A simple, practical, inexpensive solution to all of our problems

Get David Ray Griffin to oversee a 9/11 Political Action Fund

There is a frequently cited estimate that 16% of Americans think the buildings were blown up. This is full-on MIHOP.

Be conservative, let's say only 5% of Americans are full-on MIHOP.
US population = 280 million
5% X 280 million = 14 million
If each of those 14 million gives $100, that would equal $1.4 BILLION.

Think about it.
A computer costs $1,000. A decent internet connection about $300 per year.
Everybody kicks in $100, the cost of internet for 3, 4 months.

Anyone too cheap to poney up is full of crap.

The money will get things going. Effective policy will follow immediately.
I trust Griffin. He only needs to oversee the money and give some advice on how to spend it.

Great idea

I posted almost the same thing in another thread. I too feel if the Truth movement is to be a viable force, it needs a political platform. This also will help protect our "leaders/representives" as much as possible from overt acts aimed at their personal safety. To assasinate a political leader draws far more attention than if a "nutjob truther" suicided himself with 3 shots to the head.

Count me in on this one.

Show "i think the CFR has plenty" by truth911.net

I'll bite

How is DRG connected to the CFR?

the same way

Ron Paul is connected to the 9/11 Truth movement, via a conduit of lies and disinfo

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

through clemson

through clemson

Alright Alvin R,

I spoke with him about your idea and he was actually quite receptive. He said that he would use the money for three or four organizations, (911truth.org being one example) plus an investigative project.

its probably a good idea

money for advertisements in college newspapers, political campaigns.

That is great news,

That is great news, Daricus.

We need to solicit suggestions about how to move ahead with this.

What I see for starters is:
PayPal account linked to a bank account controlled by Griffin.
Money spent more or less as Griffin wants with input from donors.

Please add any ideas. I will post a new blog entry with this info.

Delusions of Grandeur

Most of your rallies attract no more than a dozen people (see the SF rally posted just above) when all that requires them to pay is bus fare, yet you are expecting to raise $1.4 billion? You are ambitious, I will give you that much.

Incidently when asked why nobody in the 9/11 truth movement had interviewed all the hijackers who were still alive, David Ray Griffin said because nobody had the money for a plane ticket. And that is only a couple of thousand dollars.

Well, this project will show

Well, this project will show what we are made of.

It is much simpler and more effective to send $100 to a 9/11 Political Action Fund than to do many other things.

We have allowed our society to become what it has because too many of us do not participate in meaningful ways.

This gives all of us a chance to do something that will make a real difference.

We have the evidence. We have the people. Now, we need the power.

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