Banned from Christian Forum For 9/11 truth

Beit Shalom Ministries

Once again the institutionalized Church has shown an ugly face. I have been posting facts about the war in Iraq for some time now on this forum:

Out of every post the post I had about the failure of the church to be a voice of life and truth had more hits than any other. Recently I posted a section on how 9/11 was an inside job, posted some links to good sites, and encouraged anyone to discuss the facts and issues. when I went to check the responses today I was granted this message:

"Sorry BrotherRaymond, you are banned from using this forum!
Promoting wild and untrue conspiracy theories and bad attitude."

This is the whole purpose of our walk across the country. The Christian Church is shameful and afraid of truth and reason. But we will not be silent and will will cry out until the heavens fall or the truth reigns supreme in this land. Lord have mercy on this weak brothers and sisters

I encourage people to log in and share some more 9/11 truth with these blind, sad people.

You can lead a horse to water...

I think these people will come around once the wind changes direction. In the meantime, don't sweat it.

They don't call them a 'flock' for nothing.

I don't bother trying to educate Sheeple.

Yes, they will come around, when the truth is an established/accepted fact.


I'm no christian, but you are still my brother.

The consequences of facing the fact that the Presidnet of the US is hiding something about the worst crime in our history is earth shaking. Anyone with a stake in the status quo would rather turn a blind eye than take a chance to lose some power. The first Christians were quite the outsiders, were they not? Perhaps you are in good company.

Why not focus on your patriotism instead of your religion, that way we can all agree on a unifying theme?

Check out Bowman's Patriots

I get banned from Christian forums.

I am a christian, and i used to goto them and post stuff on there about 9/11 truth and always get banned.

What can ya do?

Something is wrong with them.

I just Posted 9/11 Truth

Probably the same people who

Probably the same people who don't want to hold church authorities responsible for abusing children. I know most Christians are not like that, but it doesn't surprise me this happened to you. The worship of power/authority is too deeply ingrained in many people to the point they don't see it is their responsibility to hold authority accountable for its actions.

Welcome to 911Blogger--I'm not Christian either(Wiccan/Pagan over here) but we can all be sisters and brothers pursuing truth and accountability.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.