German ZDF docu arouse my suspicion- new explanation for the WTC collapse in the making

Quick overview:

I think there are hints for growing suspicion that a new explanation for the WTC collapse is in the making, missing fire protection.

Please read the whole post to make your own opinion about that:


The german channel ZDF (Second German Television, a state backed media) will send a documentary that journalists Michael Renz made together with that BBC hitpiece producer Guy Smith back in february on the sixth anniversary next tuesday, 9/11, 20:15-21:00 Central European Time.

Here's a translation of the announcement, translated by loosechange forum member Front242:


"There is a conspiracy by the american government after 11. September" says ZDF-Reporter Michael Renz. "Information is withhold from the american public. They deceive, lie and conspire. It's simply unbelievable." For the documentary "September 11th - Myth and Truth" Renz travelled to the USA together with his BBC collegue Guy Smith - hoping to be able to seperate facts from fiction. "We expected the government to help us because we wanted to debunk the conspiracy theories floating around", the reporter remembers. "As if! Every door was not only slammed in front of our noses, they even banged on our noses." [...] "This discussion takes place mainly outside the established media, on the internet" Renz explains. But the questions and doubts expressed there are not only made up of thin air. "We had similar questions. It's very important especially for a journalist to question official versions." [...] "The deeper we looked, the more questions we got." [...] Renz acknowledges that there simply is no evidence for most of the theories. On the other hand the government indeed withholds a lot of information from the public. "We ask ourselves why. What is the reason for this peek-a-boo in which they sometimes openly lied in our face?" [...] "Absolutely new background information based on hard evidence" Renz announces in regards to the events in New York: "Not so many people would have had to die on this day in New York if there hadn't been such a sloppyness that was known to the authorities and the owners of the buildings for years in advance."


On the last monday there was the first mentioning in the news magazine "Heute" on that channel. They brought a 2 minutes clip and claimed, that they will dismantle a real conspiracy and the following cover-up. Their claim: The fire protection was guilty for the towers collapse (read WTC1,2, no mentioning of WTC7)

I run into that, stating that the missing fire protection was protocolled and the renewal was well underway, all document in the 2005 NIST papers (s.b)

Last thursday they brought a longer segment on the magazine "Auslandsjournal".,1872,7001473,00.html (german only)

Here is my expression:

They "discovered" that the SFRM-Upgrade wasn't done properly by PONYA resp. PANYNJ,
so as a result the thickness was only 2 inches in the South tower in the floors that have been hit- instead of the upgraded 4 inches in the North Tower
and this should explain the shorter duration till the collapse of WTC2.
They present several "o-tones" of fire protection agency managers who told us that the WTC wasn't built under direction of NYFD fire protection rules and the fire protection was bad if any exist at all. This is the reason for the conspiracy, and they told us that they only knocked on closed doors.

I know the NIST data, it was correct, the WTC1 was fully upgraded (regarding impacted floors), WTC2 only in th 78th floor of that ones that have been hit.
page 81 of the NIST pages or page 135 of the pdf
page 39 and following of pdf's in general: Upgrading SFRM on Floor Trusses, page 97 and following and table 4.2?

(so the shorter duration of WTC2 till its collapse seems to make "perfect" sense.)


My advice was ( I emailed it to Steven Jones and AE911Truth and posted it in LCF)

I think someone at journalof911studies or AE911Truth should adress that properly and promptly. As I make more thoughts on this this, it looks like a well planned red herring scenario in case the first official explanation falls short and to present a new, but still false one (as we know that all three buildings were brought down with explosives)

How can we react to this? I brought up the "How real was the investigation" failed fire tests to show the "right" conclusion even without fire protection at all- as NIST claims all of it was thrown away with the blasts of the jets impacts.


And now I smell a rat, as I read the latest article by Kevin Ryan.


