Media Roots Radio- Osama’s Death, Police Power, Media Circus of 2012 Campaign Run-up

Media Roots Radio: Osama, Police Power, GOP & Obama's 2012 Campaign Run-up by Media Roots

MEDIA ROOTS- This episode covers new Bin Laden propaganda, the recent ruling giving police the power to break into homes without warrants and the media circus surrounding the GOP and Obama’s election run-up for 2012.

The 9/11 on 911 Campaign

The 9th anniversary of the 9/11 false flag attacks is nearly upon us. It's safe to assume that a huge number of truthers will be in NYC for the 10th anniversary, so let's make the 9th anniversary a big one in our home communities.

Truth Action Ottawa is producing nine hundred and eleven fliers and DVDs to hand out to members of our community on 9/11. We're issuing the challenge to all our fellow truth groups in every community across the globe to do likewise.

Working Draft - Misprision of Treason 9/11 Peace Action

This following is a working draft to propose to the 9/11 Truth Leader Teleconference group this Wednesday, and present as a final draft for support to the 9/11 truth community by the March 6th Conference in Pennsylvania - "Treason in America: 911, the Wars and Our Broken U.S. Constitution."

Please feel welcome to comment now on this following working draft for the campaign and action plan. The purpose is to highlight hard evidence of a 9/11 inside plot and cover-up, and threat to the US and world by its justification for false wars and destruction of the USA Republic and Constitution. Or it could be considered a campaign for the Misprision of a felony for crimes of murder or obstruction of justice.

Florida ballot

I just got my absentee Florida ballot, and I thought you might be interested in the list. I don't know if the names have been announced publicly, in Florida or elsewhere, but I do know that I have only heard of 5 out of the 13 of them, and that is only because I go to the US every summer. Here in Germany, I would only have heard of two. I'll have to google most of them. This shows how seriously our media take their job of informing the public.

Here is the list, and their party acronyms (all which I have not deciphered yet, either):

John McCain/Sarah Palin, REP
Barack Obama/Joe Biden DEM
Gloria La Riva/Eugene Puryear PS
Chuck Baldwin/Darrell Castle CPF
Gene Amondson/Leroy Pletten PRO
Bob Barr/Wayne A. Root LBT
Thomas Robert Stevens/Alden Link OBJ
James Harris/Alyson Kennedy SWP
Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente GRE
Alan Keyes/Brian Rohrbough AIP
Ralph Naden/Matt Gonzalez ECO
Brian Moore/Stewart Alexander SPF
Charles Jay/John Wayne Smith BTP

There is also a (very small) space for a Write-in candidate.

I believe Cynthia McKinney is the only "truth" candidate, but as I said, I have to google most of them.

Bob Bowman to Wisconsin State Legislators: Urge University to Re-Hire Kevin Barrett!

Former "Star Wars" Chief to State Legislators: Urge University to Re-Hire Kevin Barrett!

Contact: Kevin Barrett, 608-583-2132;

For Immediate Release - July 23, 2008


Dr. Kevin Barrett; 608-583-2132,

On Tuesday, July 29th, the head of the "Star Wars" space weapons program under two U.S. presidents, Dr. Robert Bowman, will ask State Legislators to request the re-instatement of Dr. Kevin Barrett as a University of Wisconsin instructor.

Col. Bowman, a rocket scientist with a doctorate from Cal Tech who flew 101 combat missions in Vietnam as a fighter pilot, will present his request to the legislature at a press conference in the State Capitol building, Room 330 Southwest, at 11 a.m. Tuesday 7/29/08.

Kevin Barrett, the target of a 2006 witch-hunt by State Rep. Steve Nass, has not been rehired at UW-Madison, despite his repeated applications for open positions, since he finished teaching his controversial Islam course in fall 2006. His most recent application, for the spring 2008 semester, was rejected in favor of a less-qualified and less-experienced applicant.

McCain asked about PNAC and 9/11 at town hall

McCain asked about PNAC and 9/11 at town hall
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Thursday July 10, 2008

During a town hall event in Portsmouth, OH on Wednesday, John McCain was asked by a member of the audience whether his links to the parent organization of the Project for a New American Century explain why he has been reluctant to support calls for a new investigation of 9/11.

The questioner began, "I was curious about a document. Back in September of 2000, the Project for a New American Century, or PNAC, whose members included Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush and Paul Wolfowitz, wrote a document entitled 'Rebuilding Americans Defenses.'"

