Why Portlanders are worried about being the nuclear 9-11.

The military is simulating a terrorist nuclear attack in Portland this week. Oregon corporate media won't report on it, the city of Portland hasn't been invited to participate, and friends of mine are leaving town. (the story has now changed - to volcano, and now, earthquake)

"Maybe the people who think there's a conspiracy out there are right."
Congressman Peter DeFazio, 7/20/07

Here's what has people in Portland concerned, in a nutshell: http://oregontruthalliance.com

Since September, 2001, some major "terrorist" events have been
occurring at the exact times that the drills for them were occurring.

(google: 9/11 Northern Vigilance, 9/11 Vigilant Guardian,
- there were at least two other drills ongoing at the time. These had
most active US fighters drawn North over Canada, and some drills
inserted false blips on radar screens while others were "live fly"
exercises that involved hijackings.

(google: 7/7 Visor Consulting) - This was a drill that had the exact
same targets as the actual bombings.

A Harvard Study from earlier this year, (without actually naming
Portland) shows that Portland was the subject of a study of just such
an event as the one being drilled for, b/c their most detailed map
centers on the 5.1 railway bridge over the Willamette river -
(shown here: http://oregontruthalliance.com/ study is linked further

Also, lately certain notable neocons have either been stating that the
US "needs" another terrorist attack:
, or that a new attack will "bring people around":

The President has been issuing himself new martial law powers, such as
this one that might be used to take all property from protestors or
political dissidents:
or this one to extend an older one regarding secrecy:

or others such as referenced in this article from SourceWatch
which Senator Leahy, "warned that the measure virtually invites the
White House to declare federal martial law."

There's also a warning from a former Reagan White House official, and
former Wall Street Journal editor that the neocons are poised to stage
an attack soon if one doesn't conveniently (for them) happen:

Also, there are bizarre numerological weirdness in these terror attacks:
9 / 11 / 2001 NYC
+1 +1 +1
10 / 12 / 2002 Bali

+ 911 days (from 9/11)
3 / 11 / 2004 Madrid train bombings

7 / 07 / 2005 London

(7, 7, 2+0+0+5=7) 777

+ 777 days
8 / 23 / 2007 Noble Resolve: Aug 20-24, 2007

I don't personally put any stock in numerology, but apparently
whomever is arranging these events does.

Also, many remember that Bush I referred to Portland as "little
Beiruit" after his visits here in '91 and '92 erupted in protests, and
that, in general the neocons hate Portland and deride it as a liberal
city. (It is a progressive city and has won many awards as one of the best places to live in the US.)

Also, the drill, though it is simulating an attack in Portland is
being run from Salem (a safe distance away) and the city of Portland
apparently has not been invited to participate.

Mostly, what I see is an administration composed of pathological liars
who do not respect human life, rights or dignity, with its back to
the wall and who's political allies are saying "we need another attack
on US soil", to drive the population into irrational fear, and to
invoke martial law and start dispatching their real foes: thinking
Americans, as well as jump start a war in Iran.

We are trying to spread awareness to other Americans elsewhere so that
carrying out an actual attack becomes impossible for them
without them being known to be the perpetrators, and therefore save our
own lives and those of those we love.

Please publicize the operation as widely as possible.

I apologize for my first blog post here being so disjointed and poorly written, but we are in the eleventh hour here and we need this information OUT.

Thank you 9/11 blogger,


Demand publicity/transparency--but be careful of your sources

I will qualify what I'm about to say by saying I support the actions that many activists in town is doing to bring publicity and transparency to this exercise. We pay for this with our tax. Not only do we and our elected officials have a right to know "who, how, what and why" it's happening, but we have a right to a full report after wards.

Course you and I know this is all bollocks as only the Anglo-American intelligence agencies have the means, motive or opportunity to deploy a nuke in the States, but just roll with it for now. ;-)

That said---the hysteria from some quarters make one wonder if this valid issue has been infiltrated and manipulated.

Lets take a look at some links from people who think they are "helping":

Long, hard to load article, starting with "Please Mr. Cheney don't nuke Portland".

and a link from the comments:
Ask Kulongoski to Stop the Nuking of Portland

another post, a little more sane:

If only for this comment:
"Unstead of analyzing the winds when our government drops a nuke on us, shouldn't we be taking care of the these treasonous bastards with imprisonment? Something is really strange in the way America's servants are "Serving Portlanders Up". WTF?"

Then we have these people:

Being slightly more reasonable. In fact they have written the best and most level headed letters. But they haven't lifted a finger to say anything like "Okay people, this is serious, but let's stay calm".

Because someone needs to with these people running amok:

The most worrying thing about this group is the "mysterious confirmations" by the "spooky" sources of one member:

"Due to previous contacts with organized crime, I personally have no doubt that there is a plan to detonate a 10 kiloton nuclear device in North Portland. "
Read it here:

Chums, people who have contacts with organized crime know better that to say so on a yahoo group with public archives!,

Now what did we learn from the Shayler fiasco? Never, NEVER, take this kind of info on faith.

