Thunder Bay, Ontario's only daily newspaper covers 9/11 truth & upcoming Barry Zwicker speech at Lakehead University

The Chronicle Journal

Official version of 9/11 challenged
Sunday, August 26, 2007

Is there something more to 9/11 than the official version?

Did the Bush administration have anything to do with the attacks on the World Trade Center?

That‘s one of the theories Canadian author and left wing peace and environmental activist Barrie Zwicker will discuss during a lecture at Lakehead University on Sept. 7.

Zwicker is mostly known for his documentary work which has dealt primarily with 9/11 conspiracy theories that are based on evidence.
“According to the inside job theory, it was a military operation called the False Flag Operation where the attacks were self-inflicted by the Bush regime and blamed on a external enemy,” Zwicker said from Toronto.

The move would give President George Bush a reason to send American soldiers to Afghanistan.

Zwicker, a former instructor at the former Ryerson polytechnical institute (now Ryerson University) will put forward two other theories beside the official one that 19 crazed Muslims flew two airliners into New York City‘s Twin Towers and crashed other planes into the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.
One theory is that incompetence or ignored warnings allowed the perpetrators to succeed at various levels.

The other theory is that the Central Intelligence Agency, Pentagon and others had a lot of advance knowledge that there would be attacks on the United States, and deliberately allowed them to happen.

“They could have stopped it,” Zwicker said.

Thunder Bay psychiatrist Dr. Frank Denson invited Zwicker to come here because Denson, like Zwicker, is interested in the peace movement and truth in the media.

“If you look at his theories and dissect them, what he‘s attempting to do is create his theories based on factual evidence,‘‘ Denson said. “I don‘t think they‘re theories out of nowhere.

“So when you become well read on the topic, you find out what he says has grains of truth.

“Therefore in the interests of getting the public informed about the issues, I thought it‘s a good idea to get this fellow to come to town because he can open up a topic and he seems like a reasonable legitimate guy,” Denson said.

He said Zwicker‘s theories are different from those expressed in the mainstream press.

“His talk will likely expound on his theories and why he thinks they should be something that people will consider,” Denson said.
Zwicker‘s lecture will take place at Lakehead‘s Advanced Technology and Academic Centre. The time has yet to be announced.

Off topic, so sorry but.......

I wanted to give you guys a heads up if you're not already aware of this new site I ran across that's being used to supposedly debunk the movement!
Who is this Enrico from Italy?
Here's the link:

He's claiming that the flowing hot metal is lead from batteries! I don't know! Perhaps others here are familiar with this.

Flowing from

the towers?...........Molten aluminum is silver....ALWAYS. Molten lead is silver as well.
So much for that attempt.

Thunder Bay eh, ok

Good work Frank Denson .

Frank needs support to record the event if you have the skills or knowhow get a hold of him ASAP

Bill Polonsky
"The evidence is there no matter how much you don't want it to be."

Good point

Talking about 'Frank'...

Where is Canada's 'Frank ' magazine ?

Just 'gatekeepers of the left' I suppose. Always thought Bates was a shill.
Let alone 'Dick Little'
(Get with the program boys - It seems even Robert 'scoop' Fisk beat you on this one !

9-11 truthers, DOD Contractors, and Anthrax

I think one thing that has given 911 truthers a bad name is the fact that a lot of us make it sound like Bush sat around with his Admin and came up with 9/11, bombs in the towers, and no plane hitting the pentagon.
While i do think that Cheney had some "hands on" influence, i dont think it happened quite like that.

I think Bush didnt know.
Bush sat there for 15 mins cause no one told him to do differently.
In 2001 Bush was still quite new to the office, and he needed to be told what to do, where to go, and when.
Besides, hes an idiot.
I think the Neo_Cons counted on that.

Neither the SS, or his aids told him to get up to leave,
so he didnt.

All that aside, i think 911 had a lot more to do with contractors than with the Admin.
Big companies put Bush in power, not the people,
and if Bush didnt invade Iraq, i think he would have been assassinated by them.

The Anthrax attacks are overlooked by MANY 911 truthers, and to me, its a KEY part of the investigation.

Some of Anthrax letters were sent before 911
This fact directly links it, and the anthrax came from US military bases.

Kroll and Assoc


Blackwater contractors in Iraq

Hayden 9/11 + the NSA part 1

Hayden 9/11 + the NSA part 2

Hayden 9/11 + the NSA part 3

Dont just think outside the box.
Think like there never was one.