Paula Zahn covers 9/11 truth on CNN!

Investigative journalist Christopher Bollyn is interviewed by Paula Zahn on CNN regarding 9/11 and anti-semitism. Bollyn claims not to be anti-Semitic just a critic of zionist polices. Note how they attempt to negate his statement and smear him.

Audio file of the entire interview:


I saw the video and listen to the audio . Bollyn should had known that he was going to get smeared. He might some of the facts right, but it will almost never get exposed, unless they dicredit your character like they did.. Exposing Bollyn point of view in which I support some aspects will be hard.. For the information to get out with no zionist involvment is slim to none . Imagine saying the possiblity That there could be a Zionist involvment on 911 exposing that in the main stream media would be virtually zero.

It goes nowhere and helps nothing, IMO

Jumping to the Zionist conclusion takes us down a rat-hole. Even using the word takes us down a rat-hole. Let's ask for a decent investigation, without loading it with preconceived suspicions.

Anyway, why not say "rogue elements in the Israeli government," as the suspicion, if a person must mention it at all -- just as we'd say about our own CIA, or our own government? For instance, isn't GWB a Methodist? Should we therefore speak of a possible Methodist plot?

The Zionist term is just loaded. Let's drop it, folks, if we want to go anywhere with 9-11 truth.

I agree!

All this stuff is interesting, but is it helpful at this point?

Personally, I think if we stick to exposing the official story does not obey "the laws of physics". We can not lose, unless we give up! Let science be the judge!

Once we get an investigation going. Then these other worm holes can be investigated with sincerity. Well hopefully sincere anyway.

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"