FBI admits abuse of Patriot Act

So, due to 9/11 the FBI breaks the law to get secret information about American citizens. OK. Now, when do we, those same citizens, get to have the secret information from 9/11 that the FBI is withholding from us?

And why is that information--videos, photographs, steel from the towers, black boxes, airplane parts, autopsy reports, the contents of Atta's suitcase, chemical analyses, etc.--being kept from us anyway?

Does the FBI have even more to hide than the "deficiencies" just admitted to by Mueller?

With a significant number of US citizens now having realized that the official story of 9/11 is not supported by the evidence so far released, one wonders--to borrow a rhetorical technique used recently by our president--which is worse? That the FBI is keeping this valuable evidence from the American people because it demolishes the official story of 9/11, or because it doesn't demolish it? And which is most likely?



Absolute power corrupts...