Buzz for Truth

I posted this round-up of 9/11 foreknowledge on Buzzflash and Netscape.

Please BUZZ here (Update: we made the front page of!).

Please vote on Netscape here (Update: need about 20 votes to get on the front page -- 5 so far).

This is still "LIHOP", but I'm trying to gradually work these left gatekeepers into deeper and deeper 9/11 truth.

Done and Donner...

Also I hope that SBG gets his great list of 911podcasts links comment on Netscape...

They prove very popular

Thanks and best wishes GW !!!

Spreading our Wings.

Great Work GW. I like your style and concept of pushing the envelope. Peace. Keep posting and I'll keep buzzing etc.

I was planning a huge post

that was entirely a list of disturbing facts about 9/11. I've put it off, but your blogs are very useful. There is a lot of things I could add to it.

As my sources I used the "intersecting facts" from the Journal of 9/11 studies as well as 9/11 Press for truth. I started from there and added many more facts from my own research.

There is no shortage of facts.

It would be great to make a huge list of facts that we could make as a document. Update it as more become available. Sticking only to the most credible facts of course.

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