Researcher's Analysis of al Qaeda Images Reveals Surprises

I came across this article about software that is being used to identify video or photos that have been edited, and immediately thought of the WTC7 corner picture. I wonder what that photo would show when analyzed with this software.


Check this out:

"The subtitles and logos in the upper right and lower left corners (IntelCenter is an organization that monitors terrorist activity and As-Sahab is the video production branch of al Qaeda) were all added at the same time, while the banner writing was added at a different time, likely around the same time that al-Zawahiri was added, Krawetz says."

So IntelCenter and As-Sahab are one and the same. Shocking surprise, eh?

Here is IntelCenter's home page:

From their "about Us" link:

"Our focus as a company is on studying terrorist groups and other threat actors and disseminating that information in a timely manner to those who can act on it. We look at capabilities and intentions, warnings and indicators, operational characteristics and a wide variety of other points in order to better understand how to interdict terrorist operations and reduce the likelihood of future attacks.

The results of this work is then disseminated in a variety of Alert, Current Intelligence and Analytical Resource services. It also provides the foundation for our field books such as the "First Responder Chem-Bio Handbook." Our primary client base is comprised of military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies in the US and other allied countries around the world."

So basically, they create the "terrorist threats" and then disseminate them to the corporate, intelligence, military and gov't sectors whose budgets and policies depend on the "threats."

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Prisonplanet beat me to the observation, of course: