It Wasn't Iran

Given that anyone who is paying attention knows that the U.S. and/or Israel will carry out a false flag attack and blame it on Iran in order to justify an invasion, how about putting the phrase "IT WASN'T IRAN" on bumper stickers, freeway blogs, etc.? Then someone could put up a website,, that explains the basics of false flags, Ron Paul and Zbig's warnings about a false flag being used to justify the Iran invasion, and explaining why Iran wouldn't attack us?

If enough people get this up and off the ground right away, could it help spill the beans enough that the neocons will think twice about doing it?

Good idea or bad idea? Who's got a better idea?

At the very least, for goodness sake, please put Ron Paul and Zbig's quotes on stickers, freeway blogs, etc.

Remember, biographers have uncovered the fact that Richard Nixon wanted to use nuclear weapons in Vietnam. What stopped him? He turned on his tv and saw hundreds of thousands of anti-war protesters. This stopped Nixon even though he said he didn't care what people thought.

You never know what an aroused citizenry can do.

yep. that recent attack on

yep. that recent attack on american troops in a "secure" zone that "could only have been Iran"? yep, not Iran but likely Iraqis with military training.

another good idea

It sure can't hurt. Since all the false-flag watchers seemed to have disappeared from the scene like FalseFlagNews and Capt. May's departure from Ghost Troop due to sickness.