9/11 Truth Banner Day - Ipswich, UK

9/11 Truth Banner Day, Ipswich - 16th June, 2007

On Saturday morning, Ipswich shoppers were met by a number of Ipswich and East Anglia Truthers parading various 9/11 Truth banners through the Town Centre. The Ipswich Truth Campaign march - organized in association with East Anglia Truth - was a stepping up of the campaign to raise awareness of the many problems with the official version of events of 9/11 as well as an opportunity to promote 9/11 hero William Rodriguez's UK tour date at the Town Hall on Monday 18th June.

The day's activity was extremely encouraging with the general public accepting around 250 Terrorstorm and 9/11 Mysteries DVD's as well as over 500 leaflets.

The march was covered by the local Evening Star newspaper and whilst the article contains the usual "conspiracy theorist" tag and a misrepresentation of William's views, its coverage is most welcomed. The article here also presents a short video of the march and includes a summary from co-organizer, Mark Elmy. In addition to the arranged march some of the group converged on an A14 flyover on the outskirts of Ipswich, planting more seeds in the minds of hundreds of unsuspecting motorists.

More photos of the day are available in the "pics" section of the East Anglia Truth MySpace profile at www.myspace.com/eastangliatruth. (many are still to be uploaded)

In the face of a mainstream media who continue to ignore evidence that contradict the official story of 9/11, East Anglia Truth will be continuing the stepping up of its awareness campaign by organizing marches with the various 9/11 Truth groups around the region. We also aim to provide a free flow of information on news events for our supporters as well as provide support to groups, whether existing or starting out.

In the foreseeable future, we will be launching our new website at www.eastangliatruth.com. As well as presenting 9/11 related news, event schedules, articles and videos we will also be including a campaigning area, making available various tools and information which can be used to inform others in a variety of formats_leaflets, short downloadable video clips and mp3's for Bluetooth distribution etc..

Moreover, we see the setting up and support for new groups as being the key to success for 9/11 Truth. In East Anglia, we have been building a solid network of Truth groups with regular communications and cooperation between us, with some great friendships being formed in the process. Subsequently, we have various resources available that will enable a new group to be set up without a need to reinvent the wheel. 

We will, therefore, be making various existing resources available on the website for those that are interested in starting a group and, given that we have produced some fantastic banners, we are willing to help organize a march to kick off any new East Anglia groups in style. We have a number of supporters who have confirmed they would be happy to travel around the region for this purpose, so if you wish to discuss this offer please email ianb@eastangliatruth.com.

You can bookmark our sites or send an email to register@eastangliatruth.com if you wish to be kept informed of future East Anglia Truth activity. More photos from the banner day and reports and photos from the William Rodriguez UK tour events in the region will be added shortly_

Thank you all for listening and we hope you have a great day.

Best Regards,
Ian Barrett
East Anglia Truth


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