Tampa 9/11 Rally at FOX 13

The Tampa 9/11 Truth group in front of FOX 13 on Saturday July 28th

In our debut warm up action getting ready for a 9/11 TRUTH presence the 11th of every month starting August in front of FOX NEWS (the state managed propaganda network in Amerika) at a high traffic/high visibility area in Tampa. We stand in solidarity with 9/11 Truth activists all over the world!


Thanks, Mia!

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Exactly what we need times like 300, if we can

replicate that number of brave souls in front of all 4 tentacles of the abcnbccbsfx monster,
at first once a week. Then 2 day campouts.....we will need several thousand due to arrests.
Then 3,4 day sit-ins leading to complete occupation.

Until they: 1) Discuss all questions screaming to be addressed,
Give equal time to all sides

(this will force a new real investigation)

2) each network submits a plan to be disolved in 5 years and gradually returned to rightful owners, the people.

As much has we have let the matrix brainwash us that socialism is a evil boogey man, they have done an even more complete job implanting the meme that only the most vile, diabolic raving lunatic commie psycho tyrant would try to "Nationalize an Industry".

Thems fightin words, boys. Its like a red flag waved at the bull's face, our killing machine springs into action to crush such nonsense. Hugo is on the list but he has learned much from our rapacious imperialism and understands how to use the ultimate power of truth and justice for ALL to forestall
military's instictive retaliation. We must learn from this. As we constantly remember Ghandi, MLK, and all the recent people revolutions in eastern Euorope.

We must take back our airwaves. We own them. The folks we been renting them to have fucked us up bad. They gotta go. They may not go willingly with trillions to be lost, but go they will if we use the power we posess.

No more for profit corps deciding what our collective mind is bombarded with. The inane, insulting moronic drivel shoveled at a benumbed public night after insidious night, year by year will be replaced with COMMERCIAL FREE public service networks, maybe each assigned certain broad areas to cover.
A suggestion: ABC: investigate/reveal past crimes by oligarchy/cia etc.

NBC: honest truthful current news

CBS: future (energy, one world government based on Albert Einstein's pleadings in the late 40's, Article V convention, new political parties, the dissolution of capitalism on steroids...........how evolution does not stop, we can improve our species, and our chances of a very long, peaceful and happy future for every living organism on this awesome planet.

But as we all know, the odds are high against us.

Each individual does indeed create his or her own reality.

Make it happen. Get out in the street and demand the return of our property

Hell yes

turn out

there's such an enormous discrepency between the idea you get of the size and momentum of this movement surfing the web, and the idea you get when you see how many people turn up to actual protests. i find myself often wondering which idea is closer to the truth. i know an enormous number of people have watched loose change, and may even say after doing so that they doubt the official story. but that doesn't seem to be sufficient to motivate any real sense of outrage or indignation in a large proportion of them. for all it effects some people on an emotional level, its as if the 9/11 scandal were just another harmless urban myth that can easily be exposed by googling. its like: "yeah, everyone know's america did it. i've known that for ages. haven't you seen loose change? but what about lindsey lohan caught with cocaine!??"

i hate to admit it, but when i see these pictures of five or six people milling around with 9/11 truth signs, i don't feel a stirring sense of solidarity. instead, i start to question whether i might be some sort of crank -the way monbiot and chomsky say i am. that's not to take anything away from the people who ARE moved by indignation to get out there even though they, too, probably feel like cranks. i have great respect for these guys. its just depressing, after getting this sense of massive outrage and steadily building momentum on the web, to see that the small numbers of people at these protests aren't growing steadily to be big groups of outraged citizens. it might be that the revolution we hope for will be the first revolution that doesn't take place out on the streets - on the barricades as it were. perhaps we're hoping we can pull of a socio-political revolution anonymously in cyberspace, without leaving the safety of our living rooms and offices. but it doesn't seem all that likely, does it?

Way to go Mia!

Way to go Mia & Comrades!
Have to say I agree with you, Joe. I have been to countless vigils and events for 9/11Truth and anti-war movements. The apathy of the American citizens is astounding. While passing out 9/11 literature and DVDs I'd rather have someone say to me "Thanks for doing this, I know 9/11 was an inside job" versus calling me a "crazy f---" to my face (which happened in Boston a couple of weeks ago). That said, I cannot understand how people can KNOW ABOUT THE 9/11 COVER UP and simply "accept it" and carry on with their lives without one ounce of involvement. All of us have busy lives, but way too many people that DO know AND care are sitting behind their computer monitors rather than doing anything meaningful. Observing that for the last year has definitely taken some of the wind out of my sails.

Wake Up and Do the Math

That warm up for the 11th was not publicized outside the 9/11 Meet Up group and a dozen people from the meet up showed up. I was thrilled! A dozen is more than enough to impact the passersby!

We estimate that 15,000 people saw us and when the eleventh falls on a working day the numbers will rise. Four cars pulled over to get more information. Several new people have joined the meet up. Ideas were suggested, another sign waving is already on the meet up calendar for the 7th.

Is the glass half empty or is it half full?

Around here, in Tampa, every time we make even the smallest effort, we get results. We had the biggest meet up until NYC just surpassed us. We have been on TV, public access, in the newspapers, at political events. Dennis & Elizabeth Kucinich nod their head in agreement when we ask them about 9/11. We have given away thousands of leaflets & DVDs. Our local peace groups are on board with 9/11 truth.

I see victory everywhere! Get out there and wave a sign with the change makers! Off your duff, Sad Sack!

Joe 90, you don't even need a group, as important

as 9/11 truth is, i fight for other causes, like impeachment of cheney via kucinich's House Resolution 333. Last Friday I picketed in front of my Reps home office, by myself, with a sign that said: "impeach cheney/demand your rep sign 333" on the other side it said , "Cummings[my rep] hasn't signed" The response was overwhelming. So much positive feedback from motorists and the questions from pedestrians were about learning, a need to know that our media will not touch.

Its easy to be negative and throw around words like crank, whatever the hell that means. Heres another word for you, "pussy", or those with no balls to attack the monster about to devour your family and all you hold sacred. Yeah Jo, maybe those crowds don't seem so big because your not there, afraid you might be embarassed, inconvenienced, or miss tonights wife swap rerun.

We do not have time to make cracks about an online revolution....of course thats a red pill earting matrix phony steak loving pipe dream.

Complain less, picket more. Everyday......you'll be too tired to make wise ass disparaging remarks

HAS YOUR REP SIGNED 333? If not, what are you doing about it?

mia and camusrebel

i really didn't mean to disparage this particular demonstration (or any other) in any way. sorry that you read it that way. you're both clearly very committed and courageous people, and i applaud you. was just having a half-empty day i suppose. i'm frustrated that more people don't feel compelled to do what you guys do. and i was just being honest that that fact sometimes make me doubt everything i've put together in my investigations of the evidence. but you're right. instead of expressing my frustration here i should be making a sign or trying to start a group myself.

keep it up!