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Corruption of the 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement

The 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement is being infiltrated and corrupted. Right before our eyes.

It is being transformed from a valid, thriving grassroots movement into a questionable weed-rooted movement.

And the primary cause for these unfortunate events are the hijacking of the movement by so-called "New World Order" conspiracy theorists, which I will refer to as the New World Order Movement.

Once (rightly) relegated to the realm of "nuts", "kooks", and "conspiracy theorists", the latter in the negative use of the phrase, the New World Order Movement has begun riding the coattails of the hard work of 9/11 Truth activists and supporters, attempting legitimacy by association.

And by doing so, they are dragging the 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement down, and not only making it lesser, but causing it to stagnate in growth, power and legitimacy, and in some ways even regress to lower levels of prior achievement.

Architectural Scale Model of the WTC Complex

This is very cool. Created by an architect in Texas. I didn't want to "resource-theft" the images on his server to display here, so just go and look at them, you won't be sorry. Here's the explanatory text, though:

World Trade Center Model Display

Yet another new 9/11 home video

Why are we only seeing this now, at this late date? And why wasn't it reported here?
And what else is out there that we have, as yet, to see, that may contain important information?

This looks kind of like that "Bob and Bri" video, and maybe part of it is, but with additional parts. (I watched part 2 first)
However, it also looks like parts have been edited out of these, too.

Next step to 9/11 justice

There is a pretty good article at by Joel S. Hirschhorn. Here is part of it, click the link for the rest.

Next step to 9/11 justice
By Joel S. Hirschhorn
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Sep 25, 2007, 01:17

Everyone thinks of terrorism and homeland security for lessons learned from 9/11. There is another opportunity. Make our government trustworthy and truthful.

The 9/11 truth movement is stronger than ever, though it is generally derided by politicians and ignored by the mainstream media. It is fueled by people passionate about alternative explanations to the official 9/11 story. Understandable, considering that the co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission admitted: “We were set up to fail.”

World Trade Center Hot Spots

This is an extremely comprehensive site about the WTC "hot spots", "molten metal" and related issues, with great images, some of which I've never seen before. Definitely worth looking at, or studying.

Note: The following link does not work in Firefox, so you must use Internet Explorer.

Cities of the Underworld: New York -- The World Trade Center "bathtub"

The History Channel (THC) series "Cities of the Underworld" episode "New York" (2007) has a segment on the World Trade Center and the need for and creation of the "bathtub". (the final segment)

It shows some historical video and talks about what happened when the towers collapsed into the bathtub.

It might have some valuable information in there. I didn't catch anything offhand, but it should be viewed more than once and scanned for info by multiple people to ensure nothing is missed.

I don't see where it can be viewed online. I also don't see it playing again. You can order the DVD, but it's pricey.

9/11 Humor

We don't have enough 9/11 Humor.

This cartoon is mildly funny from a local weekly newspaper, "The Chico Beat", Vol. 2, #29, Sep. 14, 2007.

Even if it is somewhat making fun of "us". (although, this shows that 9/11 Truth and Justice is slowly but surely infiltrating the American culture and psyche)

Anyone else?

9/11 Statute of Limitations

Since it has been over five years since 9/11 occurred, and longer for any crimes involving the implementation of 9/11, as well as those which occurred after the fact, such as, say, insurance fraud, we have to start worrying about statutes of limitations.

I'm not an attorney, judge, or (well-) versed in criminal law, so I don't know what the actual time limits are, or the deep implications.

There is no statute of limitations for homicide in the United States, so that is a protection for those whose direct or indirect actions involved the intentional and pre-meditated death of people.

Others could be let go "scot-free", as it were, for some lesser crimes, however.

Like the market trading, as merely one example. Insurance fraud would be another.

The evil wikipedia states:

For US military cases, the Uniform Code of Military Justice states that all charges except for those facing general court martial (where a death sentence could be involved) have a five year statute of limitation.

So that is of some concern.

9/11: A Thermographer's Experience at Ground Zero

I don't know if this article and the information therein will help out 9/11 Truth, but you never know. It's interesting informationally and as a personal account of that day by someone who was very close to the action. There are some interesting images there, and maybe she has a lot more that aren't published. Heard about through contacts.

As practicing thermographers, we expect each day to provide new experiences and teach new lessons. September 11, 2001, taught every American a life-altering lesson. This paper presents an account of that day by an ordinary thermographer who was working across the street from the World Trade Center that morning and suddenly found herself in an extraordinary situation. This paper details the thermographer's thoughts and experiences while making the long journey home.