Do-demand why anyone thinks we NEED a nuke attack drill in Portland, OR of all places
Do-demand oversight from our elected officials.
Do-demand a complete public report of the exercise
Do-explain the history of how these exercises have been used to cover high crimes and misdemeanors

Don't-then run with the fallacy " exercise=false flag" in every case
Don't-make us look like crazy loons with statements like "don't nuke us, please!"
Don't-refer to your "spooky" sources if you want to be taken seriously

One last thing to this long post(sorry about that!): I notice none of the people at the center of these dramas are moving out of town this week. Yeah, some people are, but not THESE people.

Looks like someone might be using a valid issue to set up 9/11 Truth in Portland for something. The problem for me remains the flawed and dubious "chain-of-custody" of how the info was made public. Too many "spooky" confirmations for me.

And if we do get nuked this week, you can all say "I told you so!" :-D

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

You have to wonder, "Why wouldn't DeFazio answer our questions??

After looking through some material on Noble Resolve yesterday, I decided to do a follow-up call to DeFazio's office to talk with District Director, Carmen Fore, the Eugene staffer assigned to the terror drill matter. The reason for the call...we never received answers to the questions asked in the Oregon Truth Alliance letter to DeFazio, of July 24, 2007. She is out of town for most of the week...??

* what will be the precipitating event?
* will there be enhanced police presence?
* will the National Guard be involved?
* will there be contractors involved (e.g., Blackwater)?
* and will either or both drills involve rehearsals of local and federal
response to a "catastrophic emergency," as defined under NSPD 51, up to and including the declaration of martial law?

"With the Bush track record on disaster response and media
manipulation, Oregonians are not naive enough to trust the Federal
government to adequately inform and interact with Portland residents
prior to these terrorism drills. Case in point, as of now, there has not
even been an announcement about Noble Resolve, ..."

We have also learned that DeFazio still has not obtained the level of
disclosure he sought on NSPD51, but that appears to be A-OK by him.

He is serving up Portland as a guinea pig for terrorism drills by this
vastly corrupt Administration and its henchman-like agency, the
Department of Homeland Security. Recall that Rove only left last week, and that DHS was one of the first fraudulent political agencies formed by the Bushies post 9-11!

I truly hope nothing goes awry during this week's terror drill, and that maybe the 900 contacts OTA made with media, political and business interests around the country, had something to do with that, if indeed there were plans for chicanery.

But, I still don't know why an Oregon Representative would not stand up to this potential violation of constituents' trust in their governmental representation, and for the protection of constituents' civil liberties, which would be widely violated under Martial Law?!

The same goes for Oregon politicians Wyden, Smith, Blumenauer, Hooley, and Wu, Gordly et.al. at the state level, locally at the County level, and directly for the Mayor and the City Council louts who have done nothing but provide disinformation about Noble Resolve.

We have provided a list of contact info for these apparently disinterested representatives in previous posts, so I don't think a repost is necessary. To think that commissioner Sam Adams is pondering a run for Mayor, and he doesn't even have the fortitude to stand up for Portland on this matter?!?! As they say, WTF!?


900 media contacts...

That's alot! ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

despite your policing efforts

I'm still here.
Please let whatever tax-funded agency know that:
a) I know that you are named for a cartoon character ( http://www.internationalhero.co.uk/j/jsparks.htm )
b) I have in no way released my resolve to hold everyone (including you - :) ) responsible for the coverup of more than 3000 murders on 9/11/2001
c) murder has no statute of limitations

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.
~George Orwell

Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

I have to say, I'm upset too about the misuse of our tax money on exercises like this one that would be of dubious value.
If they really gave a **** about the people of this country, they'd go clean up the 9th Ward in New Orleans.

I know for a fact that the last thing I would do if, god forbid, this takes place in the next 60 hours, is get on the bus to the Kingdome. I can manage my own internal refugee crisis, thank you very much.

I'm also upset that, now that they're practicing for "multiple simultaneous earthquakes" ((there's a rich one)), the US military's involvement is totally inappropriate, and a clear demonstration that we are now in "Martial law at the first possible excuse" mode. I sure hope Lindsay Lohan behaves.

There are whole other *dimensions* about this operation that seriously cheese me off - like why isn't the city involved? (it's probably because we actually elected them).. why are private contracters who also have been trying to turn Portland into a surveillance grid behind this? (Should we believe their other terrorism products are for "earthquakes", too?) (Swan Island Networks is whom I mean.)

But, all of that absolutely pales against the possibility of a false flag.

And seriously, "be calm" stopped working on me even before the Dems were making the argument that when John Kerry got elected, he'd just replace Porter Goss, so don't worry about it. (Thank you, DC prostitutes!)

Also, I offered only germane sources in this thread, even if my tone was alarmed... so bringing in questionable sources and then criticising based on them is sort of.. poisoning the well, n'est-ce pas?

Anyhow.. thanks to OTA and others, now if a nuke does go off in Portland, thousands of people will think, "hey. Didn't I just read something about that?"

And that's the idea.


Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.
~George Orwell

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