Report from the Giuliani protest in Sacramento

Saturday, Feb 10, 2007

Thanks to 911blogger member Randy for alerting me that Rudy Giuliani was in town today. I read the news shortly after waking up, and had enough time to put together a sign and get downtown. The sign reads as follows (It was Ken Eichler's idea.)

RUDY, WHO TOLD YOU THE TOWERS WOULD FALL? (Search YouTube for "Giuliani 9/11")

There was a protest being organized by local talk show host Christine Craft, and she had some amusing signs made that read "Hey Rudy, Surge This!" The 50 or so people who showed up were more focused on anti-war than pro-Truth. Nevertheless I got compliments on my sign, and got the impression that many of them already knew about 9/11. I also got a chance to hand out a lot of literature.

One of the highlights was walking by the hotel where the California republican convention was being held and showing my sign to the guests through the large windows. They were queued in a narrow hallway next to the sidewalk and couldn't miss me. Needless to say, I didn't get many thumbs up from them.

I stayed until about 15 minutes after Rudy was scheduled to speak. That was about as long as my sign lasted in the wind and rain. I didn't get a chance to greet the former mayor, so maybe he arrived the night before.

Thanks to the Sacramento police for the respectful treatment.

great job man. we have to

great job man. we have to follow this scumbag everywhere.

RUDY DID 911!! that wouldve

RUDY DID 911!!

that wouldve got his attention...

David Rockefeller on

David Rockefeller on Guliani's performance on 9/11:

Skip to around 55:30

Here's a snippet:
"...I do think that the way Mayor Guliani handled the tragedy of the trade center was so skillful, so good, it has to lift his position to a very high one..."

great work Zach

Nice job getting out there on such short notice - and thanks for the report.

I hope truth activists start showing up at all of the Ghoul's events.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Well done! Thank you SO much!

We can't let Rudy get away with it.  He knew, you can hear it in his voice.  He's a lousy actor.  Let's ask him to take a polygraph.

Zach - you're my hero.  Not that opportunistic pig who used to be the mayor of NY.

We can all be heroes

If I can stand alone with a sign anyone can. I'm someone who deals with shyness, but I've felt empowered by the importance of our cause, and a sense that Truth is growing among the people.

I hope this question will follow Mr. Giuliani wherever he goes, and he will be traveling a lot for his campaign. If I could change one thing, I would have added one sentence to the sign: "He said it himself."

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


Good for you ! You are a true patriot !  

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times:


I saw that you had a protest today. Unfortunately, I had to present a rough thesis proposal for my psychology class. My thesis at least opened some eyes today- Classical Conditioning and Persuasion. I want to meet with other truthers and I would be willing to do it more frequently than once a month. ZachM Please contact me if you or others are interested in the same. Let's take this country back!! email ->>. jai_mann

I'm looking forward to meeting like minds. I'm going nutz relying on this computer!

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