DIGG.com and BUZZFLASH.net Covering Up for Mass Serial Killers

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DIGG.com and BUZZFLASH.net Covering Up for Mass Serial Killers:


"This story got put on DIGG and received over 1000 "diggs," but only a couple dozen "buries" and it lasted on the front page and in the news section for all of 10 minutes or so. Real democratic, right? I'd call it censorship but I'm sure the Digg people would just say that's how their system works based on scientific formulas or some crap.

"Over at BuzzFlash.net, a friend of mine posts articles on 9/11 that are legitimate and newsworthy, but yet are almost always deleted by the moderators.

"The majority of the bigger, more popular 'alternative' news sites refuse to deal with the truth of 9/11. INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE is a breath of fresh air in this regard, and I'm proud to be here knowing that Tom isn't afraid to post 9/11 articles and films.

"9/11 is the USA's dirty little secret. The country is like one giant dysfunctional family, with a father who's a child molester and serial killer, but everyone's in denial about it or afraid to take down the monster father, for fear of the family falling apart. Americans who won't look at the truth of 9/11 are just wanting to keep the fantasy of the perfect family alive. Too many refuse to face up to the dirty little secret, and instead are allowing and even rooting for daddy to take us to war....

That was my posting at ICH

I was just very frustrated at how both BuzzFlash.net and Digg seem to be treating 9/11 truth articles. There really should be a more concerted investigation into what's really going on at those sites. I haven't done that, and was only voicing concerns about what I heard others say (including Chris Rose here on 911blogger). I do believe there really is censorship going on, but it's hard to prove.

Anyway, thanks for making more people aware of this.

Is there a protocol est. when 911T gets press?

DKos has let my two posts stand for about a week, but I think they may have buried the thread, since there are no more posters. On an Aaron Russo thread, some guy said that Loose Change had been totally debunked, and I refuted, but weakly...

Loose Change has not been debunked! (1+ / 0-)

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What kind of disinformation are you shilling?! I don't have time to go into it, but Loose Change raises questions of the official tale of bullshit. If you think the Popular Mechanics piece credible, given that the Right Wing sponsored it, and Chertoff's relative is an editor, you need to take the blinders off.

Read this for an interesting look at how America is being duped...

I thought Russo's film was extremely provocative, and I hope that it makes people think about the foolishness of voluntarily giving money to fund war. Realize that over 51% of the tax dollars the Federal government collects goes to fund current and past military expenses (www.warresisters.org). BushCo has looted the treasury, and paying taxes to this criminal enterprise is wrong!!


REVOLUTION is in the air!!

by Styve on Fri Mar 30, 2007 at 07:43:08 AM PDT

May as well give you his response and my closer!

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where teh hell are all the people on the plane that did not hit the pentagon? Not a peep out of any of them? Not a single sighting? Not a single source saying where their bodies were put after someone for some reason killed them and instead sent a missle into the pentagon....

Common sense debunks that movie.

by Hind2 on Fri Mar 30, 2007 at 08:38:45 AM PDT

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Hey Hind2,

It is not a matter of having to prove we know what happened on 911...it is a matter of saying that the official account is crap, and doesn't account for more significant things than where did the bodies go. Speaking of which...where did the bodies go, from the supposed jetliner crashing into the Pentagon?? No body parts recovered?!?! No plane parts recovered, save something that looked more like the turbine of a missile?!?! Get with it dude...we have been punked...scammed...duped!! Or should I say...you have, not I!!?

REVOLUTION is in the air!!

by Styve on Fri Mar 30, 2007 at 11:19:39 PM PDT

Information Clearinghouse is

Information Clearinghouse is one of the only alternative news sources that explores 911 truth. Puts Buzzflash, Alternet etc. to shame. Thanks to the individual who posted a link to my video in that thread. Interesting that the view count on google seems to be "stuck" at around 5,500. Are they freezing it again?


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