing the planes into the buildings in the first place.
# The same nefarious conspirators that pulled off the single largest concerted suicide attack in history forgot to make a hole in the Pentagon to help fake the airliner impact site.
# The images and other references of the WTC on pre-9-11 terrorism reports and books reveals a casual, open foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks, and in no way could possibly ever ever refer to the largest pre-9-11 foreign terrorist attack on U.S. soil, the 1993 WTC parking garage bombing.
# Of course, if the shadow government could pull off the 9-11 attacks, then plotting the 1993 WTC attack would have been child\\\'s play.
# Incompetence, being unprepared, not foreseeing events, rushed decisions, finger pointing, blame trading, and hysteria equal \\\"conspiracy.\\\"
# More information only muddles \\\"the truth:\\\" The most accurate and complete reports of any disaster are from selections of the first hurried reports, not from more complete, thoughtful analysis and more thorough eyewitness reports that come later.
# Of all the types of aircraft described by witnesses at the WTC and Pentagon, we should choose to believe only the ones that fit our theories, not the ones that describe actual planes that are missing that contained actual passengers who are missing and whose body parts and DNA were found at the crash sites and whose planes were tracked to impact.
# When some eyewitnesses at the WTC describe a really big noise as an \\\"explosion,\\\" we should believe them, and not our own eyes that saw floors pancaking on each other, ejecting debris out the windows. And we should believe their assessment of the \\\"explosions\\\" because, you know, of their experience discriminating between the sounds of some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world collapsing and explosions 80 stories up.
# When we hear witnesses describing \\\"something like a bomb going off\\\" in the Pentagon, we should ignore subsequent (and concurrent) eyewitness reports of a rather large passenger jet flying into exactly the same spot, and ignored reports and photos of engines, landing gear, other aircraft parts, aircraft passengers, and other debris being found on and in the site, and absolutely no evidence of any explosive.
# When pointing out how a B-25 flew into the Empire State Building in 1945, but the building easily survived and didn\\\'t collapse, we should disregard how much smaller the B-25 is than a 767, the amount of fuel that each contains, and that the ESB was constructed largely of concrete (like, say, the Pentagon).
# Any videos of the crashes that surface more than a day or two after the event are obviously computer-generated fakes, because the time it took to create the fake videos explains why they weren\\\'t immediately released. Because everyone knows that if someone takes home video of a disaster, they run straight to a media outlet to share it with the rest of the world.
# The same government conspirators who plotted this complex event didn\\\'t prepare fake videos ahead of time. They waited until the events happened to prepare the computer-generated fakery, which delayed their release until a cloud of suspicion could fall on their authenticity.
# No buildings in history ever fell because of fire until 9-11. And if the WTC towers were the first modern, steel structures to collapse by fire, it is not a testament to the intelligent engineering put into the design of skyscrapers in general, but only evidence that the WTC was brought down by other means. No, I don\\\'t mean by airplanes filled with thousands of pounds of fuel ramming into them, I mean by a bomb. Yes!
# Steel supports must liquify at their melting point of 3000°F in order to weaken and fail, and everything that metalurgists and engineers have told us about heat of only about 700°Fweakening steel is false, and for thousands of years, metal workers like blacksmiths and armorers have just had it all wrong, because they only needed large blast furnaces, spigots, and molds to form horseshoes, swords, and plowshares from liquid metal, and they didn\\\'t need a hammer and anvil, as you see in Hollywood movies\\\' special effects.
# If a large plane crashes into a large skyscraper and starts a raging fire inside, then a woman later waves from the outside edge of a lower part of the huge jagged entry hole, then that\\\'s proof that the fire inside isn\\\'t actually all that hot.
# Although a simple concrete barrier can sucker punch a dump truck to a dead stop and virtually atomize a fighter jet, we should expect the impact site of a passenger jet on the world\\\'s largest reinforced concrete building to be marked by a plane-shaped hole in the wall.
