118 Hi-Res photos of WTC on 911

From the same site that Gangster posted earlier. There was another torrent which I downloaded at the same time as the powerpoint file which turned out to be the pics from the pp plus a whole lot more. No twin tower side wtc7 as far as I can see unfortunately but these are the most detailed pics I have ever seen, especially of the burning towers.

42Mb zip folder


Hey, thanks for this.

I downloaded the powerpoint presentation, too, but additional stuff is cool, and a lot of people don't want to do the torrent thing.

How Does One Download?

Do I have to pay the subscription fees?

NO, it's FREE !!!

Just click on the megaupload link..

type in the three character "human verification" string (top right'ish)

wait 45 seconds, click and the "save as" box should appear.

Hope this helps...

PS... There are some original and unedited GJS helicopter pics in there, with original EXIF data etc, you'll love them if you don't have them already...