A Call For Confession

Daniel Ellsberg has called on current administration figures to expose the planning and implementation of a nuclear attack on Iran, which Ellsberg says is immanent:

He asks in this paper that someone risk his or her own career to expose this, just as he himself did with the Pentagon papers back in the 1970s.

Similarly, many who know how the 9-11 attack was orchestrated must now feel horrified at their own role in it, whether active or passive. After seeing video of people jumping out of the Twin Towers, how can Mr. Silverstein digest his food, for example? How can Rudy Giuliani sleep at night? These people are human like the rest of us, and so they all have consciences.

The only way to heal their own consciences will be by confessing and telling all that they know. This will however be a difficult task, not least due to the question: Whom to tell? Will our Department of Justice, for example, act on the confession, or suppress it?

I hope such people consider carefully how and where to confess so that the action is effective. If they have documentation proving what they know, one hopes they can duplicate it several times and send it to trusted people who will know what to do with it.

Good blog Student

Perhaps one way of getting someone to tell what he knows would be freedom from prosecution and entry into the witness protection program, if necessary.

Unfortunately, all the Whistle-blowers have ended up losing their jobs or in some other trouble.

Then there is the question about who in the high places really cares ? Did you hear anything about 9/11 during the last election ? NO

Did the elected officials ask Mr. Gates if he believed that a passenger airliner crashed into the Pentagon before they approved him Secretary of Defense? NO

I once took an oath to do my duty to God and Country. I am doing that. I can't be held accountable for things that I cannot change but I can be held accountable for the things that I can change and have to do my best to change the things that I can.

Thanks, Tom...

My hope is that this suggestion gets passed around. I think some who were in on 911 may even read this blog. I would bet that the event remains imprinted in their minds, as an obsession.

In other words, I imagine many who know what happened and/or were directly involved now feel pretty queasy about it. Don't you suppose some are in a crisis of remorse? Let's pass around the urging that they come clean. Otherwise their conscience will not allow them any peace.

You point out: "Unfortunately, all the Whistle-blowers have ended up losing their jobs or in some other trouble." Dan Ellsberg knew he faced that and did his whistleblowing anyway. He could not keep the lid on what he felt was official malfeasance. He willingly faced prison, and avoided serving time on a technicality.

As for who in the higher ups cares about 911 truth, clearly we can't wait for them to care. It's the people who need to care and to demand an adequate response. That's our role, to generate that. Right? To get the word out.

We need more people like

We need more people like Kevin Ryan! Of course he never did anything evil, he would have been a good man who saw evil and did nothing if he hadn't come forward with what he knew.

If i had to pick

my #1 worst fear it is that Iran is nuked. Several writers have been making this claim over at antiwar.com and, although most of my friends view me as all doom and gloom, it is the only thing that makes any sense to me when you attempt to figure out exactly what our endgame could possibly be with Iran.

i sometimes have trouble wrapping my mind around the depth of this crisis - and therein lies the strength of these evil men. their crimes are so staggering that most americans cannot even comprehend them.

If I had to pick...

I agree with your comment John, and must admit that doom and gloom isn't a popular position right now. I hope we're wrong and things cool down. Once the pin is pulled, it's very hard to put things right. Cross your fingers and have a beer. It ain't over yet.

I'll match your nuke and

I'll match your nuke and raise you a false flag.

That's how I see it happening--got to still claim the moral high ground see? But since the rest of the West WILL NOT be amused with whomever breaks the nuke taboo, you nuke your own troops, blame it on Iran, then you get the political capitol for nuking Tehran.

It's either that, or withdraw in disgrace(Ha!), or the public relations disaster of a draft(HA!HA!).

Now that I've been a ray of sunshine, I will point to the silver lining: on FRONTLINE tonight they basiclly showed how Cheney forced Tenet to lie about Iraq so he and Bush could have a war. It looks like someone, at least in public telly, feels safe enough letting Dick swing in the breeze. So maybe there's a chance they could be forced to "declare victory" and come home.

Lets hope.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

This looks right, Andrew...

...on both fronts: amnesty, and evident need for an international court. We especially need international experts, since so many of our science experts seem willing to tow the official line over what they know to be true. They are willing to lie, for some reason.

But how would an international tribunal come about? I don't think we have any such mechanism in the Constitution or anywhere else in the structure of our laws.

If that is correct then all we have is people. That means us. Let's get the word out. The more awareness the better.

Your statement that "No US or British investigation is going to find the perps..." also looks as though right to me, but hopeless.

The thing that I cling to is that the Watergate proceedings worked well. Maybe that gives reason for hope.

