Citicorp Center

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Note the unique structure:

A quick excerpt from the site...

"While LeMessurier's original design and load calculations for the special, uniquely-designed 'chevron' load braces used to support the building were based on welded joints, a labor and cost-saving change altered the joints to bolted construction after the building's plans were approved.

"For the next three months, a construction crew welded two-inch-thick steel plates over each of the skyscraper's 200 bolted joints during the night, after each work day, almost unknown to the general public."

So much for the theory that construction crews couldn't possibly have planted explosives in the three buildings on 9/11 without the general public becoming aware. Once again, historical precedent is on our side.

SBG, good


Was this after the building was already occupied, or before?

Hey, this was well after the

Hey, this was well after the building was occupied. I remember watching a documentary or something on it years ago, maybe 15 or more, and I always had it in the back of my mind to research. I couldn't remember where the building was or anything about it, so I just searched for "unique building designs" and there it was, in New York of all places.

Anyway, its a little more fuel for the fire...

more at

more at

btw Emporis has a lot of great pics of buildings. Found it when I was looking at other Minoru Yamasaki buildings like the IBM Building in Seattle, WA. Oh on a side note I have always found "air rights" buildings to be the most interesting, as they are literally built above another existing structure. I Think there is a church under this building.

Great find!

Of course, anyone who uses the "they couldn't have installed explosives/thermite" argument is either not too bright, an actual idiot, in denial, and/or has an agenda.

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid people can be sometimes and how idiotic and ignorant their comments can be, and how skewed or non-existent their logic and critical thinking skills are, etc...

It's a miracle that we can get anything done or get a sizable group of people to agree on any one thing.

With the caveat that this is coming from someone who read the book, "How To Win Friends and Influence People", and pretty much disagreed with everything the author proffered.

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