# When actor Charlie Sheen says that the U.S. government was behind the attacks, and that \\\"We\\\'re not the conspiracy theorists on this particular issue,\\\" we should believe him because he is a \\\"highly credible public figure\\\" who is a star on the current hit comedy show \\\"Two and a Half Men.\\\" And his stammering, \\\"The more you look at stuff, especially specific incidents, specific events, in or around the fateful day, it just-- it just raises a lot of questions\\\" makes you realize just how articulate he is, and how Tom \\\"You don\\\'t know...psychiatry--I do\\\" Cruise could take debating pointers from him.
# Most of the WTC towers\\\' exterior was glass; most of the Pentagon\\\'s exterior was thick concrete. Naturally, we should expect them to be affected by aircraft impacts the same way.
# If there is disagreement on the approach angle and bank of the plane hitting the Pentagon in an official report and from online bloggers, then we can safely assume that the plane, in fact, did not exist.
# When pointing out how the FAA rule allowing pilots to fly armed was rescinded two months before 9-11, we should ignore the fact that at the time, no pilots were taking advantage of the rule, and we should not jump to the conclusion that the repeal is any different than businesses or schools banning employees from carrying firearms.
# It doesn\\\'t make sense that remains of the hijackers and passengers, who hit the sides of mostly open-spaced office buildings at hundreds of miles an hour and ejected out the other side, were some of the first remains discovered, and not under thousands of tons of rubble straight down. The body parts must have been planted on streets, on the roofs of buildings, and through broken windows by burglars. Or something.
# If people aren\\\'t listening to my theories, then maybe shouting them in eye-searing hot pink will do the trick.
# Disagreement between government reports and eyewitness accounts do not mean that the individuals witnessed the same event; they only mean that the accounts that don\\\'t agree with my paranoid point of view are lies as part of the government cover-up, are mass hallucinations, or, just to be thorough, both.
# Since verbose, difficult-to-read scientific reports contradict my claims of conspiracy, I\\\'ll use a different approach: Nothing says \\\"Science\\\" like lots of photos, drawings, and short captions in a PowerPoint or Flash animation backed by spooky \\\"conspiracy music.\\\"
# If video is poor quality, or with low frame rates (like with a surveilance film), it must be fake.
# The WTC towers fell straight down (more or less), which proves that it was a controlled demolition. If it were a true building falling down, it would have fallen over like a popsicle stick.
# Although video clearly shows smoke and debris being blown out the pancaking WTC upper floors as the floors collapse against each other, but video of planned, controlled building demolitions clearly shows bright flashes of explosions before the building begins collapsing, the explosives planted in the towers must be some new super-secret kind because the explosive effect obviously goes back in time and starts the collapse of the building before the explosions throw stuff out the windows. So now there\\\'s the whole \\\"Government Stuff Can Travel Through Time\\\" consipiracy, and don\\\'t get me started.
# George W. Bush is at once America\\\'s most deviously intelligent autocrat and its most stupidest president ever.
# When an eyewitness describes a loud sound or strong, sudden vibration as \\\"like a bomb,\\\" it means unequivocally that it was a bomb, because, you know, people have so much experience identifying bomb noises versus nearby passenger jet crashes.
# If I am on the faculty of a university, and I use the university\\\'s good name and my position in the university as a crutch to substantiate my claims of a 9-11 mega-conspiracy, expecting my learned colleagues to believe and support me, I will get a harsh dose of reality when I am slapped down to administrative leave as my continued employment at said university is reconsidered.
# 99.9% of the world\\\'s top engineers, architects, physicists, and chemists are all wrong, and I am right, because I read the Intarweb and I am so smart.
# If I repeat the same absurd claims enough times, they will become truth: There are over 6.5 billion people in the world, and about 1.1 billion of those people use the Internet. Chances are, I could claim anything on the Web, and at a million-to-one odds, over a thousand people would believe me. In the age of the Internet, that makes me an expert.
# I can\\\'t be wrong because thousands of people believe my theories. But you can be wrong even though hundreds of millions believe you, because we all know there are millions of stupid people in the world.
# Any information that comes from the government is suspect, because everybody knows that \\\"the government\\\" is one vast conspiracy utterly controlled by a small number of evil-doers, not made up of millions of honest, hard-working people, at all levels of bureaucracy, of all ages, of all parties, of all walks of life, each fighting in their own way for truth, justice, and the American way.
