A New Campaign to "Press for Truth"

A New Campaign to "Press for Truth"

Dear fellow 911 Press For Truth Patrons,

Congressman Dennis Kucinich has just announced that he will begin holding new hearings into 9/11 beginning in September because "the Commission Final Report... never resolved certain conflicts." The acclaimed film 9/11 Press For Truth details those conflicts like no other movie has, featuring five members of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee (the small group of victim's relatives who forced the creation of the 9/11 Commission), who revealed for the first time in the movie that "70% of our questions" were not answered by the Final Report.

In response to Kucinich's announcement, the makers of 9/11 Press For Truth are launching of a new campaign to bring about real answers for the September 11th families -- and a brand new web site at 911PressForTruth.com.

From August 3rd - 12th, a coalition of organizations will join forces to host "Answers For 9/11 Families" week. Hundreds of Americans will come together at house parties across the country to screen 9/11 Press For Truth, telling the powerful story of the September 11th families' continuing fight for answers.

Now, Please join the effort to encourage Congress to support Kucinich's investigation until all remaining Family Steering Committee questions are answered. Send a "Press For Truth Pack" to your Congressman and sign up today to host or attend a 9/11 Press For Truth house party in your community.

(NOTE: Simple instructions on how to make your house party film screening a success will be emailed to everyone who signs up to host a party. Please order your DVD immediately after signing up in order to ensure it arrives in time for your house party.)

"We thought the country was at risk from terrorists and from incompetence," says Jersey widow Lorie Van Auken in the movie, "and maybe worse." Fellow 'Jersey Girl' Patty Casazza puts it more succinctly: "They lied. They all lied." With an election year looming, it is more important than ever that we demand Congressional hearings that will finally provide the answers these families have devoted over five years of their lives toward.

Help make it happen. Send a "Press For Truth Pack" to your Congressman today. http://action.downsizedc.org/wyc.php?cid=74

And we hope you'll join us in August. Open your house to family, friends and neighbors - or join them at a house party nearby http://pressfortruth.bravenewtheaters.com/ -- to watch this movie and support the Kucinich subcommittee investigation until all remaining Family Steering Committee questions are answered. Thank you so much for you support. Sincerely,

Ray Nowosielski, Director/Co-Writer/Co-Producer

When the tea kettle of 9/11

When the tea kettle of 9/11 truth begins to boil...Kucinich comes to the elite's rescue to "let off some steam". I think this guy is trying to "cool down" the truth movement a bit with all this.
September huh? Can anyone say...STALLING??
I don't trust the man any more than I trust Shillary. He's had nearly 6 years to look into this and he's STILL procrastinating.

p.s. he also wants to take your gun away.

agree on the steam valve thing

im always wary of people like Kucinich who pop up right when it seems like we are gaining momentum. you'll notice that many people in the 9/11 truth movement say things like "give him time" or "dont be too harsh, lets wait and see what he does" etc. i dont trust Kucinich or any other politician a bit. when i see some real action from the guy, i will give him his respect and admit that i was wrong about him. but until then hes simply blowing hot air. its all talk.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

but still good news and very useful publicity creeping into msm

Is there a link to Kucinich stating this?

Whether he follows through or not - just being able to take a story like this and use it to help open a dialogue with a skeptic and GET THEM TO WATCH THE VIDEO now - would still be very helpful.

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke, 1729 - 1797

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i mean no disrespect to Ms.

i mean no disrespect to Ms. Auken but its statements like this: "We thought the country was at risk from terrorists and from incompetence," says Jersey widow Lorie Van Auken in the movie, "and maybe worse."
that make me want to rip my hair out. imagine how much power we would have if Auken or someone in her position would just stop with the whole terror myth already. yes, islamic terrorism is real but that doesnt mean we have to validate the various lies about it and 9/11. how can she still be talking about "terrorists" after what im assuming she must have seen by now? surely she has seen more than just incompetence? surely she doesnt believe that 9/11 was done only by muslims? right?!?!

(and before anyone attacks me, no, i dont expect ANYTHING from family members of victims of 9/11 and genuinely appreciate them speaking out at all but im just frustrated when i see statements like that.)

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

2 of the 3 functions of the CIA

are direct violations of the Charter of the UN that was signed by 50 nations in 1945.
This link will take you to the wikipedia CIA - you only need to read the first main paragraph regarding the 3 functions.

This link will bring you to the Preamble to the Charter of the UN.

Will someone please tell me why the other countries of the world aren't imposing sanctions on us for the blatant killing and covert operations in other sovereign countries when we agreed two years before the CIA was organized to "practice tolerance and live as good neighbors" ?

Eisenhower warned us and JFK was going to shut it down. He was assassinated before he could muster the support. There are reports that indicate that the CIA may have been a part of his assassination. Guess who's father was reported to be staying in the Dallas-Sheraton on 11-22-63 and returning home on 11-23-63 that's according to a FBI memo dated 11-22-1963.

you already know the answer

"Will someone please tell me why the other countries of the world aren't imposing sanctions on us for the blatant killing and covert operations in other sovereign countries when we agreed two years before the CIA was organized to "practice tolerance and live as good neighbors" ?"

