Need Some Help On DIGG

Good News on the 9/11 Front.

I've seen more posts at regarding 9/11 than I ever have before. It seems their censorship tendencies are being overflowed by poster's openness to 9/11 Truth. I think it's great. If you take the "false flag" tactic and include it into the thread subject you are a lot more likely to get your post read and have it stay up. Sounds like a good movement. We'll keep pushing.

Digg & Bury

I've found proof that Digg is burying all stories linking to 911blogger from even showing up in the search engine -

They got us running ourself ragged talking to each other on Digg thinking we will get some exposure.

They have been doing this for the last 217 days

I think we should do a press release about it

That Digg is depriving 911blogger of equal access under the 14th amendment