Three Years Later: Another Look At Three Claims from UL

By Kevin Ryan


It has been nearly three years since I wrote a letter to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), about their World Trade Center investigation.[1] Shortly after firing me for writing this letter, my former employer, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), began making some suspicious statements. These included the following three claims related to the question of whether or not UL performed fire-resistance testing of materials used in the WTC. [2]
UL vehemently denied last week that it ever certified the materials.
"UL does not certify structural steel, such as the beams, columns and trusses used in World Trade Center," said Paul M. Baker, the company's spokesman.
The company told The Tribune "there is no evidence" that any firm tested the materials used to build the towers.

One might wonder why UL felt the need to claim that there was “no evidence” if they simply do not do such work. But what is the truth about UL’s involvement in testing materials for the WTC, in terms of the fire resistance the buildings required, but apparently did not have according to the government’s fire-based “collapse” hypothesis?

UL’s first claim

Apart from steel column assemblies, there were several other materials used in the WTC towers that required fire-resistance testing in order to ensure the safety of those buildings in a fire. One such material was the fireproofing itself, and another was the floor assemblies.

James Verhalen, chairman of the company that manufactured the fireproofing, United States Mineral Products, said that ''There is no reason for that product in a typical commercial environment to deteriorate,'' because “He said his product had been thoroughly tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories.” [3]

We also know that UL consulted directly with the Port Authority’s WTC construction team, on fire resistance issues, as the towers were being built. This was described in the May 2003 NIST progress report that shows that the towers were built specifically to UL standards for fire resistance.[4] In this report NIST references a letter written in 1970 by UL management, on the subject of fire resistance of the towers, that was addressed directly to the Port Authority's construction manager (ref. 33).

As for floor assemblies, those who have been following the NIST investigation, and various explanations, know that the current claim is that the floor assemblies used in the WTC were never tested for fire resistance. But the May 2003 NIST report says that, in 1970, UL actually tested a floor assembly that was "similar to the WTC floor system". It is important to note that the results produced in 1970 were the same as those from the August 2004 UL floor tests - only 3 inches of sagging after 120 minutes in the furnace.

In this 2003 progress report, NIST goes on to say that they intended to perform fire resistance tests not only on the floor models, as part of the WTC investigation, but also on "individual steel members". The latter results were never reported, and no reason was ever given. But this progress report, like NIST’s final report, focuses more on the floor assembly fire resistance, and conspicuously fails to mention the originally required fire resistance tests on steel assemblies or where these tests were performed.

UL’s second claim

Statement number two above is clearly false for several reasons. First, UL is known to be one of the few important organizations supporting codes and specifications because they "produce a Fire Resistance Index with hourly ratings for beams, columns, floors, roofs, walls and partitions tested in accordance with ASTM Standard E119." [5]

In fact, even today you can go to UL’s website and order fire-resistance testing for building components such as “floors, roofs, walls, beams and columns.” [6]

Additionally, the WTC report from the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) said "the UL Fire Resistance Directory the major reference used by architects and engineers to select designs that meet the building code requirements for fire resistance ratings." [7]

Not only that, a New York Times article about the WTC reported in April 8, 2002 that “a furnace procedure called ASTM E-119” is used to “determine if building materials will survive out-of-control blazes.” The Times went on to report “The furnace tests, conducted at places like Underwriters Laboratories here, focus on the ability of separate building components -- a steel column or a concrete roof support -- to survive temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees.”

