The BBC2's 9.11 "Conspiracy-Files": Just a cynical MSM debunking exercise?

Last Sept/Oct I spoke on the phone, several times, to the senior BBC radio producer:

A... Armstrong (for their anonymity)
Senior Producer, BBC World Current Affairs
Room 1252, BBC White City, 201 Wood Lane, London W12 7TS
Tel: 020 8752 6902

They knew about their colleague Guy Smith’s forthcoming 9.11 'Conspiracy Files' programme and asked me if I could forward or contribute information that would help in the production.
I smelt a bit of a rat at the time, unfortunately, since I was currently embroiled in a discussion with the above office as to why an otherwise undeniable piece of solid first-hand testimony including allusions to an explosion near the roof of the South-tower, had been retrospectively edited from a BBC radio 9.11 5th anniversary transmission.
I was working from the testimony of Beverly Eckert, a 911 widow, once member of ' Voices of September 11', whose husband Sean Rooney had worked on floor 92 of that building as vice-president of Aon Risk Management Services.

Ms Eckert reported: "I just wanted to crawl through the phone and hold him but …And there was an explosion and a loud crack and then a sound like an avalanche and that was the tower coming down and he was gone." Note that the collapse occurred without delay following the explosion.
After initial broadcast on FM radio all allusions to 'an explosion' & 'floor 105' were removed as the archived recording was despatched to the Basement of Broadcasting House!

Explosions at the top of the building could be the initiating event from which the collapses of WTC1 & 2 follow. Both these collapses have been analysed by numerous professional contractors as perfect 'top-down' demolitions that may require these otherwise innocuous sounding 'explosion events'.

I will not reproduce in text here my full conclusions but ask you please to visit my dedicated web page at: grooming.htm
where you can read the full report with full downloadable original programme transcripts, audio snippets and a forensic like breakdown of the evidence as I, In My Humble Opinion interpreted it, complete with the somewhat haughty replies and denials from the above office; which lend credence to my suspicions.

So, returning to the 9.11 'Conspiracy Files' emission due this coming Sunday:
After having seen only one of the previous shows of this series, namely the Diana Spencer, Parisian car-crash event, I was dismayed to find that clearly there was also a cynical ‘debunking angle’ to the program, not entirely evident at first & despite weighing in fairly enough all the evidence.
The conclusion to the programme was presented in a way to cast a ‘slight’ against the integrity of the Diana murder mystery ‘conspirators’ almost painting such allegations against MI6 and Royal co-conspirators as a clear waste of tax-payers money.
The ongoing Diana court hearings and re-hearings have cost already what must be hundreds of millions of pounds of UK taxpayers money and Brits hate seeing their tax-pounds going into something that the MSM can very easily paint as giant 'Black-Holes', despite the accompanying controversy. This MSM effect worries me deeply.

I pre-empt the conclusions that many may unfortunately find themselves coming to after watching the forthcoming 9.11 programme.

With the increasing likelihood of an illegal invasion of Iran on the cards I think we must in all seriousness not overlook even the minutiae of the forensics connected with the Trade Centre collapses remembering the words of Eisenhower when he said in his farewell address:
"We should take nothing for granted.
Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defence with our peaceful methods and goals [...]"

Please stay awake & help the human beings maintain integrity in the face of all opposition from the militaristic beast.

they may think that this is

they may think that this is going to be a "debunking exercise"....

but really this is big trouble for them

nothing can stop the rising tide of communication---
kissinger and cheney should probably go hide in their secret island fortress or whatever