# The jets that crashed were not piloted by hijackers, but by \\\"advanced robotics and remote-control technology.\\\" So the video footage of \\\"men of middle-eastern descent\\\" boarding each of the aircraft was falsified, the cockpit voice recordings were falsified, the ground service crew, mechanics, and flight crew of the four aircraft didn\\\'t notice any of the advancedroboticsandremotecontroltechnology while prepping the aircraft, body parts of known terrorists were planted at the crash sites, the live phone conversations between crew, passengers, and their loved ones on the ground were implanted memories and falsified recordings, and the Flight 93 passengers actually wrestled with some hidden robotic equipment, not terrorists.
# \\\"The 9/11 hijacking attacks were very likely facilitated by a rogue group within the US government that created an Islamic terrorist \\\'Pearl Harbor\\\' event as a catalyst for the military invasion of Middle Eastern countries.\\\" You know, because that strategy has worked so well in the past. And no it is not shameful to mention \\\"conspiracy\\\" and \\\"Pearl Harbor\\\" in the same breath.
# The government has a track record of blowing up its own buildings to push its own nefarious agenda, like they did in the Oklahoma City bombing and the 1993 WTC attack, because, you know, those attacks enabled the government to, you know,... do stuff, and stuff. So you can see this isn\\\'t a new idea for them.
# If I cave in to the majority and concede that the planes did, in fact, exist, then quibbling about the degrees of bank or impact angles or other meaningless trifles will somehow vindicate me.
# If other conspiracy theorists make claims that are later widely disbelieved even in the conspiracy theory community, then it\\\'s not that fellow conspiracy theorists are wrong, it\\\'s that it was sinister counter-intelligence trying to undermine the \\\"9/11 truth movement\\\" with claims so absurd that it compromises the efficacy of the whole. Seriously.
# Confusion of timelines and action reports at the time of the largest modern enemy attack on the United States were intentionally deceptive, and not the result of actual confusion, inconsistent memories, or finger pointing that usually accompany failures of intelligence.
# The 9-11 attacks and the related misinformation/propaganda campaign were designed by the government to precipitate the lingering war in Iraq, so that we could get thousands of our men and women killed and thousands of Iraqi civilians killed to make the U.S. more popular and make the current administration more popular, which has worked like a charm.
# The Pentagon fire owed much of its smoke to an emergency generator near the crash site that was remotely detonated, it\\\'s suspicious that an emergency generator would have a large extra fuel tank next to it, and the WTC was only made of steel and concrete, with little to no combustible materials inside like carpet, desks, electronics and electrical cables, cubicle walls, file cabinet contents, storage rooms, and pens.
# When an \\\"earwitness\\\" to the Flight 93 crash claims she didn\\\'t hear a crash, but instead heard \\\"an explosion, like an atomic bomb,\\\" we should believe her, because of her experience discriminating between the sounds of large passenger jets hitting the ground at high speed and the detonation of atomic weapons.
# Cory Lidle\\\'s plane crash into an apartment building proves that the WTC should have survived a similar attack. Because although both planes were vastly different in size, mass, fuel load, and speed, and although the buildings were vastly different in structure, they both happened in New York City.
# It\\\'s somehow productive to pontificate ad nauseum about whether there was a napalm bomb, or a missile, or a pod, or a whatever, attached under a passenger jet, since we all know how much more explosive power would be added by attaching something like that to a civilian jet already full of thousands of pounds of fuel.
# It goes without saying (but I\\\'ll say it anyway) that any web pages that poke fun at conspiracy theories are a part of the conspiracy itself. Surely no right-thinking person could doubt and preach against the conspiracies by their own free will.
# If I e-mail the author of a web site that pokes fun at my conspiracy theories, I will write masterfully persuasive arguments for several pages, taking an entire evening of my time, making the text flow juuust right, and when he gets the e-mail he will read it all and will naturally be persuaded to see the error of his ways. After seeing how much work I put into it, he wouldn\\\'t just delete it without reading past the first ranting line. He just wouldn\\\'t.
# People will see what they want to see, and believe what they want to believe. Because rubbing someone\\\'s face in their own absurd beliefs only makes them close their eyes tighter, the claims in this list will continue to be believed by many. To all others: May our future rest in your capable hands.

now did you come up with

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