Review of the 9/11 film "Improbable Collapse" at NC film festival

I recently attended the showing of "Improbable Collapse" in Greensboro, NC for the NC film festival. Afterwards there was a Q & A session to discuss what we had seen in the film with the director and writers of the film. The film was really educational, and the dialogue after the film was very informative. But, I only have one complaint, and this is for the entire 9/11 truth movement. I found that most people that attended this film had very liberal ties and seemed to be searching for yet more things to bash Bush and blame his administration for. We in the truth movement have to be very cautious when meshing our political views and the tragedy of that day. I am a conservative, but I am not so blind in my faith that I can not see the forest for the trees. This administration is a corrupt administration, but it is no more corrupt than previous admins. This thing is much bigger than simple party lines. If the movement truly wants results, we can not start the conversation with Bush did this or Bush did that...keep political bias out of it, as hard as that may be. The movement should be based soley on a new investigation. When people hear things like "impeach", in the same sentence as Norad standing down the significance of the stand down orders of NORAD tend to lose its punch, or get put second in importance of what you just said. We have to be just as strategic as the ones who carried out this attack. No distractions and eyes on the prize. But, whatever you do, do not just gather facts that bash Bush. If you want to get technical, the planned events of that day could have been created in 1962 under the guise of "Operation Northwoods", where the plan was to carry out US state-sponsored terrorism against its own citizens to justify war with Cuba. Why not replace the word Cuba with Iraq?

I leave you with this quote... When the game is over, the King and the Pawn go back in the same box...Italian Proverb

I have long sense stopped

blaming Bush himself, he is FAR too stupid to be much more than a patsy.
I Blame the entire phucking government and the news media BOTH Rethuglican & Demspinelesscrats alike, they ALL damn well know exactly what happened and who did it.

This is not a Rethug Vs Spinelesscrat issue, this is an American issue, this is WE THE PEOPLE Vs The Neofascist pigs that have taken over our country.