The largest and most powerful arsenal of weapons on earth.

News editor at The Watchman Report, www.watchmanreport.com, delivering 9/11 truth to the Christian community

The slang term for it is "Jewish Lightening"

Good cover pick a bible day.
It was well known that there were problems with the towers, tough to rent, even the State of New York moved out, asbestos needed to be removed, they were white elephants.

In 1998 The Port Authority issued a press release announcing a successful landing of a commercial aircraft at Newark Airport using the Global Positioning System.

3 days later another press release- announcing a Historic Shift in policy and they put the World Trade Center on the Market.

What is your reason that they only buildings that had to be completely removed were on Port Authority land ?

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There is room here for each to push the truth in any way they can.

If you can bypass LIHOP, you have saved some time. But since some can't make that leap then LIHOP is good, very good.


I agree - we need to use every useful teaching aid available

Press For Truth may seem to fall way too short for hardcore Truthers who have been engrossed in every detail of 911 research for years, but it can be a useful tool as a first-step eye opener to more conservative skeptics - and specifically "soccer moms". My 70+ mom, who lives in NJ didn't want to hear about all "this crazy 911 stuff"....but when I told her about "the Jersey Girls" - women - widows - from her own back yard - all of a sudden it was something she could make some sort of association with - enough to take that first bite.
That is our biggest hurdle - getting skeptics to take that FIRST bite.
Once they have seen that first bit - it becomes much easier to continue the dialogue.

So if Press For Truth could help begin to open the eyes of 50% of all the soccer moms that live in NJ - wow - imagine that. (mental note: go to NJ high school soccer games with free Press For Truth dvds to pass out to moms in bleachers :-)

There are some other great 911 videos that have a very specific religious perspective, which may seem like a turn off to some Truthers - but hey - these would be great tools to use as a first intro piece to people of faith....and again - once we have their attention - once we have broken through that resistance to even consider "what if?" - we have overcome our biggest hurdle. Imagine if you could open the eyes of your local pastor or priest ... if they were truly dedicated to Truth and good triumphing over Evil - the genuine ones would have no other choice but to steer their flock away from the Evil behind the 911 Myth. I suspect many so-called religious people are hypocrites in denial about many things, but there are many who genuinely take their faith more seriously than political loyalty. There should be a core group of very religiously faithful people who would have to refuse to accept the 911 myth, once they have been shown how it has been perpetrated by lies and evil incarnate.

There has been a lot of great discussion recently here about the zionist dots that need to be connected in 911 Truth. I believe this is critical, perhaps even the most important piece of the puzzle......BUT....If I approach someone and say "Hey - I want to talk to you about 911 - Did you know it was an inside job, and that it was engineered by the zionists in our government who are actually traitors working for the interests of Israel and there is this guy Rabbi Dov Zakheim who lost track of 2 trillions in the Pentagon and his company makes remote control tech that can fly planes into buildings...oh and then there are these concentration camps in the US built by Halliburton for when the next false flag attack triggers martial law..." etc. it is just going to be way too much for someone to hear all for the first time - and most likely very counter productive.

We can't expect all people to go from 0-->60 on 911 Truth in 4 seconds. We need to observe what kind of person they are, what they can relate to - and then be smart and use whatever information is at hand that is something that will be an effective tool to help get them over that first very high hurdle.

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke, 1729 - 1797

obligatory addendum

While I understand your point, the UN Charter was not a valid treaty for the Senate and Prez to sign. It's a constitution for a world government, and as such is beyond the delegated authority of the US government to establish. Read past the preamble and see precisely what it lays out.

Not that that excuses anything, mind you. Just pointing it out. The CIA violates the UN Charter, and the UN Charter violates the US Constitution. Fun fun fun. (I'm in favor of tossing both the CIA and the UN, personally.)

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

They all are going to ignore it, again.

During the last election the son of the Chairman of the Commission ran for the Senate in New Jersey.
The Republican Tom Kean, Jr. was crooked enough to campaign as an "Independent Reformer".
I for one was repulsed by his use of the word Independent because he not only was a republican he would have had to start his reforming his own father.

These days I am very proud to have never joined a party and therefore I am an independent. Neither party is worth donating any money to or is worthy of anyones loyalty. Are they loyal to you?

It seems to me if they were loyal to their voters they would have had more to say than just accept the Official 9/11 Commission Report the way the governement accepted the Warren Commission report.

The only canidate that I have heard so far that is worth his salary is Ron Paul. Notice how the media is avoiding his name. I just hope that he survives to the election and doesn't end up like JFK & RFK.

Please listen to this shoort music video it says a lot.

Paul will be just fine. if

Paul will be just fine. if he had a real chance of winning, then he would become a marked man. but yeah, hes the only politician i have even a little bit of respect for. hes still no McKinney though.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

agreed about him being a marked man.

