Esquire article repeats myth of "pancake" collapse

The April 2007 issue of Esquire contains an article about the WTC dust by Eric Gillin. It begins on page 133. Most of the article is about tests done on a backpack Gillin was wearing on 9/11 and had preserved since. Basically, the tests found that the initial dust cloud contained mostly gypsum and cement, while the more toxic dust was a product of computers and such burning in the pile of debris.

This description on page 141 repeats the myth of the pancake collapse: "When the South Tower came down, the massive concrete floors fell like a giant stack of pancakes, slamming into one another and driving the contents of the building straight down, but the air in the building blew out the sides, like a balloon popping when a fat man sits on it. The wind that the building exhaled was hurricane force, instantly aerating the drywall and the glass and some of the concrete, which coated me a few seconds later."


1. in my whole life, i have never heard of a houswife or a cook, who stacks pancakes.
2. but maybe, if someone has done this without my knowledge, i really cant imagine, that 100 pancakes stacked on each other, simply pulverize and spread over the whole kitchen, if a bumble-bee hits the 80th pancake.
3. what the hell those people have in their brain, they show us, that they have no glue of such simple things as cooking and making pancakes, how they wanna make us believe, they have an even basic knowledge or "feeling" of mechanics and physics?

copy and (correct missspelling) and paste this to your notepad for future stupid "ex-plane-nations" like this from Eric Gillin.

best wishes from censored germany ...