Loose Change Final Cut.....

Sorry to post on a blog...Does anyone know when LC Final Cut with be available to view on line?

And is it being released in theaters in the U.S.

today, as planned? If so, does anyone know how many theaters it will be shown in?

Final Cut, when is it coming out?

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Final Cut, when is it coming out?

Dylan: "The day after tomorrow's yesterday."

"Because alot of things are uncertain right now, and my main focus at this point is finishing it ( there's still alot of work to be done )
I'm not trying to be arrogant or ambigiuous. If I had a release date you'd know it."

IVXX: "Well private screening won't be happening for a while. Final Cut will not be going to DVD immediately. The only way to see it for the next few months is in Norway the 8th or NYC the 10th."

"That's about it except the dates. I would say don't pin anything to Oct. The two screenings are test screenings."


These guys are all hype, all the time

since i joined 911blogger, i have only known the ltw crew as this, 'every time they make an announcement, it is perceived as something relevant.' (yawn...) these "filmmakers" refuse to address anything related to Israel/Mossad/Zionism, because, (and i'm paraphrasing here) "we don't want to go there, so chill out. you know, it brings out the trolls" ummm, doesn't any talk of 9/11 bring out the trolls?!?!?!?!
these guys are the last thing you should be paying attention to. go out and talk to people in the streets. 'loose change: final cut (of israel's involvement)' is not going to help. hell, i remember when that blockbuster was supposed to come out on the last 9/11.

who's deborah simon? and why is she credited at the end of 'loose change 2?'

go ahead, please prove me wrong.

great questions. i was

great questions. i was wondering how many theaters it would be in myself. never seemed to get a straight answer. im exicted as hell, i hope i can watch it online tonight.

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Dear Chris......

.......I was searching the web for it this morning.

same here, still

same here, still nothing....

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

Was LCFC shown....

...in NYC last night or is my information wrong?

Does anyone have a review?

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I'm going to hazard a guess here

and say that the primary means of distribution will be online sales of DVD's until they recoup their costs.

90% of theaters are under corporate control, it will only be shown in truly independent theaters, no matter how many people are willing to line up to see it.

Those boys have bills to pay, just like Sophia.

My question is how soon will it be available for purchase?

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From what I heard yesterday on Jack Blood's show

He was live with Bermas on air from NYC and Jason said the following:

They were previewing 90 minutes of the 2 hour movie there in ny (sept 10)
The 90 min. version would be available for download soon (oct-nov)
The full movie will be out sometime around xmas, in theaters and for dvd purchase

their broadcast was breaking up a bit but thats what I understood from it.
feel free to correct if you have newer info than from sept 10, 2007

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Jason Said A Couple Weeks Ago On Kevin Barrett's Show:

1. The LCFC shown in New York City last night was virtually 90% of the entire movie, with only the final chapter yet to be finished.
2. The movie will be available for downloading starting November 11. Jason did not say if this was purchase downloading or Google Video.
3. DVDs will ship mid-December.

Did Loose Change Show in New York on 9/10?

If so, is Charlie Sheen narrating? Is Mark Cuban's company going to distribute? Will it show in US theaters? Will it even go to Blockbuster and other video stores?

Loose Change

Sheen: Unknown
Cuban: Not involved
Theaters: Unknown

See here:

Here is a review from the Norway premiere:

Rush gets call

Was listening to Rush today ...for some reason and just as I turned it on a caller called in to discuss Fidel Castro's comments on 911 and the caller recalled a time last year when some "Democratic" people he knew were distributing a film with a similar plot....


Rush played dumb like he had never heard of it then the memories came streaming back when the caller had laid down the basic premise of the film and its accusations.

Rush commented on how he had seen small parts of the film but that Popular Mechanics had on its website a complete debunking of the claims made by the film.

By the way he made it sound.... he hadn't seen the film and he hadn't read the debunking but he believed what he wanted to believe. We all know he knows exactly what the film says and that his stance is going to be what it is .....no matter what the truth may be.

Cell phones do work on planes.... I turned mine on while I was at 35,000 feet.... The battery still supplied me enough power to play Tetris and check my contacts.... for some reason I couldn't get a signal. Please Popular Mechanics... next time they ask you about the cell phones... let me hear you say that the last time you flew that you were able to make contact while flying at 30,000 feet. I'm guessing that you make regular flights and would have plenty of opportunity to say that you are an expert of commuter flight.

Experts? Go back to telling us which DVD we should take home for the night and giving us two expertly executed thumbs up on the next Tom Hanks flick
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