This article was critical of the tests performed as they related to the WTC, but certainly didn’t deny that they were performed, and made it clear who it was that performed them by saying --“At the Underwriters Laboratory campus in this northern Chicago suburb, where workers carry out those blazing tests…”. [8]

But unless anyone doubted who performed such tests on the steel columns used in the WTC towers, UL made that clear a week later in a hasty response to the New York Times editor published April 15, 2002. UL's own Tom Chapin, the chemist and manager of their Fire Protection division, with whom I was in contact, admitted to UL's involvement in testing steel (i.e. that which allowed the towers to stand) for the WTC by writing -- "The World Trade Center stood for almost an hour after withstanding conditions well beyond those experienced in any typical fire. In that time, thousands of people escaped with their lives. ASTM E-119 and UL's testing procedures helped make that possible." [9]

As if this publicly available knowledge was not enough to prove UL’s involvement in testing the steel, there are also the statements made to me by top managers at UL, including their CEO. UL’s CEO, Loring Knoblauch, made verbal statements to all staff at UL in South Bend on or about September 27, 2001. These statements included reference to UL having “certified the steel used in the World Trade Center” and that, because of this, employees should be proud of how long the buildings stood.

After being later asked for formal confirmation of such tests, Knoblauch repeated his statements again, this time in writing.[10]

“We tested the steel with all the required fireproofing on, and it did beautifully.”

“As we do not do follow-up service on this kind of product, we can give an opinion only on the test sample which was indeed properly coated.”

“We test to the code requirements, and the steel clearly met [the NYC code] requirements and exceeded them.”

After two lies, what should we make of the third claim?

Since UL is the primary company that performs fire-resistance tests of building components, and it is obvious that they were deeply involved in establishing the fire resistance of the WTC towers, why would they make the claim of “no evidence” with regard to the steel column assemblies?

One reason might be that the fact that the UL tests performed in August 2004, on models of WTC floor assemblies, roundly disproved the long-standing pancake theory. This meant that the steel column assemblies would have to take center stage in any fire-induced failure scenario and, in fact, NIST did finally decide to build their latest story around failure of the perimeter columns.

Another reason UL might have suddenly became evasive is that the draft report from NIST, that I was fired for questioning in October 2004, repeatedly stated that the WTC steel had “softened”, leading to collapse. [11] But after my letter became public, and everyone was made aware that the low steel temperatures found would not support such a claim, NIST delayed their report another seven months, and then removed all reference to the word “soften”. This suggests that the influence of public statements by a UL employee, including that UL tested the steel, changed the results of the NIST report with respect to effects of fire on the steel.

In conclusion, there is no question that Underwriters Laboratories was the central player in providing fire-resistance information for the WTC towers. This glaring fact, along with UL’s evasive and misleading behavior, indicates that discovering the details about those original tests could go a long way toward ending the debate about how the towers fell. Alternatively, continued evasion and deception by Underwriters Laboratories provides yet another reason why the fire-induced “collapse” hypothesis for the WTC towers is completely unbelievable.

Kevin Ryan's References:
1. Kevin Ryan, "The Collapse of the WTC," 911 Visibility Project, November 11, 2004 (
2. John Dobberstein, "Area Man Stirs Debate on WTC Collapse," South Bend Tribune, November 22, 2004 (
3. James Glanz And Michael Moss, A Nation Challenged: The Towers; Since the Beginning, Questions Dogged the Trade Center's Fireproofing, New York Times, December 14, 2001
4. NIST, May 2003 Progress Report on the Federal Building and Fire Safety Investigation of the World Trade Center Disaster
5. Samuel H. Marcus, Basics of Structural Steel (Reston, Va.: Reston Publishing 1977), 20.
6. Underwriters Laboratories website, Fire-Resistive Assemblies,
7. Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), "World Trade Center Building Performance Study," May 2005, Appendix A
8. Eric Lipton and James Glanz, “A Nation Challenged: The Trade Center; Tower's Collapse Raises New Doubts About Fire Tests”, New York Times, April 8, 2002.
9. J. Thomas Chapin, General Mgr., Fire Protection Div. Underwriters Laboratories, Letter to the editor entitled “Fire Test is Sound”, New York Times, April 15, 2002.
10. Underwriters Laboratories email correspondence, December 1, 2003.
11. NIST, Latest Findings from NIST World Trade Center Investigation Released, Leading Collapse Sequence for Each WTC Tower Defined, October 19, 2004


So, I repeat it again- I think we all should adress that promptly, the guys who are in this theme of our movement should take this seriously and consider this for a potential new explanation attempt, to be prepared.