911 Truthers and Ralph Nader: A Symbiotic Relationship

Picture this; Leaders of every major 911 Truth organization ( Architects and Engineers, Pilots for 911 Truth, Journal of 911 Studies, the crew of Loose Change, I'm talking everybody!) rallying the support of each and every voter in their following, and coming together ONLINE to make a united-voice appeal to Ralph Nader to incorporate 911 language and truth into his campaign. Our intention will be to hand to Ralph, on a silver platter, as he did for Kerry in the 2004 campaign, the issues that we the people believe will win this election for any candidate who can effectively make a show of force that his presidency would amount to a gutting of our current corrupt system.

How do we start? How do we convince Ralph that there are enough of us that would support his campaign that he would be persuaded? How do we time this effort with each of these organizations to make a convincing appeal to his campaign? We need someone like Ralph and he needs our demographic base to make the headlines and to qualify for the debates.

Denver Cops kick sign-toting librarian out of McCain Town Hall public space

This item was covered on MSNBC Countdown tonight at 8:43 EST
James Moore, contributor to Huffington Post was interviewed with scathing results by Rachel Maddow in for Olbermann.

On orders from Senator John McCain's security detail, Denver police escorted a 61-year-old woman away who was holding a sign "McCain = Bush"

UPI Report: "9/11 group mulls anti-Giuliani campaign"

9/11 group mulls anti-Giuliani campaign

NEW YORK, Nov. 17 (UPI) --

New York firefighters and families who lost relatives on Sept. 11, 2001, are considering campaigning against presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani.

They are considering forming a 527 committee that would run issue ads on the terrorist attacks, ABC News reported. Some of those affected by the attacks believe the former New York mayor is exploiting them in his presidential campaign.

"TV made him a hero, and we'll use TV to take him down," said New York Fire Chief Jim Riches, whose son was killed at the World Trade Center. "We don't want him running on 9/11 or the bodies of all these dead people or my dead son saying that he did a great job that day."

Riches and other members of the group plan to meet Monday at Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H., taking their message to the state that holds the first primary.

Be a 9/11 Truth Part of HuffPost's Online-Only Presidential Candidate Mashup

Be a Part of HuffPost's Online-Only Presidential Candidate Mashup

What's a candidate mashup? It's a new kind of campaign forum that will put you in charge of shaping exactly what kind of viewing experience you want to have -- from the questions that are asked to the way you can pick and choose the issues you want to hear about and the candidates you want to hear from.

Here's how it will work: Charlie Rose, armed with questions you have sent in, will have a conversation with each of the candidates (more on these questions in a minute). The intimacy that Charlie always brings to his conversations is the perfect compliment to the intimacy, directness, and authenticity that were the hallmark of so many of the public's YouTube questions.

After the candidates have finished talking, the video will be coded and put at your disposal -- empowering you to create the candidate mashups of your choosing.

It Wasn't Iran

Given that anyone who is paying attention knows that the U.S. and/or Israel will carry out a false flag attack and blame it on Iran in order to justify an invasion, how about putting the phrase "IT WASN'T IRAN" on bumper stickers, freeway blogs, etc.? Then someone could put up a website,, that explains the basics of false flags, Ron Paul and Zbig's warnings about a false flag being used to justify the Iran invasion, and explaining why Iran wouldn't attack us?

If enough people get this up and off the ground right away, could it help spill the beans enough that the neocons will think twice about doing it?

Good idea or bad idea? Who's got a better idea?

At the very least, for goodness sake, please put Ron Paul and Zbig's quotes on stickers, freeway blogs, etc.

Remember, biographers have uncovered the fact that Richard Nixon wanted to use nuclear weapons in Vietnam. What stopped him? He turned on his tv and saw hundreds of thousands of anti-war protesters. This stopped Nixon even though he said he didn't care what people thought.

You never know what an aroused citizenry can do.

Oklahoma News Papers to run 9/11 Truth Ad

What follows is the first in a series of campaign ads that will run next week in the Oklahoma City Gazette news paper, circulation of 55,500. A PDF of this is also attached to this Blog entry. Please support Matthew Woodson here:

Matthew Woodson
Independent Candidate
US House 5th District of Oklahoma

Paid for by Woodson to Washington

9/11/01 an inside job?

By MATTHEW HORTON WOODSON, ‘Independent’ U.S. Congressional Candidate

It’s highly possible; so what can you do about it? First, research the facts yourself; secondly, vote November 7 as if our country depends on you.

This past February I first witnessed the collapse of the 3rd World Trade Center building. The 47-story World Trade Center 7 (WTC7) collapsed about 5:20pm on 9/11 at near free fall speed in what appears to be controlled demolition (explosives). After months of research I now have no doubt that domestic criminals were involved with 9/11.

Before February, I had never heard of WTC7; that’s because, unlike the twin towers, the media practically censored any coverage of it. If you haven’t heard of WTC7 you’re not alone; I asked former Attorney General John Ashcroft about WTC7, he said “knew very little about it”; Congressman Frank Lucas is also “unaware” of it.