Intrigue Hits the 9-11 Truth Movement: We Have the Evidence, Now Where is the Love?!

The Kenne'bunk(?)'port Warnings have touched a raw nerve it appears for all involved and not so involved. Clearly, things need to be cleared up. Apologies, if appropriate, should come freely and just an overall sense of making things right. Meanwhile, it is striking to me to have just gone trolling at dailykos and glimpsed comments to the effect, "yeah, Cheney's capable of that and some of the signatories are credible, but show me the evidence and a notarized copy of signatures if you want me to really bug out at my computer screen." I swear to God, I am in the twilight zone, we all are. "Yeah, I can believe that the man second in line to protect the American people is capable of taking out a city or three with mini-nukes, or at least with radiological devices of some sort. But not necessariy right now, or next week. Yeah, possibly to probably before the next elections."

And we don't yet have a Truthtown USA providing round the clock news from outside the gates of the White House?! Where are we, Siberia?! How many more books, DVD's, websites, warnings need to be produced before we act like things are as serious as they are? Oh don't worry, Bush and Cheney didn't fully architect 9-11, they mainly just let it happen and covered up mass murder and treason. No don't worry, they're only covering-up gross criminal negligence using it to propel us into Total War with the Middle East.
Wait, I need another few professors and TV stars to come out in order for me to really feel comfortable in making a serious shift from LIHOP to MIHOP. All my progressive friends'll think I'm crazy. They already make fun of me and bring tin foil to parties for me just because i don't toe the "Bush is an idiot" line.

But at least we firmly in the 9-11 Truth movement have our back-up plans if the ish does completely hit the industrial strength fan. I have my FEMA camp-pack ready to go- a bag of walnuts for the ride. Who knows, maybe there will be basketball courts and a dope spoken word artist out there on the yard like Saul Williams. Well yeah, he'd probably be there. though Not in my name. Who knows, maybe we're not giving Halliburton and Blackwater a fair shake. It could be lovely, almost as good as suburbia. maybe we'll even meet Ken Lay's double there and put all our minds to rest. I can't wait though. Where's Bugliosi when I need him?

Where are the Congresspeople? Paul, Kucinich, Bueller? Don't worry Dennis and Ron will help us figure it all out if we can just get them elected. Yeah, elections happening in '08 are betting even in Vegas, but some luck's better than no luck right? Where are the vast majority of intellectuals? Where are the celebrities? Where are the big name journalists who might like to make Woodward and Bernstein look like McDonald's employees of the month? Where even are Sy Hersch and Amy Goodman? Where is Noam Chomsky?has he finished his 28th book on American Imperialism yet? The 26th was another classic. Good he stayed out of the blackhole of 9-11 Truth with Cockburns, Monbat and Tai-BB. I'll bet the revolutionary platform for the neo-New Left is almost done. Where are Cornel West and Toni Morrison (oh yeah, maybe they are our Amerithrax culprits)? No, Cornel didn't fight with Summers until after the fall of '01 right? When is Mike Gravel going to strap a collastamy bag on and say the T(reason) word on live TV? When is Cynthia McKinney gonna announce her intention to be the 1st black and woman president all in one fierce package with a press conference laying it all out, including why certain security guards don't like black people? When are Kanye and Fiddy both gonna say "George Bush doesn't care about people. period., 9-11 Was an Inside Job, and now holla at your boy by buying more of my records than his!"? When is someone going to paint a big "Google WTC 7" on top of their porsche turbo and try to outrun the cops (safely of course) and get some serious tv-time going? Don't do it S, I was just joking, though I know if it came down to it, we could all count on you. When will we call radioshows across the political spectrum seriously and imitating the Decider for a week and see what happens? When will we have another Constitution Day (September 17) to get serious about mending and rejuvenating our own hanging-by-a-now-well-worn-thread, half-dead letter of one?

Maybe the 9-11 Truth Movement needed a little intrigue at suh a serious time. Naw, but for real, I'm sorry if good people got misrepresented. However, this can only add some fecund real talk at a time when the surreal-meter is hitting red. He said what? She said who? What's Tarpley gonna say about DEWs and dont's? Crowley's W's Grandpa did you say?! Benito Mussolini signed how through the Ouija Board? Christopher Hitchens and Mother Teresa sitting in a tree...

When will I stop being hippocritical? Soon I hope, if ever.
When am I going to go to sleep? Now. For now.