Jones Report: Rosie Reinforces 9/11 Position With Blog on Gulf of Tonkin

Rosie Reinforces 9/11 Position With Blog on Gulf of Tonkin

Will Mainstream Media Consider Declassified History 'Cook' Ravings As Well?

Aaron Dykes / Jones Report | March 27, 2007

Actress Rosie O'Donnell's public statements on 9/11-- already carefully laid out on the solid ground of WTC 7's clear controlled demolition in her blog-- is now further backed up by an historical account of the Gulf of Tonkin as an "imaginary" event on her blog.

President Johnson used the 1964 staged event to expand dramatically the scale of the Vietnam War by ushering in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, as well as to rope in much needed domestic support with the Congress and public.

Not only does the Tonkin Incident provide precedent for the U.S. Government's staging events as a pretext for military action, it gives clues to painful emotive questions that many exposed to 9/11 Truth for the first time by Rosie may be asking-- Has anything like this ever happened before? How could our government be involved in something like this?


Remember the Gulf of Tonkin

10 False Flags That Changed the World: Phantoms in the Gulf of Tonkin



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The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

Heh, we're doing better than O'Leilly!

Eat your heart out, FAUX News! Netizens don't buy your shit.

interns < internets

I am extremely impressed by Rosie! She is disseminating

loads of key information about 9/11 & false flag attacks!

(These topics should be part of the curriculum in schools throughout the U.S. & world!)

Yeah, go Rosie! Please keep

Yeah, go Rosie!

Please keep it up!

hahaha, Richardson and

hahaha, Richardson and Clinton are criminals. this is great. what song is that DBLS?

I think it's ill Bill, good

I think it's ill Bill, good tune. If I've got it I'll up it to my soundclick and you can get it from there man.

Ill Bill - American History

thanks man. also one last

thanks man. also one last request, whats the name of that irish bagpipe song you had in your 9/11 video?(i forget what the video was called but it was brilliant, it had the golden mosque bombings(samarra) in it.)

I want to know, too!


interns < internets

I swear I've sent you that

I swear I've sent you that before dude, it's called "promontory" I think and it's from Last of the Mohicans, I haven’t got it on my PC anymore but it's easy to find, it's on the sound track cd.

you have, sorry man,haha.

you have, sorry man,haha. but what was the video it was from(your 9/11 video)? i havent seen that in a long time and would like to watch it.


News on IRAN

Yep Another Gulf Of Tonkin

We have the navy and some 12,000 troops ready to go for Iran. Military action seems to be the only way to solve a problem within this administration!!! They seem to be doing military exercises!!! If only the military work this fast and well on 9/11. The air force on 9/11 did not know where to find New York City and Washington DC on 9/11. But they can have jets over Iran within hours when there are hopes of a new war on its way!! The neo cons at Fox news must be getting a major war erection at the moment. I think the Iran thing has been in the works for awhile. I am not shock at it. I hope this dont end up as a nuclear war. Because the only thing that will servive it are roaches and passports. The hole Iran thing is another fales flag. I know it. I am sure all of you here know it. The hole thing is fix and fake!!


I find it odd that a lot of people do not find it odd that every time the US government wants a war magically an ‘event’ happens to give the US government exactly what they want.