In any case, I can't stop trying to get this thing set right, or at least, better recognized. If this can happen, what can't.

I would suggest that someone with knowledge

take a vacation to Germany and file a friend of the court brief in one of the lawsuits there, thus taking advantage of an ongoing legal case.

I think the Germans would be the most amenable for this and the person or persons should be able to get safe haven status from Germany.

IMO This is only likely to occur when 9/11 Truth is about to break into the MSM, however, when the person feels they have no other option to avoid being found complicit in 9/11.

2007 is going to be a very interesting year.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Can you imagine an attack that's not nuclear?

I just don't see how even the most delusional Bushie could possibly think we have the resources for anything other than a devastating attack from a remote location, with very, very few people on the ground (ie, the ones who are already there, sneaking around.) I suppose it could be a conventional bomb attack, but my own suspicion is that Israel will be the one to wield the nukes, since they're in a position to claim a sort of "self-defense" justification and mitigate the absolute horror and outrage that will follow.

We don't have the troops...

...for anything else. Ellsberg, at least, is convinced that these plans are in the later stages.

My response is to urge those in on the 911 plot to expose it, thereby sacrificing their careers and perhaps more than that. I hope that they will think through what they and everyone else stands to lose otherwise.

If 911 were exposed, the distractions facing the Administration would be too grand for starting any new wars -- or at least, so I hope. Anyway, what other strategy can we devise? This is our only option, as far as I can tell.

"My response is to urge

"My response is to urge those in on the 911 plot to expose it, thereby sacrificing their careers and perhaps more than that. I hope that they will think through what they and everyone else stands to lose otherwise."

This made me flash back to the TV series "The Prisoner". I was always annoyed they never said what secrets No.6 had that got him stuck in The Village, even in series finale when he escapes. Now I see that was a stroke of brilliance; whatever secrets the writers could imagine would take away from the timeless message about state power and espionage. And from the graphic novel epiloge:

Friend: How do you know your secrets are still safe?
No.6: Because if they weren't, none of us would be here.

Except real life is different, innit? To save the world these people have to EXPOSE all their secrets, not hide them.

Well, that's me.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.


I have the same view..... the draft isn't going to fly round here..... If they really want to go into Iran it would be by bomb.

If nukes drop..... this world will never be the same..... the nukes we have now are 100 times stronger then the ones we originally dropped.

Good thing our leaders have a safe place to stay....

How bad do they wat to have their optimum world population of 500,000 people?
"Georgia Guidestones"

Think again. We have nukes

Think again. We have nukes of all shapes and sizes. The nuclear weapons used on Iranian sites would be "tactical". That is, small enough not to cause mass casualties, but powerful enough to completely obliterate the sites. The tactical nuclear missiles would penetrate into the earth and then explode.

The problem with this is the Iranians would never, never take this sitting down.

"The problem with this is

"The problem with this is the Iranians would never, never take this sitting down."

It isn't a "problem"--it's just common sense: what sane person functional person WOULD take an unprovocked attack sitting down?

I understand what you're saying though--retaliation will be used by the greater power(the US) to justify further attacks God knows where. This is the strange logic of "power worshipers": those with more power, even if they are abusing it, can convince other power worshipers that the self-defense of the weak is an attack.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

notice.... it's the aipac


it's the aipac lobby that wants war with iran-----

now that baker is running things

there will be no war with iran

Hey, did you see David

Hey, did you see David Zucker's propaganda on youtube comparing Ahmadinejad to Hitler? Lots of young people are eating it up, unfortunately.

Re: now that baker is running things...

Friend, good point. But do remember how they treated Colin Powell -- who is no saint... but he is at least cut out of better fabric than these seem to be. It is possible for a president to marginalize his own Sec'ty of State. We've seen it happen.

Of course, Baker is Sec'ty of Defence, and that does make him harder to marginalize on this one...

Back to the topic: This 911 truth will not break open without people telling what they know, and showing what they know. That amounts to confessions and/or 'illegally' publicizing incriminating proofs -- documents, tapes, and whatever else, in one's possession. Surely not all of these got destroyed in WTC 7, viz, NORAD planning, FEMA orders, FBI logs, WTC security company records, and so on.

Let's find ways to urge those in the know to tell. Since all these folks are human, many will surely be living in a hell of concience, due to what they did and/or know.

Telling about it, effectively, will start the process of their own healing, I do believe and propose. If any of them happens to read this, I do suppose they will agree immediately.

We on the 9-11 truth side can and should offer them a helping hand, to the extent we can. We do that by urging that they tell. That is the purpose of my post.