We The People's Moral Response To 9/11 Truth - April 11

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Serb Hall Milwaukee 5101 W. Oklahoma Ave. Free To The Public & Free 9/11 Truth DVD When Leaving The Event Speakers: James Fetzer, Kevin Barrett & Gary Franchi

'We the people' sent out approximately 950 letters to Milwaukee and surrounding area churches with the hope of informing more religious leaders/people about the 9/11 Truth Movement and our 9/11 Truth Event. The letters contained a copy of the speech given by David Ray Griffin in Madison, Wisconsin on April 18th, 2005. The speech was titled: 9/11 and the American Empire: How Should Religious People Respond? We also sent out a flyer of the April 11th, 2007 event with 9/11 facts on it. We even sent over 200 letters with 9/11 truth information to fire and police departments, Milwaukee city councilman, the mayor and local news organizations informing them of our event. 'We the people' are now in the process of handing out over 5000 flyers in the coming days before the event. We hope to fill our rented hall which can hold over 500 people.
Matthew Naus
Founder of Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth ts911t.org
For Contact Email: nausmr@yahoo.com

Sorry, I had to rate this a 5 instead of a 10 because I see that

James "space-beams" Fetzer will be one of the speakers.

Rat Poison

Remember folks, rat poison is 99% GOOD food. It's that 1% that will kill whoever, or whatever eats it.

Stand for truth ???????

You stand for truth and you let his lying eyes Fetzer speak at your conference. He will ruin any meaniful investigation with his spacebeam mini nukes and microwave nonesense he is a classic agent provacteaur. Put it this way it is like having David Duke speak at a ADL conferance.

I agree with the posters

I agree with the posters above

Fetzer's involvment will most certainly ruin what appears to be a well-intended event

btw, never heard of ts911t.org before...are they any good?

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." - George Orwell


used to be pretty good, but it seems they have chose to associate with the 9-11 rat poison.

Fetzer is there..Oh no

Which means someone will be asking him about the DEWs.
Another opportunity for the media to castigate the movement.
Enough of this already, doesn't he realize throwing in the space beams theory is ammunition for turning people off?

he master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles.

Too bad

It's too bad that others like Barrett keep Fetzer going and promoting fake theories by partnering with them for events and keeping his website going. He made it clear during the AZ conference that he doesn't see any real difference in the scholars groups except opinions.

But it's clear to everyone posting on here that Fetzer damages the movement, not helps it.

I noticed this on Fetzer's site --

4 November 2007
The 9/11 REcommission Conference
Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett.
Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO 9 AM-8 PM/MT For more, contact Matthew Kennedy, thetruth@911wasrigged.org

Someone should tell the LC guys not to participate in anything with Fetzer, it only fuels hoaxes.

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support this Idiot by your silence

Matt take a look at what he is saying (Fetzer) Fucking spacebeams ,mini nuckes microwave energy The MSM will run away with this shit and laugh all the way to the bank.it has the same inpact as holocaust denial in the eyes of the public. So Matt just stay neutral and support this Idiot by your silence and they will conquer you and win not me c-ya

I think your attitude vis-à-vis Fetzer is naive.

You should have another speaker to replace him. Fetzer should never be invited anymore by any serious 911 group to speak in a 911 truth event. He had the opportunity to clear is name. He did nothing. He no longer represents the grassroot 911 truth movement.

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Whitey perhaps you have it wrong about Tesla

Tesla did some deep thinking in his later years, and realized that whatever source of energy He could put out there, the government was right there seeking keen interest. This meant they were interested only in military applications, and Tesla rightly knew that sinister use of his ideas would lead to massive destruction along with absolute power. He destroyed all records himself. The guy was a genius, for sure, but He knew that unless the corporate world (such as J.P. Morgan) could not influence government policy, then his inventions would be used for destruction.

The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles.

There is nothing Fetzer

There is nothing Fetzer could contribute to a 9/11 discussion that couldn't be articulated by a well-informed truther who hasn't yet made it onto a program. He can recite the major talking points, but most people on this forum could do the same; don't be deluded into thinking he brings marquee value as a "name," because most newbies don't know who the hell he is and most veterans have disavowed him.

He has shat all over his previously appreciated credentials for critical thinking and scientific philosophy with his blind promotion of the shortest arrow in the quiver, Judy Wood, and her sloppy claims.

He is beligerent with other panelists, gives the impression that the movement is a mess, and has recently adopted an unpleasant speaking demeanor. I could go on and on (and on and on), but the real question anyone should ask is: what unique, credible, and attractive perspective does he bring to the table that could possibly overcome his many liabilities?

Are most of you so ignorant of science?

Most of you appear to think that Steve Jones has "explained" what happend to the World Trade Center buildings, even though he has never said anything about WTC-3, WTC-4, WTC-5, and WTC-6. In fact, he still continues to misrepresent what happened to the Twin Towers as a "collapse" when it was principally a "pulverization". The evidence about their destruction cannot be explained on the basis of conventional explosives alone. He most certainly has not done it, in case you haven't noticed. If you don't understand this elementary point, which Judy Wood has made so unmistakably clear, you probably should find other ways to spend your copious free time. I have the feeling most of you think that conclusions in science are merely a matter of community consensus or of popular vote! Why not exercise your minds by reviewing my exchange with Steve from Chandler and try to figure out who's right and who's wrong and why? Most of the comments on this and other threads are ad hominem, repetitive, and boring. They appear to be motived by ignorance and myopia, an unwillingness to exercise your minds to consider a broader range of hypotheses than those you think that you understand. Well, if you believe thermite/thermate brought down the towers, i am afraid that you are even worse off than those who know nothing, because what you think you know is wrong! For once in your life, try following logic and evidence as it is presented here. Maybe you can't concentrate for an hour and fifteen, but that is the challege. Stop shooting off your mouths and study the evidence for a change. Who know? You just might learn something. Because what you are doing with all this nastiness and venom about people who are better qualified than you are to deal with these matters simply makes you look very silly! 9/11 truth can't go anywhere on the basis of one more myth. Ask Steve to explain how his account can explain the "collapse" of the towers, the pulverization of the dust, the rate of demolition, and all that. He won't tell you, but the honest answer is, "He can't!" If you want the truth about 9/11, you are going to have to look elsewhere. I am sorry to be the one to disillusion you--most won't be capable of appreciating what I am telling you anyway, to judge by the quality of the intellects on display here--but that is the score. I understand that the motives that drive most of these posts have nothing to do with science but reflect mediocre minds striking out at things that lie beyond their ken. If you had even a feeble grasp of the issues of logic and evidence involved here, you would not put up such rubbish.


I saw the exchange in Chandler

and it left me with crystal clear certainty that whatever it is that Jim Fetzer is trying to accomplish, it is not anything I can recognize as advancing the pursuit of the truth about 9/11.