Hit Piece - 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction

The History Channel (THC) is showing a documentary called "9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction". I saw a reference to it in a reply, but no blog entry. (it has apparently already been broadcast awhile back one or twice, and it's not online)

Unfortunately, I missed most of it. But from what I saw it was your typical hit piece. Just like the BBC documentary, "9/11: The Conspiracy Files".

Although it seemed to have more content from DRG, AJ, the LC "kids", etc. And some good shots of people protesting and at talks. So that will help for the people who aren't psychotically anti-"conspiracy theory" and/or know little to nothing about it. So it will have some good effect. (it's actually a mistake for them to broadcast this sort of thing)

I did notice at least several typical disinformation episodes where the narrator was making comments that were completely contrary to and obvious skewing of what people were saying. It was so blatant that it was kind of shocking, although that may be because it is poorly done. (plus it probably works for most people, anyway)


It's showing it again at 1:00. Here's the schedule:

Tuesday, August 21 01:00 AM

Saturday, August 25 08:00 PM

Sunday, August 26 12:00 AM

In a semi-related note, I suggest and encourage people to watch the new Sci-Fi show "Mind Control with Derren Brown". He's the British guy we blogged about awhile back who can do strange, weird and scary things to people using psychological "tricks". He had a special on BBC America, and we linked to some online video segments, and now has this new show on SciFi with more of the same interesting and fascinating stuff.


One of the cooler things he did was announce some stuff over the loud speaker in a mall for several minutes and then gave a command word (phrase like "do it now") and suddenly most of the people in the mall stopped and held up their hand, looking around and wondering what was going on.

If it's "that easy", just imagine what they can and are doing to us on a daily basis on TV, the radio, and elsewhere.

Some of the other stuff he can do and has done is stop a stranger on the street to ask for directions and have the person give him his keys, wallet and cell phone and then walk away with them and the stranger lets him do it, although they seem to come to their senses in a minute and Brown says it only works on about 2/3 of the people. (two thirds)

Another really great segment is where he takes a 30-something British movie star and has him write down what he would like most for a birthday present and put it in an envelope and seal it and sign his name over the top of it, and then meets the guy in a room a few days later and before your eyes programs him into believing that what he really wants is a "red BMX bike", and that's what the guy agrees would be the best birthday gift he could get, which just happens to be in a box there (he gets the guy after a few minutes to say that he would like a BMX bike without (outright) mentioning "BMX bike"), so the guy is totally freaked that Brown "guessed right", and when he opens the envelope with the note written in his handwriting that says what he really wanted was a leather jacket, he is really freaked out and doesn't understand what is happening. In this segment, Brown shows you how he did it. It's some of the most fascinating stuff I've ever seen.

yes, the protests

we were pleasantly surprised by that footage.