Go Kevin

Kevin Ryan is one of the strongest assets to the 9/11 Truth movement.

His work goes to the heart of the matter.... office fires don't take down buildings.

I have alsways wondered, if the plane impacts were so devastating, why are there not examples of steel framed building in WWII coming down in controlled demolitions?

It gets worse. I am told the

It gets worse.

I am told the TAZ (a lefty german country-wide daily newspaper) is publishing an article entirely PRO OT:

Spooky beautiful Theories

Six years after 9/11 established a complex thought building to conspiracy theoretician. A Second Channel of German Television documentation partly tears it apart. BY BERND PICKERT

New York on 11. 9. the 2001 - as was that at that time?

The documentation on the notices from 11 September 2001, which the Second Channel of German Television shows today on the occasion of the anniversary, is a confession: Six years after believe ever more humans that kidnapped the official history of the four airplanes are not correct, but that the US Government into or for other form behind 9/11 put. The authors Michael Renz and Guy Smith try to deal with the most usual statements of the 9/11-Skeptiker and confront to these their own search.

Collecting main supply them the Federal Minister A.D. Andreas of Bülow, the journalist Alex Jones, which a schaurig beautiful theoretical Website operate, and Dylan Avery, the maker of “Loose CHANGE”, the prototype all theoretical film over the 11 September.

Four complexes of questions developed the skeptics with thousand indications to a thought building. First of all: To the Pentagon no airplane can have flown, in addition the accident scene is too small and the wreck parts was missing. Secondly: The twin towers in New York can have been blown up not by the airplane impacts brought to the collapse, but must from the inside. Thirdly: Also the building 7 of the World trade center complex, which collapsed later granting, although no airplane had in-flown, must have been blown up. Fourth: The Shanksville fallen fourth machine allegedly close after a fight with the passengers was probably shot. To all four complexes Renz and Smith follow. They discover on amazing, partially new facts and a wall of the silence on the part of the US authorities.

Spectacular the photographs of the remaining stealing hurry of the towers and the results of a fire protection investigation are for a long time before 11 September, with which it came out that the steel stands were provided also too few or no fire protection. The operators money would have wanted to save, and therefore the steel frameworks were not protected regulation in accordance with against heat, so that they gave way on 11 September. And where “Loose CHANGE” wants to recognize small Explosion-clouds was driven, here a specialist, pressed together plaster-dust-clouds from the windows. So simply.

The WTC 7, so Renz and Smith, by the collapse of the towers and spreading fire, which burned approximately eight hours so long 30 floors, then had been damaged that also therein the structural steelwork gave way. And if the Skeptiker always states, American Airlines 93 would have been shot, because no airplane could disappear completely in a Krater and its wreck parts could be scattered at the same time in an environment by eight miles, then shows Smith and Renz that these eight miles refer to the way with the car - however only one mile air line constitute, which with aircraft crashes a normal radius of the distribution of the remnants is.

Their result: 11 September was not based on a conspiracy of the US Government; it revealed however a tremendous extent of sloppyness, missing communication and inability. To hush up, the government agencies would have striven since that time - and so the conspiracy theories carries.

With the 45-Minuten-Dokumentation are the indication accumulations for many years of the Skeptics thus led in such a way ad absurdum that in the future nobody will more believe them? Naturally not. Also Renz and Smith proceeded selectively, questions open left. Where they present eye-witnesses for Boeing in the Pentagon, the conspiracy theoreticians bring ear witnesses for explosions in the twin towers. In addition the “9/11-truth movement has a self-propelled momentum. The questions and theories to 11 September - they will belong to the 911 remembrance for decades.

“Myth and truth. 11 September 2001”, Second Channel of German Television, 20,15 o'clock