Was thinking how perhaps with the media in full control of the Powers these days, there would be no need to physically harm Ron Paul.
The guy has practically been "killed" already by lack of coverage.

Did you know the the GOP tried to ban him from

the second debate?
A petition gathered more than 10,000 signatures over a weekend. The GOP caved in. Now they are just trying to ignore him. No media play but he is doing the talk show circut to get his message out. Brave Statesman that Ron Paul.


I was one of those signatures.

: )

Bush & Cheney - 9/11 Testimony

Bush & Cheney - 9/11 Testimony


Is this a LIHOP scam? Even if it is, it will help us in the long run. Most converts believe LIHOP first, I guess. Still, it is misleading and deceptive. Is that what we are combating?

I posted this

because I firmly believe that we must approach the TRUTH from every angle, and use all means of doing so.
If Downsize DC wants to push LIHOP, Great! That is a vast improvement over silence or defending the official story.
A lot of people looking at Downsize DC and Press for Truth will look a little deeper into the TABOO and join us.

Every step in the right direction is a step forward.

We should try to be informed of all these steps to gauge where we are.

Keep going till we get there.



Well said, and thanks for posting this item, Joe.

Testimony given under oath in Congress or a court of law is what is needed to lay foundations solid enough to bring the system down. Kucinich's investigation may or may not end up compromised or controlled, but dismissing it before it's begun is nothing short of stupid.

By all means, let's all keep working in our various ways and areas of focus. But when an investigation into some of the anomalies of the Commission Report is finally announced, who actually is it that wants to dismiss and belittle this?

If one can't feel enthusiastic about it oneself, then at least support it for the sake of the grieving families who are asking for this (and more).

Give Kucinich some credit!

As a kind of liberal, (wish it would work) commie, pro-gay, (ex-) hippie, (near) vegetarian sort of guy, I get a little nervous that so much praise goes to a Libertarian-Republican like Ron Paul, but that Kucinich invites scorn when he says he will start a CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION, for Chrissakes. I have nothing but a general approval for Ron Paul for his work with 911 truth, and I like it everytime he or Alex Jones take up the good fight. I don't agree with everything they say, but I like a lot of what they say, and not just about 911. But I would like to see a little of the same from the Libertarians of the right when it comes to evaluating what a liberal politician does.

It would be easy to talk a lot from a leftist point of view and blame 911 on rich corporations and the government and American imperialism over all for everything that leads up to the American government pulling this false flag attack. To some extent many do, but it seems that it is a sort of duty of ours to try to stick to working with the facts of the case and let the chips fall where they may. If it turns out to have been mostly the Israelis, fine. English bankers, fine. Whoever.

And if some congressman, who I happen to like a lot, by the way, says he's going to investigate, let's support him. It could turn out to be a diversion from real investigation, but why start out against him? He might possibly be an honest man. He certainly has his head screwed on right about Iraq.

Fred W


Phredo, I second this opinion of yours, about Kucinich. As you ask, who else in Congress is even willing to mention 9-11? This guy is talking about an investigation. Isn't that what we want? I say, let's help the guy along.

You Summed It Up

I wholeheartedly agree. Who else has said anything about 9/11 in the past year? I really thought that this was our goal but judging by some of the comments in this blog, I might have to joined a different 9/11 Truth.

Ann Arbor Truth and Freedom

Good luck

getting the government to investigate itself, find the whole truth, and then punish those responsible accordingly.

Good luck with that.

NO -- I repeat -- NO politician (no, not even Ron Paul (and I love Ron Paul)) is going to do this. There are only a few politicians who would even try. Kucinich may be one of them but NO single politician or handful of politicians is going to be able to accomplish this.

Stop dreaming and face reality. The state is your enemy. When you buy into its lies, it controls you.

Resist it. Don't vote for it. Don't send your children to its "schools". Don't support it's actions. Don't fear what it tells you to fear. Don't hate who it tells you to hate. Don't ask anything from it because anything it gives you has been taken from someone else by force or threat of force -- EVERY SINGLE THING.

"You assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees. An evil system never deserves such allegiance. Allegiance to it means partaking of the evil. A good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul."
-Mahatma Gandhi

Ignore it and resist it and it will collapse under its own weight. Keep telling the truth. Ignore. Resist. .......and watch it collapse.

It's the only way.

Credit, for courage

You say, "Kucinich may be one of them but NO single politician or handful of politicians is going to be able to accomplish this."

Yes, it does look that way. But odder things have happened. Nixon resigned, for example. His VP (Spiro Agnew) went to prison. These things can happen, although they are rare.

Give Kucinich support for trying. I think it takes courage.

9/11 Press For Truth - Tivo Time Tonight

Tonight, June 14, Link TV, 9PM EST, 6PM PST
As opposed to previous showings this appears to be a non fund raising showing. ie; no commercials

A PDF of Questions from Family Steering Commitee to Commision