Never Again?

In the off chance that another "9/11 Event" occurs, in the U.S., or elsewhere, we need to react and act differently next time as activists.

Vigilance, Diligence and Action are the keys.

People need to swarm to the location affected, if at all possible, keep safety of yourself and others in mind, of course, and immediately start taking still and video images and interviewing people for an on-the-spot, "as-it-is-happening", record of what occurred.

Since we can no longer rely on the media to do their job, or law enforcement agencies, it will be up to us to do what will be needed.

Additionally, just in case it truly is some sort of a false flag event, immediate research into the event and everything related to it needs to be implemented so we get fresh information, rather than having to wait months or years afterward, and having it be stale. (this is especially true for eye witness accounts)

One would think that this would be self-evident, but perhaps not. (more so for some, than others, of course)

We should think about this and perhaps discuss it to make sure it is ingrained in our being so that we react and act accordingly and rightly. And, as much as 9/11 Truth, get the word out to people so that we get a good response should something occur. (that is, we need people in "every location" to be ready to act, since there is no telling where the event would take place, and not everyone has the ability to jump on a plane and travel, quickly or otherwise, across the country, or around the world)

I think this might have helped for the British 7/7 attacks, but even those weren't jumped on fast enough by enough people.

Hopefully, next time, if there is one, things will be different.

Yes, false-flag terrorism is extremely effective. We need to

educate everyone about this treacherous tactic, starting with all school & college curriculum, adult education, civics groups, etc.!

i'm ready with my video

i'm ready with my video camera

Another 9/11 ? It would be

Another 9/11 ?

It would be ironic if it was on the same date, then we would have 9/11 1 and 2, so it's probably the safest date around...