What can bend 6 inch steel w/o buckling or cracking?

Something got this 8 ton I-beam very very hot very very quickly.
Old video that needs to be recirculated:

Triple A.

Great Find Triple A. I don't know much about steel but I hope someone that does, gets to the bottom of this issue. Cool post. Cool video.

I'm sure NIST can replicate that....

...using quickly burnt-off kerosene and then burning office materials for either 56 or 126 minutes, right?

Shouldn't be a problem. Uh uh. Nope. No way. Just say the word....



Look at the foreground portion of the beam, theres a plate piece there where probably a cross-member beam would have been joined to it -- doesnt that look like melted metal pooled around it and resolidified?

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Looks like the effects of a shockwave, not heat

it's a remarkably even bend, wouldn't you say? Like what one would expect from a collision with a stream of fluid -- imagine you would deform play-doh with a water hose. (And yes, physically, gases can be considered fluids, i.e. non-solids)

Look at these pics of so-called "witness plates" that were exposed to blasts from variable yield handgrenades for reference:

'nuff said!

(If you can't see the pic, google image search "steel witness plates", you should find it on the first page. I can't see it in the preview, but I'm on a crappy 64bit windows machine with a beta version of firefox appropriately named "minefield" right now...)

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i cant imagine

that an I-profile (or double-T in german) can be bent with "normal" demolition charges in this way the video shows.
really not.
double-T has more resistance than flat plates - much more.

either they have used extremly high power explosives or another technologie, not known to the public - i have no evidence - i know.

but why use charges, that bent steel in this way ?
has this ever happend in an normal controlled demolition ?
a lot of questions ...

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Well one thing is certain:

This one didn't buckle. And it's curved beautifully.

Keep in mind the plates above were subject only to hand grenades. I maintain this column was subject to a massive shockwave -- what else?

To me it appears plausible that this column was where the core was severed further up in the towers (Remember the explosion in the North Tower when the second plane hit?), so that the caps rested on the perimeter only which was then weakened by thermite to initiate the collapse.

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If you're interested...

...here is where this discussion originated...
It is old posts, but has a lot of relevent information to what may have caused this one of a kind occurence. Please check this link and add your 2 cents because unlike the government scientists, my opinion can change with the addition of new evidence.
BTW...imagine the grenade/plate example on a much, much, much larger scale. "The demo of the towers was as unique as their design."