(Unintentional) 9/11 Humor

If you want a good laugh, check out the PBS website about the documentary "Building on Ground Zero".

It's very pretty to look at, though. And maybe some of the content can be co-opted for the truth.

I don't know if they have shown this documentary already, but I think they are going to show it on 9/11.

Right off the bat there was extreme B.S., which is to be expected. In the first item, "Impact to Collapse: Watch an expert-narrated slide show of the Twin Towers' final minutes", in the first section, their "expert" laments on the unfortunate fact that their analysis of the Twin Towers collapse site was "corrupted" and "hampered" by rescue efforts, leaving a less-than-perfect scene for investigation, implying that that is not normal. Apparently he is either not too bright, purposely obfuscating the facts, or had never been on a real investigation team, since pretty much every site where something bad occurs is "corrupted" by rescue efforts.

What a joke.

Hit Piece - 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction

The History Channel (THC) is showing a documentary called "9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction". I saw a reference to it in a reply, but no blog entry. (it has apparently already been broadcast awhile back one or twice, and it's not online)

Unfortunately, I missed most of it. But from what I saw it was your typical hit piece. Just like the BBC documentary, "9/11: The Conspiracy Files".

Although it seemed to have more content from DRG, AJ, the LC "kids", etc. And some good shots of people protesting and at talks. So that will help for the people who aren't psychotically anti-"conspiracy theory" and/or know little to nothing about it. So it will have some good effect. (it's actually a mistake for them to broadcast this sort of thing)

I did notice at least several typical disinformation episodes where the narrator was making comments that were completely contrary to and obvious skewing of what people were saying. It was so blatant that it was kind of shocking, although that may be because it is poorly done. (plus it probably works for most people, anyway)

It's showing it again at 1:00. Here's the schedule:

Adopt-A-Highway for 9/11 Truth

I don't know about other states (although I just read that there are 20 others), but California has an "Adopt-A-Highway" program that allows businesses and organizations to adopt a stretch of highway for cleanup and other reasons. For doing so, you get the name of your group (business/organization) on a sign that people can see as they drive by. It's a small (-ish) sign, but readable, especially if you use simple black lettering and your group name isn't too long. It can also have a somewhat subconscious and subliminal effect, I'm sure, even if people don't actually consciously see it and read it. (which might actually be even better)

So my idea is to create a group called "9/11 Was An Inside Job" and have multiple local member groups in each city so that they can all use the same name. And that name can be put on the signs.

The NAU is a joke

Here is an email reply I sent to someone about the NAU.

Thanks for the link. I don't remember now if I've heard that interview, but I know about Corsi and what he says and thinks. I think he's wrong. (and I question him, his agenda, and his intent)

As an example, on the page you link to, it states, "the current efforts by President George W. Bush to merge the United States with Canada and Mexico into a regional, trilateral government called The North American Union."

That is basically an out-and-out lie. If you wanted to be nice about it, you could say it is misinformation; if you wanted to be paranoid, you could say it's disinformation.

But it is a gross misrepresentation and fallacious interpretation of what the NAU is, to the point where it is a simple falsity.

The NAU is an economic union — nothing more, nothing less. Similar to the EU. And just like you would be wrong to say, or characterize, the EU as "one government", where each member country has lost its sovereignty, so would you be absolutely incorrect in doing the same with the NAU.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

I think this is ancillary to the 9/11 Condition.

The United States of America is not the only government that has proclaimed great things for its citizens. The following French declaration is similar to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. (and possibly based in part on them) And the U.S. wasn't the first, either. Before 1789, there was The English Bill of Rights in 1689 as an Act of the Parliament of England. And there are others, before and after. However, even though they are all similar, they are not the same, and have been amended and re-interpreted over time, and are also each lacking in their own way (for example, often primarily referring to "men", and more often than not, implying "white men", etc.). And reading all of them makes each more clear, and particularly the underlying values and rights and concepts and ideas more clear, as well. These things need to be read by everyone from time to time as a refresher.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

Approved by the National Assembly of France, August 26, 1789

9/11 Bookmarks

It's pretty easy these days to make 9/11 slogan "bookmarks" with your computer, printer, and/or perhaps a photocopier. These can then be placed in books and magazines in stores, your public library, among and in other places and items. (pick more popular items, as well as others, including "fringe" items, depending on whom you want to reach)