Voters To Vote On New 9/11 Investigation March 6th

My Turn: We deserve honest answers


Published: Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Doug Dunbebin

In the name of 9/11, our government has invaded, detained, tortured, and spied. It’s undermined the Constitution and shredded the Bill of Rights. And it shows no signs of stopping.

Skeptical? Ask yourself, without the 9/11 induced “war on terror,” would the Patriot Act have been enacted? Habeas corpus suspended? Torture legalized? Without 9/11, would the American people have allowed the president and Congress to illegally invade a sovereign country, spending billions of dollars there while ignoring major issues like healthcare, global warming, and the growing gap between rich and poor?

Maybe you’re hopeful that a new Congress will right these wrongs. But bear in mind, the president’s agenda has enjoyed bipartisan support. And, it remains unclear whether growing opposition to the war is because it’s illegal and unconstitutional, or simply because we’re not winning.

If we hope to reverse this administration’s agenda we must first know everything we can about 9/11 — the event that made that agenda possible. We must get truthful answers to these questions: What did our government know? When did it know it? Was it involved? And could it have prevented the attacks?

Some may think we have the answers — that the 9/11 Commission fulfilled its aim to provide the fullest possible account. But, isn’t it possible that an administration that lied about WMDs, torture, and illegal spying, is also lying about 9/11?

On March 6, Burlington voters must decide whose assessment is more believable — those with second-hand knowledge who say the 9/11 report is “thorough” and “complete,” or whistle blowers with direct knowledge who say it’s seriously flawed and its recommendations fail to get at key problems, and family members who call it “pathetic” and say 70 percent of their questions were glossed over or went unanswered.

Questions like: Why did secret service agents leave the president, and the children he was with, exposed to attack for more than 20 minutes after the twin towers were hit? Why did the Pentagon give false testimony to the Commission about its failure, for nearly two hours, to intercept the hijacked aircraft? Did the government receive warnings from other countries of the impending attacks? Who funded the alleged terrorists? And who profited?

Additionally, scientists have raised credible questions about physical anomalies — including the unprecedented collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. And if you agree with Dan Rather and Peter Jennings that the collapse looked like a professional demolition, then surely the 9/11 Commission should have wanted to know more. Yet, despite calls for further investigation, the Commission failed to even mention Building 7 in its final report.

It’s time for a real investigation. One with teeth. Congressional hearings. Or perhaps a special prosecutor with full subpoena power. What ever form it takes, it must be truly independent — directed by someone who is not a Bush administration insider. And, like any proper investigation, it must consider all of the relevant forensic evidence — including previously ignored procedural, scientific and physical anomalies.

If you agree with family members and national security whistle blowers that the 9/11 Commission Report is pathetic and its recommendations seriously flawed, then vote yes on question #2. The question is simple. There are no hidden theories or agendas. It asks “shall Vermont’s Congressional delegation be advised to demand a new, thorough and truly independent forensic investigation into the many questions surrounding the tragic events of September 11, 2001.” Vermont politicians listen to voters. That’s what we pay them to do. So on March 6, speak up and demand the honest answers we deserve. For more information visit our Web site at

Doug Dunbebin is a member of Vermonters for A Real 9/11 Investigation and a former Burlington City Councilor.

The Congress seems to be

The Congress seems to be wimping out.

Too late.

Vt. delegation unwilling to press for new 9/11 probe

January 21, 2007 •• 806 words •• ID: bur18499635

By John Briggs Vermont's two U.S. senators and one congressman are not interested in urging a new investigation into the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. A Burlington group working through the fall and early winter gathered more than 1,350 signatures -- 5 percent of the city's registered voters -- to put an advisory question about 9/11 on the city's Town Meeting Day ballot.

too late? maybe, but...

As one of the panelists points out, politicians do change their minds, and it happens when people get active and force them to do so....

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