Be the Media Revolution: Starting with "Fourteen Points"

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Digg.com - Fourteen Points of Agreement: World Trade Center Destruction

Just posting the Digg.com link again to make sure it gets noticed and dugg by users here; i can't find the article on Digg by searching the headline (!?!), but it is at the top of google and yahoo (nothing in News, though)


Please Digg it before their bury brigade does it in

And anyone on BloggerBrigade- did you get the link? I sent it 3 times, but it hasn't come back to me- i know i'm paranoid, but i thought i usually got a copy of what i post to that list...


General Strike Hit Digg Front Page

from DIGG
A general strike has been proposed for 9/11/07. No work, school or shopping

Endless War. Hundreds of Thousands of Dead Iraqis. Torture. Surveillance. Civil Rights and Habeas Corpus: Gone. Executive Privilege: No Accountability.

DIGG.com and BUZZFLASH.net Covering Up for Mass Serial Killers

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DIGG.com and BUZZFLASH.net Covering Up for Mass Serial Killers:


"This story got put on DIGG and received over 1000 "diggs," but only a couple dozen "buries" and it lasted on the front page and in the news section for all of 10 minutes or so. Real democratic, right? I'd call it censorship but I'm sure the Digg people would just say that's how their system works based on scientific formulas or some crap.

"Over at BuzzFlash.net, a friend of mine posts articles on 9/11 that are legitimate and newsworthy, but yet are almost always deleted by the moderators.

The art of infowar.

"Exert maximum force on the enemies weaknesses."

Having observed Digg for a while now, I've noticed one particular blogger who hits home with amazing posts. I encourage you to read some of his bloggs and DIGG them to bump them higher up when people search for news. This person has put up high profile stories that cut the official story to shreds. I "Digged" every single one of his stories, and I hope you like them enough to do the same.

It takes only a matter of seconds and gets at Digg's rather large readership.


I feel it's important to get behind our best and give them some strong encouragement so that they can carry the banner proudly.
Thank you for your time.

How You Can Help Spread 9/11 Truth Via Digg.com

PrisonPlanet has an article introducing Digg for those who don't know how to use it. Let's use Digg to spread 9/11 truth, and to publicize stories carried by 911Blogger.

How You Can Help Prisonplanet & Infowars Spread 9/11 Truth Via Digg.com
Truth Movement Could Explode Online with New Marketing Tools

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

For those who do not yet know how to use Digg, a reader has written the following very helpful piece:

You may have seen this new icon on our original articles lately:

This feature is called DIGG, Which is located at the top right hand side of selected PrisonPlanet articles and can be found online at DIGG.COM.

This new feature enables Prisionplanet readers, for the first time, to vote on news content. This enables news articles that receive the most votes to climb higher in a ladder based news system.

Paul Thompson's "Complete 911 Timeline" hits Digg front pages. More diggs wanted!

Somebody posted a link to Paul Thompson's "Complete 911 Timeline" to Digg. It currently stands at 138 diggs and 38 comments, and currently is displayed on the front pages of the "View All" as well as the "World & Business" categories. Let's help it along some more:




I am trying something here..... DIGG.com is one of the biggest sites on the net. I posted 2 Blogs, and in several minutes they are already being Digged, so if you are not a member....Join, and DIGG THESE Two links. Please leave your comments, and watch the reactions. Thanks!!

Link #1


Link #2


Lets see if all of this can bring these issues to the front page???

Thanks Brothers!

911blogger.com on Digg front page

This 911.blogger.com Blog entry (reproducing the online petition of 9/11 widows) just made it to the Digg frontpage (with 132 diggs right now). It may soon be off again from the "all diggs" frontpage, but it will likely stay for a few more hours on the "politics" frontpage.