Wear Orange for Truth

World Can't Wait has launched an action urging everyone to wear orange in order to protest the torture inflicted on the Constitution, our country, and the world by the Neocons.

Let's hook into this action by wearing orange 9/11 truth ribbons. I'm hoping that this will help provide social proof that 9/11 truth is cool.

We've got some very talented graphic designers in the truth movement. Let's post the best designs here.

Great idea but Orange is the

Great idea but Orange is the colour of the Viktor Yushchenko Ukrainian "Orange Revolution". I think Black is our colour, it's mournful and serious. We need Black 9/11 Truth ribbons, it's not cool to copy we need to be original and set trends with our own style.


I used to have a little sign I would flash when wearing my bright orange long-sleeved shirt protesting.

I like the idea of wearing orange to protest the torture of the Constitution!! How about some sign ideas for signs you can clip to existing clothing, in addition to ribbons?

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